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一架载有2吨可卡因的中央情报局”毒品飞机”Gulfstream II 在中美洲国家伯利兹被迫降落并被俘获,这架飞机与中央情报局”毒品飞机”Gulfstream II 型喷气式飞机完全相同,当时该飞机没有将中央情报局的高级被拘留者运送到世界各地的黑色酷刑监视点,飞机在墨西哥尤卡坦半岛上空耗尽燃料,同时装载了数吨可卡因。

A fascinating highly-classified"Of Special Importance"new Foreign Intelligence Service(SVR)report circulating in the Kremlin today says that upon it being shockingly learned that the US Department of Justice(DOJ)is investigating explosive new allegations that a Central Intelligence Agency(CIA)operative and Drug Enforcement Administration(DEA)official played a role in the 1985 abduction,torture and murder of DEA agent Enrique"Kiki"Camarena,the White House Communications Agency(aka"The Voice Of The President")that provides global information services to President Donald Trump,Vice President Mike Pence,the Executive Office of the President,and the United States Secret Service suffered a massive data breach of its most top-secret information—a massive hacking operation that was the specialty of the Swiss encryption giant Crypto AG whose secret communications equipment was used for decades by over 100 countries around the globe—that is until it was discovered that this Swiss encryption giant,whom global governments trusted with their most sensitive of conversations for more than fifty-years,was actually owned by the Central Intelligence Agency—but in daring to attack President Trump's White House,saw a quick retaliation being made when,just after midnight on 27 February,a CIA"narco plane"Gulfstream II carrying 2 tons of cocaine was forced to land and captured in the Central American nation of Belize—the exact same type of CIA"narco plane"Gulfstream II jet aircraft that when it wasn't transporting CIA high-level detainees to black torture sights around the world,crash landed on 24 September 2007 after it ran out of fuel over Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula while carrying a cargo of several tons of cocaine on board.[Note:Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

克里姆林宫今天流传着一份引人入胜的高度机密的外国情报局(SVR)新报告,报告称,美国司法部(DOJ)正在调查一起爆炸性的新指控,称一名中央情报局(CIA)特工和美国缉毒署(DEA)官员在1985年的绑架案中扮演了一个角色, DEA 特工 Enrique"Kiki"Camarena 的酷刑和谋杀,白宫通讯局(又名"总统之声")为唐纳德·特朗普总统、副总统迈克·彭斯(Mike Pence)、总统行政办公室以及美国特勤局(United States Secret Service)提供全球信息服务,其最高机密信息遭到了大规模的数据泄露——一次大规模的黑客行动是瑞士加密巨头 Crypto AG 的专长,该公司的秘密通讯设备在全球100多个国家使用了几十年——直到有人发现这家瑞士巨头,全球各国政府信任他们50多年来最敏感的对话,实际上他们属于中央情报局(Central Intelligence agency,简称 cia),但他们敢于攻击特朗普总统的白宫,在227日午夜刚过,他们看到了一场快速的报复行动,2007924日,一架载有2吨可卡因的中央情报局"毒品飞机"Gulfstream II 在中美洲国家伯利兹被迫降落并被俘获,这架飞机与中央情报局"毒品飞机"Gulfstream II 型喷气式飞机完全相同,当时该飞机没有将中央情报局的高级被拘留者运送到世界各地的黑色酷刑监视点,飞机在墨西哥尤卡坦半岛上空耗尽燃料,同时装载了数吨可卡因。:本报告引号中的一些单词和/或短语是英语中俄语单词/短语的近似形式,没有准确的对应词

CIA Gulfstream II"narco plane"forced down and captured in Belize(above)on 27 February 2020…

2020227日,美国中央情报局湾流 II "毒品飞机"被迫降落并在伯利兹被俘。

…is exact match of CIA Gulfstream II"narco plane"that crashed in Mexico(above)on 24 September 2007.


According to the very limited portions of this highly-classified SVR report permitted to be commented on by selected ministries,one of the most critically overlooked attributes of President Trump giving firm guidance to his decision making process,is his never in life having drank alcohol,smoked or used drugs—which makes him the first American leader in over a century to be a life long abstainer of all such vices,the last of whomwas President William Howard Taft who was in office from 1909 to 1913.

这份高度机密的 SVR 报告只有很少一部分被选定的部委批评,根据这份报告,特朗普总统为其决策过程提供坚定指导的最被严重忽视的特征之一是他从未饮酒、吸烟或吸毒----这使他成为一个多世纪以来第一个终生不沾染这些恶习的美国领导人,最后一个是1909年至1913年任职的威廉·霍华德·塔夫脱。

In knowing this anti-vice attribute of President Trump,this report notes,it was no surprise that shortly after his taking office on 20 January 2017,he began targeting CIA global drug operations—a CIA that had already targeted Trump for destruction—and in March-2017,saw forces loyal to Trump seizing a$1 billion cocaine shipment from the CIA on the high seas—seizures of CIA cocaine shipments that have continued unabated since 2017—and includes the largest cocaine shipment seizure in US history that occurred last June-2019 worth over$1 billion—as well as the December-2019 cocaine shipment seizure worth over$300 million.


In an expanded view of President Trump's war with the CIA,however,this report details,it begins with the"ruthless symbiosis"he had with his mentor Roy Cohn—the anti-communist American lawyer made infamous during the McCarthy Era,and during whose hearings in the 1950's worked with Robert Kennedy,as well as his"close pal"Gerard David Schine,who was better known as G.David Schine—none of whom believed the"lone gunman theory"as the cause of President John Kennedy's assassination.

然而,这份报告详细描述了特朗普总统与中央情报局之间的战争,从他与他的导师罗伊·科恩(Roy cohn)"无情的共生关系"开始。科恩是一名反共产主义的美国律师,在麦卡锡时代声名狼藉。在20世纪50年代的听证会上,他与罗伯特·肯尼迪(Robert Kennedy)以及他的"亲密伙伴"杰拉德·戴维·施耐德(Gerard David Schine)共事。施耐德更为人所知的名字是戴维·施耐德(g.David Schine),没有人相信。

On 19 February 1986,this report continues,the biggest drug smuggler in American history named Barry Seal died in a hail of bullets with President George H.W.Bush's private phone number in his wallet—the same George Bush implicated in the assassination of President Kennedy,and who was inexplicably made the CIA director—and with Seal's assassination being preceded by the 9 February 1985 torture murder of DEA agent Kiki Camarena,left Cohn asking questions as to if these events were connected—questions Cohn stopped asking,though,when he died on 2 August 1986—thus leaving only Trump and Schine asking questions,as Robert Kennedy had been assassinated in June-1968—but on 19 June 1996,saw Trump standing alone after Schine,his wife and their son were all killed in a mysterious plane crash—immediately after which,Trump began to propel himself towards the presidency with his 2000 exploratory campaign—that actually took 16-years for him to complete,and saw him being elected in 2016.

1986219日,美国历史上最大的毒品走私犯 Barry Seal 死于枪林弹雨,钱包里还有乔治·赫伯特·沃克·布什的私人电话号码----就是暗杀肯尼迪总统的 George Bush,他莫名其妙地当上了中央情报局局长——在席尔遇刺之前,198529日发生了对 DEA 特工 Kiki Camarena 的酷刑谋杀,科恩不得不问这些事件是否有联系——但科恩在198682日去世后就不再问这些问题——因此只剩下特朗普和席恩问问题,19686月,罗伯特·肯尼迪(Robert Kennedy)遇刺身亡,但1996619日,特朗普独自一人站在一架神秘的飞机坠毁事件之后——紧接着,特朗普在2000年的探索性竞选中开始推动自己走向总统宝座——实际上,他花了16年时间才完成竞选,并在2016年当选总统。

The critical importance of noting the assassination of President Bush connected CIA drug smuggler Barry Seal,this report explains,can be seen in the cover photo for the book"Barry&'the Boys':The CIA,the Mob and America's Secret History"written by investigative journalist and film maker Daniel Hopsicker—wherein Barry Seal is seen sitting around a table at a festive event accompanied by a cadre of the most infamous CIA operatives in American history—to include Tosh Plumlee,the CIA contract pilot who met Kiki Camarena—said he himself is in this 1963 photo that was taken in a nightclub in Mexico City,along with Porter Goss,who was appointed CIA Director in 2004—shows one of the CIA operatives who played a key role in the 1967 capture of Marxist revolutionary Ernesto"Che"Guevara named Felix Rodriguez,who is,also,implicated in the assassination of President Kennedy—and is the same CIA operative Rodriquez strongly believed to have aided a top corrupt DEA official in turning over DEA agent Kiki Camarena to Mexican drug lord Rafael Caro-Quintero to be tortured and murdered—a torture murder of this DEA agent beyond shockingly filmed by the CIA and given to investigators in 2013—that the Obama-Clinton Regime did not pursue—but can't be said about President Trump,whose Department of Justice is now probing anew everything that occurred.

这份报告解释说,在调查记者兼电影制作人丹尼尔·霍普斯撰写的《巴里和'孩子们':中情局、黑帮和美国的秘密历史》一书的封面照片中,可以看到与布什总统有关的中情局毒品走私犯巴里·希尔(Barry Seal)遇刺事件的关键重要性。在这本书的封面照片中,巴里·希尔(Barry Seal)与美国历史上最臭名昭著的中情局特工干部坐在一张桌子旁,其中包括托什·1963年在墨西哥城一家夜总会拍摄的这张照片中,中央情报局的合同飞行员与2004年被任命为中央情报局局长的波特·戈斯(Porter Goss)相遇。照片中有一名中央情报局特工,他在1967年抓获马克思主义革命分子埃内斯托·"·格瓦拉"(Ernesto"Che"Guevara)的行动中发挥了关键作用,与肯尼迪总统遇刺案有牵连的中央情报局(CIA)特工罗德里格斯(Rodriquez)就是这个人。据信,罗德里格斯曾帮助一名腐败的 DEA 高官将 DEA 特工 Kiki Camarena 交给墨西哥毒枭拉斐尔·卡罗-昆特罗(Rafael Caro-Quintero),让他受到折磨和谋杀。这名 DEA 特工遭到酷刑谋杀的过程,超出了中央情报局(CIA)令人震惊地拍摄并于2013年提交给调查人员的范畴。奥巴马-克林顿政权没有追查这起案件,但特朗普总统的情况就不得而知了。目前,特朗普的司法部正在重新调查发生的一切。

Photo(above)taken in 1963 at Mexico City nightclub shows main members of CIA assassination group Operation 40 led by Felix Rodriguez.


With President Trump having ordered Mexican drug lord Rafael Caro-Quintero to be placed on the FBI ten most wanted list with an astounding$20 million bounty on his head for the torture murder of DEA agent Kiki Camarena,this report concludes,the documents proving CIA complicity with Mexican drug cartels have all now been confirmed as being true—a confirmation that's now pushed Trump's war against this rogue CIA drug dealing faction into the black—the main battles of which frequently come to light with Trump's massive drug seizures from the CIA—that includes the 27 February capture of the CIA"narco plane"Gulfstream II in Belize loaded with 2 tons of cocaine—which most interesting to note about is the local news report that said"Belizean officials may have detained the plane's pilot and crew"—that was followed by another local news report saying"the crew managed to escape by vehicle out of the area"—a contradiction that can't be reconciled due to this CIA"narco plane"being tracked by advanced electronics provided by the United States to the Mexican forces who forced this jet down—and like the CIA crew who"escaped"when their"narco plane"crashed in Mexico in 2007—means that these CIA drug smugglers have been returned to the US intelligence agency they belong to—but this time around is a Trump controlled CIA whose methods of extracting information were invented by feared CIA Director Gina Haspel—so loyal to Trump he placed her in his White House Cabinet and meets with her daily—and makes one wonder how much longer these CIA drug smuggling traitors will even be alive.

随着特朗普总统下令将墨西哥毒枭拉斐尔·卡罗-昆特罗(Rafael Caro-Quintero)列入联邦调查局(FBI)十大通缉犯名单,并悬赏令人震惊的2000万美元,悬赏他因酷刑谋杀 DEA 特工 Kiki Camarena 而被捕,这份报告得出结论,证明中央情报局与墨西哥贩毒集团共谋的文件现在都已被证实是真实的——这证实了特朗普打击这个流氓中央情报局毒品交易集团的战争,特朗普从中央情报局缴获大量毒品的事件频频曝光,其中包括227日在伯利兹抓获载有2吨可卡因的中央情报局"贩毒飞机"湾流 II,最有意思的是当地新闻报道称,"伯利兹官员可能扣留了飞机的飞行员和机组人员",随后又有当地新闻报道称,"机组人员设法乘车逃离该地区"——这一矛盾无法调和,因为美国提供的先进电子设备正在追踪这架中央情报局的"贩毒飞机"对于迫使这架飞机坠毁的墨西哥军队来说,这意味着这些中情局毒品走私贩已经回到了他们所属的美国情报机构,但这一次是特朗普控制的中情局,其获取信息的方法是由令人恐惧的中情局局长吉娜·哈斯佩尔(Gina haspel)发明的。哈斯佩尔对特朗普如此忠诚,以至于把她安置在他的白宫内阁,每天都与她会面,这让人不禁怀疑这些中情局毒品走私叛徒还能活多久。

Socialist American snowflakes deplore CIA Director Gina Haspel…


…but she would like to meet them anyway.



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