2020年3月7日09:46:48新闻民主党人对特朗普发出了死亡威胁,美国最高法院的法官们抹杀了社会主义已关闭评论8165字数 10554阅读35分10秒阅读模式

A frightening new Ministry of Foreign Affairs(MoFA)report circulating in the Kremlin today discussing potential conflict zones having a threat of violence to include Turkey rushing special forces troops to the Greek border to prevent Athens from pushing migrants back and the British Royal Navy taking to the seas to prevent a"French Blockade"of fishing grounds,astonishingly includes on this list the United States—where over the past fortnight,President Donald Trump appointed US Federal Judges have begun laying waste to large swaths of leftist America while the United States Supreme Court has figuratively marched the"Deep State"to the guillotine for execution,as well as their firing a kill shot at leftist federal judges—but while this highest court in America began a hearing on a baby-killing abortion case yesterday,saw it being the proverbial"straw that broke the camels back"which unleashed a full-on socialist Democrat Party firestorm—a firestorm ignited when top Democrat Party US Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer went into a rage and threatened the lives of Trump appointed Supreme Court Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh with his directly warning them:"I want to tell you,Gorsuch.I want to tell you,Kavanaugh.You have released the whirlwind,and you will pay the price…YOU WON'T KNOW WHAT HIT YOU"—a death threat immediately responded to by Trump who declared:"This is a direct&dangerous threat to the U.S.Supreme Court by Schumer.If a Republican did this,he or she would be arrested,or impeached.Serious action MUST be taken NOW!"—with Trump's declaration being swiftly followed by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts issuing a rare rebuke warning to Schumer saying:"Statements of this sort from the highest levels of government are not only inappropriate,they are dangerous.All members of the Court will continue to do their job,without fear or favor,from whatever quarter"—a rare rebuke from this high court leader being followed by Republican Party US Senator Josh Hawley bringing a motion to censure Schumer—and now sees Republican Party US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell preparing to pour gasoline on this deadly controversy by addressing it on the Senate floor during his opening remarks this morning where he will openly denounce Schumer.[Note:Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

克里姆林宫今天流传着一份可怕的新外交部报告,讨论可能发生暴力的冲突地区,其中包括土耳其向希腊边境派遣特种部队,阻止雅典把移民赶回来,英国皇家海军出海阻止法国对渔场的"封锁",令人惊讶的是,这份名单上包括了美国——在过去两周里,唐纳德·特朗普总统任命的美国联邦法官已经开始摧毁大片的左翼美国,而美国最高法院已经象征性地将"深州"送上断头台执行死刑,并向左翼联邦法官开了一枪——但是,就在美国这个最高法院昨天开始就一起杀死婴儿的堕胎案进行听证时,美国参议院少数党领袖查克·舒默大发雷霆,威胁特朗普任命的最高法院法官尼尔·戈萨奇和布雷特·卡瓦纳夫的生命,并直接警告他们:"我想告诉你,戈萨奇。我想告诉你,卡瓦诺。你已经释放了旋风,你将付出代价......你将不知道什么击中了你"——特朗普立即对死亡威胁做出回应,他宣称:"这是舒默对美国最高法院的直接而危险的威胁。如果一个共和党人这样做,他或她将被逮捕或弹劾。现在必须采取严肃的行动!"ー随着特朗普的声明迅速得到最高法院首席大法官约翰·罗伯茨(John Roberts)的响应,他对舒默发出了罕见的警告:"政府最高层的这类声明不仅不恰当,而且危险。最高法院的所有成员都将继续履行自己的职责,无论来自哪个方面,无论是恐惧还是偏袒。"这是最高法院领袖罕见的指责,共和党参议员乔希·霍利(Josh Hawley)紧随其后,提出了谴责舒默的动议。现在,共和党参议院多数党领袖米奇·麦康奈尔(Mitch McConnell)准备在参议院发言,公开谴责舒默,为这场致命的争议火上浇油。:本报告引号中的一些单词和/或短语是英语中俄语单词/短语的近似形式,没有准确的对应词



According to this report,at the center of this socialist ignited firestorm threatening the lives of Trump's appointed Supreme Court Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh is a distorted legal tactic used by leftist US Federal Judges for decades to advance the genocidal baby-killing demonic practice of abortion—a tactic that has seen these leftist judges overturning hundreds of State laws against abortion because of what they"might"do,instead of their ruling on what these State anti-abortion laws actually say as the US Constitution demands they do.


On one of the most fateful days in modern American history,this report details,the United States Supreme Court entered into its records the notice"The application for stay presented to Justice Scalia and by him referred to the Court is granted,and the issuance of the mandate of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit"on 29 June 2015—the meaning of which was that this high court would hear and decide the case known as Whole Woman's Health v.Hellerstedt—a case Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia had personally guided to this high court in order to destroy the distorted leftist legal tactic used to advance abortion over States Rights—but before Justice Scalia could do so,saw him mysteriously turning up dead on 13 February 2016—a mysterious death President Trump himself called into question because of Justice Scalia being discovered dead with a pillow over his face—a death,however,that couldn't stop this case from proceeding through the Supreme Court against the backdrop of the volatile presidential election between Trump and Clinton,also,occurring in 2016—a case made even more complex because it would be decided by an evenly split high court—all of which resulted in one of the most unique Supreme Court rulings in modern American history being made on 27 June 2016—made unique because while Chief Justice Roberts broke a 4-4 tie to side with his leftist justices in the ruling on this case,Justice Alito filed a dissenting opinion,in which Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Thomas joined—thus showing that all Chief Justice Roberts did was sweep the issues of this case out of his court until such time another conservative anti-abortion justice could join him—which Trump speedily provided him with.

本报告详细介绍了美国现代历史上最重要的日子之一——2015629日,美国最高法院在其记录中签署了通知:"向斯卡利亚大法官提交并由他提交给最高法院的暂缓执行申请获得批准,美国第五巡回上诉法院授权获得批准"——其意思是,这个高等法院将审理并裁决被称为"全体妇女的健康诉赫尔勒施泰特案"(Whole Woman's Health v.hellerstedt)的案件,2016213日,特朗普总统自己也对这起神秘死亡事件提出了质疑,因为斯卡利亚大法官被发现死于枕头下。然而,在特朗普和克林顿之间的总统选举动荡不安的背景下,这起死亡事件并不能阻止最高法院继续审理这起案件,2016年发生的一起案件更加复杂,因为这起案件将由一个平分秋色的高等法院做出裁决,所有这些导致了2016627日最高法院做出了美国现代历史上最独特的裁决之一。这起案件的独特之处在于,尽管首席大法官罗伯茨在这起案件的裁决中打破了与其左派大法官之间的44平衡,大法官 Alito 提交了一份最高不同意见书,其中首席大法官 Roberts Thomas 也加入了进来----这表明 Roberts 所做的一切都是将这个案件的问题从他的法庭上清除出去,直到另一个保守的反堕胎大法官加入他的行列----特朗普迅速为他提供了这。


After having swept away the Whole Woman's Health v.Hellerstedt case in 2016,this report continues,Chief Justice Roberts was reinforced when President Trump gave him two more conservative Associate Justices,Gorsuch and Kavanaugh—which then allowed Roberts to place on the Supreme Court's docket the case June Medical Services LLC v.Russo on 28 January 2019—a case dealing with same exact issue of the distorted legal tactics being used by leftist federal judges to advance their genocidal abortion cause—that was argued in this high court yesterday where virtually every seat in the courtroom was filled,which doesn't always happen even in some blockbuster cases—and just 10 minutes before the start of court,saw Ashley Kavanaugh,the wife of Justice Brett Kavanaugh,arriving to take her seat in the VIP section—who was soon followed by Joanna Breyer,the wife of Justice Stephen Breyer,and Jane Roberts,the wife of the Chief Justice.

在扫除了2016年全体妇女健康诉 Hellerstedt 案之后,本报告继续写道,首席大法官罗伯茨在特朗普总统任命他为两名保守的助理大法官时得到了加强,戈萨奇和卡瓦纳夫——这两人当时允许罗伯茨将2019128 June Medical Services LLC v.Russo 一案列入最高法院备审案目录——这一案件与左翼联邦法官为推进其种族灭绝式堕胎事业而使用的歪曲法律策略完全相同,即使是在一些轰动一时的案件中,这种情况也不会经常发生。就在开庭前10分钟,大法官布雷特·卡瓦纳夫(Brett Kavanaugh)的妻子阿什利·卡瓦纳夫(Ashley Kavanaugh)来到贵宾席就座。随后,大法官斯蒂芬·布雷耶(Stephen Breyer)的妻子乔安娜·布雷耶(Joanna Breyer)和首席大法官的妻子简·罗伯茨(Jane Roberts)

Though the issue involving the June Medical Services LLC v.Russo case are being described to the American people by their fake news leftist media as having to do with if the State of Louisiana is able to enact a law requiring that abortion clinic doctors have hospital admitting privileges,this report explains,nothing could be further from the truth—as the core issues of this case are if leftist federal judges can allow third-party litigants to present"maybe-might be-possible"evidence against a State's laws to have them overturned—or if State's laws can only be overturned if they're found to be unconstitutional—a critical distinction as for decades leftist federal judges have been making up things not found in either the law or constitution to support their pro-abortion rulings—a necessity,these leftists argued yesterday,otherwise States could eventually ban abortion all together—but whose distortion of law,logic and the constitution itself,even had liberal Associate Justice Breyer despairingly stating the obvious:

尽管六月医疗服务有限责任公司诉 Russo 一案被他们的假新闻左翼媒体描述为与美国人民有关,如果路易斯安那州能够颁布法律,要求堕胎诊所的医生有医院承认的特权,这份报告解释说,这个案件的核心问题是,左派联邦法官是否可以允许第三方诉讼当事人提出"也许——也许——可能——有可能"反对某个州的法律的证据,从而推翻这些法律;或者,如果该州的法律只有在被发现违宪的情况下才能被推翻——这是一个至关重要的区别,因为几十年来,左派联邦法官一直在编造一些法律或宪法中没有的东西,来支持他们支持堕胎的裁决——这些左派人士昨日辩称,否则各州最终可能会全面禁止堕胎——但是,由于堕胎对法律、逻辑和宪法本身的歪曲,甚至连自由派副大法官布雷耶(Breyer)也断然指出了一个显而易见的

How do you deal with this?


I have read the briefs.I understand there are good arguments on both sides.


Indeed,in the country people have very strong feelings and a lot of people morally think it's wrong and a lot of people morally think the opposite is wrong.


And in Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v.Casey,and the later cases,I think personally the court is struggling with the problem of what kind of rule of law do you have in a country that contains both sorts of people.



The answer to Associate Justice Breyer's questions of"how do you will deal this"and"what kind of rule of law do you have in a country that contains both sorts of people",this report concludes,was given during the arguments heard yesterday by this high courts majority conservative justices,including Chief Justice Roberts—with conservative Justice Kavanaugh driving straight to the heart of this issue with his question:"Are you saying that admitting privileges laws are always unconstitutional,such that we don't have to look at the facts state by state?Or are you saying that actually you do look at the facts state by state,and in some states,admitting privileges laws could be constitutional,if they impose no burdens?"—the leftist answers to which then saw conservative Justice Samuel Alito deridingly calling them"amazing"or"highly debatable"—thus providing to everyone watching the unmistakable knowing that the Supreme Court is preparing to rule against these leftists and give pro-life Americans a much deserved victory—that,in turn,caused deranged socialist Democrat Party leader Schumer to rush from the courtroom and threaten the lives of Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh—but before his doing so,would have been wise to notice what happened one day earlier during the 4 March election called Super Tuesday—where President Trump trounced the vote totals of all past incumbent presidents in American history in Blue,Purple and Red States—a trouncing of historic proportions fueled by the tens-of-millions of American citizens fed up with the leftist genocide of their nation's defenseless babies—and in Trump have finally found their champion to protect with all of his power the rights of the unborn.

本报告的结论是,对于联合大法官布雷耶提出的"你将如何处理这个问题"以及"在一个同时拥有两种人的国家,你们有什么样的法治"的问题,答案是在昨天高等法院多数派保守派大法官,包括首席大法官罗伯茨听取的辩论中给出的。保守派大法官卡瓦纳夫直截了当地提出了这个问题的核心:"你是不是在说,承认特权法总是违宪的,以至于我们不必逐州查看事实?"?或者你是说,实际上你确实看到了一个州接一个州的事实,在某些州,承认特权法可能是符合宪法的,如果它们不施加任何负担的话?"保守派大法官塞缪尔阿利托(Samuel Alito)嘲笑左派的回答是"令人惊讶""非常值得商榷"。因此,每个观看这场辩论的人都清楚地知道,最高法院(Supreme Court)正准备对这些左派分子做出裁决,给反堕胎的美国人一个当之无愧的胜利,反过来,这又导致疯狂的社会主义民主党领袖舒默冲出法庭,威胁戈萨奇法官和卡瓦纳夫法官的生命。但在他这样做之前,注意一天前在34日的超级星期二选举中发生的事情是明智的。在那次选举中,特朗普总统击败了美国历史上所有在任总统的总票数,紫色和红色州(Purple and Red states)——数千万美国公民受够了左派对本国手无寸铁的婴儿实施的种族灭绝行为,从而加剧了历史性的打击——特朗普终于找到了他们的拥护者,用他的全部权力保护胎儿的权利。



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