替代 Google 搜索引擎的完整列表

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事实:使用谷歌作为搜索引擎不再让你访问未经编辑的真相。正如谷歌执行官 Jen Gennai 所承认的,你将缝制谷歌希望你看到的东西。


We are living in a very interesting time,one in where we have a'ministry of truth'that is quite Orwellian.This ministry of truth is deciding what's real and what's not for people,and they hold a tremendous amount of power and resources.Google is part of this ministry,and they are playing their part in censoring,demonetizing,and hiding information and platforms that does not suit the plans,agendas and the wants of the people that run Google and who are tied to.


One of the most recent examples I wrote about was with regards to one of the top natural health/health awareness websites in the world,Mercola.com.They like many others including Collective Evolution,have been censored by Google as well as their other social media platforms for simply sharing information.No matter how solid the evidence or sources are,it's simply being censored because of what the information implies and because of the consequences it may have for those in power,and whose powerful interests that information may threaten.

我最近写的一个例子是关于世界上最好的自然健康/健康意识网站之一 mercola.com。他们和其他很多人一样,包括 Collective Evolution,因为简单地分享信息而被谷歌和其他社交媒体平台审查。无论证据或消息来源多么可靠,都只是因为信息的含义和对当权者可能产生的后果而受到审查,而这些信息可能威胁到当权者的强大利益。

Have we really got to the point where simple information can be censored just because it is threatening?Why do we have to have global elitists determining what is real and what is fake for the population?Is the population not capable of doing this on their own?Who are these'fact checkers?'


If we look at FakeNews watchdog NewsGuard,it provides some insight on who is behind this type of thing.They claim to hold independent media outlets accountable for their stories.They are funded by Clinton donors and big pharma,with ties to the CFR.They are one of many who have a clear agenda in favour of mainstream establishment media and some powerful interests.

如果我们看一下 FakeNews 监督新闻警卫,就会发现这类事情的幕后黑手是谁。他们声称要求独立媒体对他们的报道负责。他们由克林顿捐赠者和大型制药公司资助,与 CFR 有联系。他们是有明确议程支持主流媒体和一些强大利益集团的许多人之一。

This comes at the same time that multiple award winning mainstream media journalists and de-classified documents are exposing that mainstream media outlets are paid by and run by corporations,governments and intelligence agencies.You can see a few examples in this article,as well as links to some interesting documents.It goes into greater detail on the subject.


The truth is,for years the human population,especially in the west,has been,deliberately manipulated.Our thoughts,ideas and perceptions with regards to certain areas,like geopolitics,is,for the lack of a better word,literally programmed into us.Many of us,and most of us,for a very long time never really thought for ourselves,we've kind of been in zombie mode you could say.


For the past few years though,this clearly changed,and more and more people have been questioning what is really going on behind the scenes.This was a result of massive amounts of information that leaked out in the form of credible journalism from various independent media outlets.


There has been a deliberate manipulation of the opinions of the masses,and that those who manipulate this"unseen mechanism,constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power"of global geopolitics.Our minds are"molded,our tastes formed"and our ideas are"suggested,largely by men we have never heard of."(Edward Bernays)



All this said,when you search for things on Google,you will see what Google wants you to see,and it WILL shape the narrative by which you see your world.It will also push you to search for certain things over others.


Here is a great example.When you type in"vaccines cause a",nowhere in the list do you see autism,even though that is one of the most searched terms on the subject.Instead,you see a very different list,see below.

这里有一个很好的例子。当你输入"疫苗导致 a"时,在列表中你看不到孤独症,尽管这是关于这个主题搜索次数最多的词之一。相反,你会看到一个非常不同的列表,见下面。

Another great example would be anyone trying to search about the Hillary Clinton email scandal.


If you type in"hillary clinton email"you get no suggestions at all


But if you tested that against"donald trump email"you get normal suggestions.


As per an admission from Google executive Jen Gennai,this is because Google is trying to draw a line in the sand and tell people what's right and what's wrong in our world.You can learn more about her statements here.

根据谷歌执行官 Jen Gennai 的承认,这是因为谷歌试图划清界限,告诉人们在我们的世界里什么是对什么是错。你可以在这里了解更多关于她的陈述。

The day we are shut down from questioning,and forced into measures and information against our own will is the day everybody should know something is very wrong.


Being a researcher myself,the amount Google has changed over the past 10 years is pretty crazy,and it's not longer a useful neutral search engine as many sources of information have been completely blocked by their algorithms.


Here at CE,we don't use Google anymore for pretty well any of our searches.We are also in the process of moving away from any other Google products we use like Gmail.Currently,most of us use DuckDuckGo here at CE.

CE,我们不再使用谷歌进行任何搜索。我们也在逐渐远离其他谷歌产品,比如 Gmail。目前,我们大多数人在 CE 使用 DuckDuckGo

Here is a great list of alternatives you can try instead of Google.It's interesting to compare search topics and see what comes up compared to Google:

这里有一个很棒的替代品列表,你可以用它来代替 Google。比较一下搜索主题,看看与谷歌相比会出现什么,这很有趣:

Here are ten alternatives to Google search:

下面是 Google 搜索的10个替代品:

StartPage  - StartPage为您提供Google搜索结果,但没有跟踪(位于荷兰)。

Searx  - 一种隐私友好且多功能的元搜索引擎,也是  开源的

MetaGer  - 一个具有良好功能的开源元搜索引擎,总部设在德国。

SwissCows  - 位于瑞士的零跟踪私人搜索引擎,托管在  安全的瑞士基础设施上

Qwant  - 位于法国的私人搜索引擎。

DuckDuckGo  - 一个位于美国的私人搜索引擎。

Mojeek  - 唯一拥有自己的抓取工具和索引(位于英国)的真正的搜索引擎(而不是元搜索引擎)。

YaCy  - 一个分散的,开源的点对点搜索引擎。

Givero  - 总部设在丹麦,Givero提供比Google更多的隐私,并将搜索与慈善捐赠相结合。

Ecosia  - Ecosia总部位于德国,并将部分收入捐赠给种植树木。


At the end of the day,truth in all areas that surround humanity cannot be stopped.The simple fact that'they'had to de-platform,de-monetize and censor various media outlets around the globe,all except the small handful of mainstream media outlets,simply exposed even more what's really going on here.


As much as this seems rough,this is inspiring.The global elite is losing so much power that their desperation is kicking in.And just because works of fiction might suggest that sometimes the"bad guys"win,does not mean it's going to happen here.In fact,I know you can feel that we are going to make through a big shift here,and acts like this further reveal the truth to the people.Keep on thinking for yourself and connecting with who you truly are,it's the way forward!




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