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Source:Paul Stramer|By Anna Von Reitz


This virus was specially engineered to take out colored people—Chinese,Koreans,Africans,Indians—by the Nazi"Pure Blood"Eugenists—the same ones who are pushing the whole depopulation agenda.It is especially aimed at Asian and African males and works by shutting down their cellular energy transfer system,similar to shutting off the flow of electrical current in a machine.They just shut down all at once—death occurs in about sixty seconds.


I guess we can be grateful that it is relatively quick and not painful,but that is about all that can be said of it.


It was,again,engineered by British M16 corporations using financing from Bill Gates among others.


Those with pure white Caucasian genes have little to worry about—unless the virus mutates into a form that can more efficiently access our lung tissue.


Our friends and neighbors of color should be stocking up on coconut oil and essential oils and ultrasonic diffusers.There are numerous essential oils that kill virus and bacteria of this kind including Oregano Oil and classic spice oils and mixtures of spice oils—clove,cinnamon,nutmeg,allspice.


Use the diffuser to distribute a fine mist of essential oil throughout the air and breathe it in so it kills any virus on surfaces and in the lungs and nasal passages.


Mixing a few drops of essential oil with ten times the amount by volume with coconut oil as a carrier oil and swabbing it around the lips and nostrils and using it as a body oil on hands will also kill it.


Large doses of Vitamin C—up to the point where stools are getting loose—will help finish the job inside the body.


Limiting outside contact is,of course,advisable,especially for colored people.


Wearing masks won't help with a virus and there is no sign of any accompanying bacterial infection—which is why the CDC and WHO are not promoting the use of masks.


I hope that this unfolding nightmare is enough to wake people up to the EVIL in our midst and the extent that these madmen and madwomen will go to promote and realize their extremist ideas and prejudices.


I hope it is not lost on colored people around the world that this has been created and unleashed by a tiny,tiny fraction of the so-called"elites"—just a handful of unspeakable monsters—Nazi Eugenists who were allowed to live and perpetrate their poisonous beliefs in the wake of the Second World War.


I hope that the Caucasian people of the world will use their relative immunity to serve and assist those of color and will close ranks only in their determination to eradicate once and for all time the"religion"of Babylon and the evil teachings of Nazism including prejudice against people of color and notions of"pure blood"and breeding and treating people as animals.


The Romans realized too late that their tolerance of these venal"religious"practices and adoption of these elitist ideas was like a time bomb of self-destruction—a sort of booby-trap—left behind by the defeated Carthaginians.


I pray that the governments of the West will wake up and realize that the Nazis have similarly aimed to snatch victory out of the jaws of defeat by inculcating their twisted ideas and venal"religion"into our schools and universities,our governments and fraternal organizations,and have spread them like the germs of a foul disease of the mind and heart to our military and scientific communities as well.


These false beliefs and evil practices must be recognized for what they are and done away with once and for all time.


All thinking men and women,all feeling and sentient beings,are called to stand firm against this and every other onslaught of EVIL.


"Let not your hearts be troubled,neither let them be afraid...."


As this virus and the evil ideas that led to its creation are the handiwork of men,we know also that we have the means to overcome this evil,too.What was created by men can be destroyed by men,and this,Our Father in Heaven will help us to do.


As we turn from idolatry and fear and prejudice and self-interest and as we seek life and compassion with all our hearts and minds,this contagion and all the other evil ideas and plots of the Evil Ones among us will be brought to nothing.


They will disappear as if they never were and fade away into the Abyss.


Re-focus your minds and hearts and think of the contagion in China in a different way—without fear and without horror.


Imagine the Coronavirus and Nipah virus self-destructing,mutating into harmless versions of themselves.Tell the viruses to do this.Command them to do so.


Imagine vast waves of healing and virus-specific bio-acoustic therapies being unleashed to cleanse China and everywhere else in the world,preventing any Plague.


Concentrate on the evil men and women responsible for all this death and fear,and on reflecting all the destruction back to them,the guilty parties specifically,so that the whole world will see that the True God is just and his vengeance is swift.


Let this be the sign—that those who have purposed this evil against China and those who have unleashed the plague of locusts will shrivel up.They will become like raisins dried in the sun and no remedy will be found and no evil they have wrought will depart from them until Our Father deals with them one by one.


Reflect their own evil back to them—be like millions of mirrors re-focusing the sun,until the evil consumes itself.


Place a strong and loving shield of pure energy around China and the Chinese People.Forbid the Evil Ones and their works access to any homes,anywhere on this planet.Let them be cast out,together with their works,into the Outer Darkness.Let them and their idolatry and evil ideas be removed from among us,as tares from the wheat and as chaff that blows away in the wind.



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