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神圣计划不区分种族或信仰,这是一个包罗万象的计划。简短,非详尽的描述 NESARA/GESARA 将如何工作。人们创造的神圣货币系统已经可以通过量子技术获得。

For FWC-Channel,written by Werner Krcivoj–26th of September,2021

FWC-Channel,作者 wernerkrcivoj-2021926

GESARA is a law signed by Bill Clinton under threat from the military.It was never implemented because of interference from the globalist cabal!Now everything is changing...NESARA/GESARA(https://finalwakeupcall.info/en/2021/09/15/our-future-revealed/)and the divine plan for the new earth is becoming reality.

GESARA 是比尔·克林顿在军方威胁下签署的一项法律。由于全球主义阴谋集团的干涉,它从未得到实施!现在一切都在改变...NESARA/GESARA(https://finalwakeupcall.info/en/2021/09/15/our-future-revealed/),神圣的新地球计划正在成为现实。

In the beginning there was NO physical monetary system,We the People were the money.The time has come for humanity to establish what is ours by right.


This PLAN moves mankind from debt to comfort with unlimited absoluteness.


This plan will replace what we have experienced,it is not a restructuring of what we already have.We the People,have the Power to change and create with unlimited capacity because we are the Spark of the Divine.


No new law is needed to implement this Divine Plan.We the People have the authority to implement the new system.How?With the consent of the majority of the Global People acting in their capacities for the Greater Good of Humanity the Divine Plan can be implemented with grace and ease.


The Divine Plan does not distinguish between races or beliefs,this is an all-inclusive plan.Brief,non-exhaustive description of how NESARA/GESARA will work.A divine money system created by the people is already available through quantum technology.

神圣计划不区分种族或信仰,这是一个包罗万象的计划。简短,非详尽的描述 NESARA/GESARA 将如何工作。人们创造的神圣货币系统已经可以通过量子技术获得。

It is unlimited as God intended.


The Divine Money System is open and is only a transitional system.Once all points have been implemented,there will be a return of Human Society to an advanced system without the need for physical money or an exchange system.The system of electronic and digital distribution of funds already exists throughout the world.We the People are the owners of this technology and we only need to exercise that right.


All technology is jointly owned by the People and individual ownership becomes meaningless and not compatible with the divine system.Everything is in place to fully support and operate this system now,requiring only the support of the global people.


Governments,politicians,oligarchs of the past cannot prevent this,as they represent less than 1%of the world's population,and will be removed from the planet.


There will be immediate funding for all People to support their living supplies.This removes the fear and anxiety created by lack of money.Everyone will be given the chance to do the work they like to contribute to their local community and thus to the world at large.Large sums of money will be distributed for humanitarian projects to begin the transformation to the new world:zones of opportunity and geographical areas considered to be in poverty,real and organised education,rebuilding of infrastructure,addressing medical shortages,lack of housing,healthy food distribution,etc.


All current financial debts are annulled:credit cards,taxes,loans,mortgages,etc.None of these financial debts will exist in the new monetary system because the old accounting system will be dissolved.People will have access to unlimited resources,so profits,losses or gains will no longer have any purpose.


Energy and utilities are free;telephone,electricity/gas,fuel,communications,etc.Personal choice for health care,medical services are free.


Release of all suppressed technology and funding for all alternative health care,medical and natural medicine options.


Global fund administrators will be set up with simple programs to distribute funds quickly upon launch of the New System and to distribute access for All on Earth.


Return to God's law.


Only issues involving harm to others will be addressed.Since,access to funds is unlimited,all monetary crimes should be non-existent.


Private property:anyone who currently owns property will continue to own it.


All native and indigenous land will be returned.All government-controlled subsoil property will be transferred to the People.All forms of government land or water that are not included as nature reserves,national parks,sanctuaries,wildlife reserves in both land and water,etc.will be returned to the People,e.g.


government buildings,natural resources-water,electricity,gas,etc.Countries and land will no longer have borders.People will be able to move to geographical areas that were once cost-prohibitive.This will be no longer an obstacle,thanks to free energy technology and access to unlimited funds.


There will be no invasion nor intrusion,as there is no natural migration anymore.


People will be able to have their own land to be self-sufficient and have no need to occupy other people's land.


Travel will be free all over the world by new super technologies the travel times will be short e.g.ROME-TOKIO in 1 HOUR.Release and funding for at least 6.000 suppressed technologies concerning all areas of conception.


We the people have the power and we will keep it forever!


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