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Starship Earth:The Big Picture 星际飞船地球:大局

August 10,2021 2021810


I started putting together a post for Wednesday but so much is happening.Simon Parkes says he is hoping to be able to share a news release.


Hoping for some release of info in the next few hours…


White hats will monitor how it is received and who runs with story.


Could be pulled at last minute–But I'm hopeful that it will be allowed for release.


A lot of resignations…


Scott M pointed to this and we hear Nazi Pelosi may be stepping down.I think she(the real NP)was dealt with some time ago,anyway.It's time for this disgusting puppet to go.

斯科特·m 指出了这一点,我们听说纳粹佩洛西可能会下台。不管怎样,我认为她(真正的 NP)已经被处理过一段时间了。是时候让这个恶心的木偶离开了。


And here in Maricopa County…


Arizona state Sen.Tony Navarrete resigns seat after arrest in child sex abuse case 



Are you listening to the Cyber Symposium?They are dropping a whole lot of truth and Mike and his team called out the fake media and challenged them.They spoke of the cyber attacks,of which there have been many lately by the"global populist movement which is international",Steve Bannon stated as my video kept freezing and then it was over,I guess.My Internet suddenly got very slow and they may have taken a dinner break.

你在收听网络研讨会吗?他们抛出了一大堆真相,迈克和他的团队指出了虚假媒体并向他们发起了挑战。他们谈到了网络攻击,最近"国际性的全球民粹主义运动"导致了许多网络攻击,史蒂夫·班农(Steve Bannon)说,我的视频一直被冻结,我猜,然后就结束了。我的互联网突然变得非常慢,他们可能已经休息吃饭了。

I wanted to be mobile but my iPad would not play the RSBN feed.It played for 30 seconds or so and then quit and I had to keep refreshing the page and clicking the arrow to listen so I gave up and went back to my desk top.There are still two days to go;Aug.11 and 12.Let's hope it won't be interfered with but I'm not overly optimistic.

我想要移动,但是我的 iPad 不能播放 RSBN feed。它播放了大约30秒,然后退出了,我不得不不断刷新页面,点击箭头来听,所以我放弃了,回到我的办公桌上。还有两天时间,811日和12日。希望它不会受到干扰,但我不会过于乐观。

They go into detail like Trump won Michigan by 300,000 votes…so they're a big target.They say Wisconsin will be the easiest to prove if they do a forensic audit because it was so obvious.These globalists don't have hope in hell of getting to keep the votes they stole.Mike explains how there are states the media conditioned us to accept were blue and could never be red.Wrong!


They even brought on one of Jaire Bolsonaro's son,Eduardo,a politician in Brazil embroiled in similar struggles.Election rigging is GLOBAL FRAUD conducted for decades by the controllers.People only have the illusion of the choice.Their votes don't really count,traditionally.He did a good job and showed us video of the streets of Brazil on August 1 overflowing with people dissatisfied with the way their country is being run.


What was really exciting were the motor bike rallies in Brazil with hundreds and hundreds of them on the freeways.And the boats and personal watercraft!Wow.Change gon'come.



The information war is evident in many places.The most stubborn front is the Scamdemic Front.Relentless lies and mainstream news psyops continue to battle to extend the subjugation of Humanity.



The order states that"no governmental entity can compel any individual to receive a COVID-19 vaccine administered under an emergency use authorization…No governmental entity,including a county,city,school district,and public health authority,and no government official may require any person to wear a face-covering or mandate that another person wear a face covering."


Violating the order carries fines of up to$1,000.


Local Officials Ignoring Abbott's Executive Order;AG Paxton Issues Warning 


BTW,Mike Lindell revealed that Trump won in Texas by over 1.5 million votes.


We don't hear a lot about the new Quantum Financial System,but we hear a lot of chatter about experiences the People are having.


Plenty of interesting details from across the world come up on Telegram about the many things unfolding that the media wouldn't report on if they even knew.Link to Telegram.

来自世界各地的许多有趣的细节出现在 Telegram 上,关于许多正在发生的事情,即使媒体知道也不会报道。链接到 Telegram

Just wanted to share this!In my little town of 1700 people,our bank has just sent out an email stating that August 11th,the login page will look different and be easier to use.It also says that in the next few weeks to come,we will see more changes throughout the website.


This is interesting.Newsom doin'time?It's like the chain gang,isn't it?Is it just a"photo op"or is it something else?Ridicule?Comeuppance?


The tide is turning.


Dozens of Chicago Police Officers Turn Their Backs to Mayor Lightfoot During Hospital Visit for Critically Injured Officer 


We've heard that we will probably arrive at a contrived"WWIII"scenario at some point this year.It would be cover for the deployment of the world's militaries to address the infestation and make the arrests of the globalists and their minions.This may be part of that process.Tick-tock.


BREAKING–US Gov't officals now saying the Afghanistan Gov't could collapse in just under 1 month.



It's not only an information war.Fires have engulfed Algeria in addition to many other countries.Look at the photos.Link to Telegram.

这不仅仅是一场信息战。大火吞没了阿尔及利亚和其他许多国家。看看这些照片。链接到 Telegram

Algeria's president said 25 soldiers had died saving residents from wildfires ravaging the north.


100 people owe their lives to the soldiers who evacuated two areas in the mountainous Kabyle region.

Kabyle 山区撤离的士兵救了100人的性命。

At least seven civilians have been killed and two injured in the fires across the country.The local defense authority reports some homes have been completely destroyed and that schools were receiving displaced locals.


Subscribe to RT t.me/rtintl

订阅 RT t.me/rtintl

Algeria blames forest fires on arson,death toll rises to 42 


Arson?I doubt it.There are far too many fires across the planet to attribute to"hot,dry conditions"and drought or arson.We've heard that before.If it is arsonists,they were paid by the cabal.


The current number of fires is unprecedented and we strongly suspect directed energy weapons(DEWs)such as those used to annihilate the town of Paradise,California a few years ago.That was outright murder,but the White Hats are not broaching that truth with the general public.They don't want panic.The reality will come out at the proper time.



We keep learning about more ways the psychopaths have been torturing Humans.


The hardest part of this war is learning the truth about the intentional attacks on innocent Humans.Stew Peters has a story coming.It seems there is no topic he won't tackle.Link to Telegram.

这场战争最困难的部分是了解关于蓄意攻击无辜人类的真相。斯图彼得斯有一个故事要讲。看来没有什么话题是他不愿意谈的。链接到 Telegram

Autistic kids are being tortured with electric shock in the United States!
Report coming within the hour.


Learn more here:



That's it for the late edition.I can't get the symposium to play at the moment so I'll try again later and check in with Simon Parkes,as well.They may try to block the 7 pm Central Time announcement we're told is coming from Mike Lindell's team.~BP




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