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An extremely concerning highly-classified"Of Special Importance"new Foreign Intelligence Service(SVR)report circulating in the Kremlin today revealing that on 6 March the United States Department of Statefiled a diplomatic request with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs(MoFA)on behalf of the United States Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of California-Sacramento Office requesting information on Russiancitizen Olesya Krasilova—a request soon followed by the MoFA posting a notice saying:"The detention of Russian national Olesya Krasilova is yet another example of the US hunting for Russians all across the globe.We have strongly demanded that the US authorities withdraw the extradition request"—states that within 48-hours of this information request being made,its official government document signer US Attorney Timothy Delgado and his newlywed wife Tamara Delgado were discovered gunned down in their California home on 8 March—a critical assassination to notice as US Attorney Delgado was working with the Amador County-California Sheriff Department on the investigation into the Deep State murder of DHS Whistleblower Philip Haney—an assassination of Haney the leftist American mainstream immediately ruled a suicide—that was quickly countered by Amador County Sheriff Martin Ryan putting out a statement saying no such suicide ruling had been made at all,and his further saying the US Department of Justice investigating arm FBI had joined the investigation into the assassination of Haney—and was a 21 February assassination of Haney occurring just days after he had contacted Russian citizen Krasilova regarding the coronavirus outbreak in Iran.[Note:Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

今天在克里姆林宫传阅的一份极其令人担忧的高度机密的新的外国情报局(SVR)报告透露,36日,美国国务院代表美国加利福尼亚州东部地区检察官办公室——萨克拉门托办公室向外交部提出外交请求,要求提供关于俄罗斯公民奥列西亚 · 卡拉西洛娃的信息,外交部随后很快发出通知说:"拘留俄罗斯国民 奥列西亚 · 卡拉西洛娃是美国在全球追捕俄罗斯人的又一个例子。我们强烈要求美国当局撤回引渡请求"ーー声明在提出这一信息请求后的四十八小时内,美国司法部官方文件签署人美国律师蒂莫西·德尔加多和他的新婚妻子妻子塔玛拉·德尔加多38日被发现在加利福尼亚的家中被枪杀,他进一步说,美国司法部调查部门联邦调查局已经加入了对哈尼暗杀事件的调查,这是221日发生的哈尼暗杀事件,几天前他刚刚就伊朗冠状病毒爆发事件与俄罗斯公民卡拉西洛娃取得联系。:本报告引号中的一些单词和/或短语是英语中俄语单词/短语的近似形式,没有准确的对应词


US Attorney Timothy Delgado and his newlywed wife Tamara Delgado(above)discovered gunned down in their home on 8 March 2020…



…while investigation into the assassination of DHS Whistleblower Phillip Haney(above)is ongoing.


According to the very limited parts of this highly-classified SVR report permitted to be viewed by various ministries,following the 6 March diplomatic request received by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the information US Attorney Delgado wanted access to about Russian citizen Olesya Krasilova,a teleconference between the MoFA and the US Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of California in Sacramentowas anticipated to occur the following Monday on 9 March—but unknown at the time by MoFA officials,the parents of Tamara Delgado,on 7 March,had contacted the Placer County-California Sheriff Office to conduct a welfare check their daughter and her husband whom they hadn't heard from the day before as expected—a welfare check unable to be performed by Texas native Tamara Delgado's parents due the distance that separated them from their daughter and her husband—and who,also,are close friends of the powerful Texas Republican Party US Congressman Louis Gohmert—the same Congressman Gohmert who declared that his friend Phillip Haney was murdered—and after US Attorney Delgado and his wife were discovered assassinated,saw Gohmert and other top President Trump lawmkers placing themselves into immediate quarantine—but whose most mysterious event occurring involves the actions of Congressman Gohmert's top aide Legislative Director Sean Griffin—a retired top CIA operative who handles homeland security,intelligence and national security issues for Gohmert—and whose SVR identified white Mercedes having Texas license plates was captured by local news video outside of the death home of US Attorney Delgado—thus providing strong evidence that this former CIA operative was working with Delgado on the Haney assassination investigation.

根据这份高度机密的 SVR 报告中允许各部查阅的非常有限的部分,在外交部于36日收到外交部关于美国律师德尔加多希望获得有关俄罗斯公民奥莱西亚·克拉西洛娃的信息的外交请求之后,外交部和美国检察官办公室预计于39日在萨克拉门托东区举行电话会议,但当时塔马拉·德尔加多的父母——外交部官员不得而知,他们联系了普拉瑟县-加利福尼亚州治安办公室,要求对他们的女儿和丈夫进行福利检查,因为他们与女儿和丈夫之间的距离太远,德尔加多的父母无法为他们进行福利检查,此外,他们还是德克萨斯州共和党强大的国会议员路易斯·戈默特的亲密朋友ーー就是这位国会议员戈默特宣布他的朋友菲利普·哈尼被谋杀——在美国律师德尔加多和他的妻子被暗杀后,他看到戈默特和其他特朗普总统的高级执法人员立即进行隔离ーー但他们最神秘的事件涉及国会议员戈默特的高级助手、立法主任肖恩·格里芬的行动。格里芬是中情局负责国土安全——戈默特的情报和国家安全问题----他的 SVR 确认了一辆挂着德克萨斯州牌照的白色奔驰车----被美国律师德尔加多死亡之家外的当地新闻录像捕捉到——从而提供了强有力的证据,证明这名前中央情报局特工正在与德尔加多合作,


White Mercedes having Texas license plate with identifiable US Capitol parking permit sticker affixed on lower left front windshield(above)belonging to former CIA operative Sean Griffin,who is the top aide to US Congressman Louis Gohmert,captured on local news video outside of death home of assassinated US Attorney Timothy Delgado on 8 March 2020.


With the assassination of Phillip Haney being an unmistakable Deep State murder,as aside from his warning of his own coming assassination,everyone who knew him says his committing suicide was preposterous to even contemplate,this report concludes,it comes as no surprise that before any investigation was even started,the assassination of US Attorney Delgado and his wife was immediately ruled to be a"murder-suicide"—an absurdity to believe in light of US Attorneys being so vetted and screened that only one of them has committed suicide in the past 35-years—and just happened to be US Attorney John Atchison—the lead US federal prosecutor in Florida preparing to file sex trafficking criminal charges against child sex slaver Jeffrey Epstein in 2007—but when the secret agreement deal was made between the Department of Justice and Epstein to effectively absolve him of his crimes in September-2007—saw US Attorney Atchison being arrested on 16 September 2007 and jailed on a made up child sex crime himself—a jail in which it was reported Atchison tried to kill himself on 20 September 2007—but who was then removed from suicide watch and said to have hung himself to death in his jail cell 16-days later on 5 October 2007—a near exact match death followed 12-years later when,on 23 July 2019,it was reported Epstein tried to hang himself in his jail cell—and after he was removed from suicide watch,saw it being reported that he hung himself to death in his jail cell 18-days later on 10 August 2019—thus showing that as vile and dangerous as the Deep State is in dealing with all that oppose them,they actually do have a macabre(disturbing/horrifying)sense of humor.

菲利普·哈尼被暗杀是一起明显的深州谋杀案,除了他对自己即将被暗杀的警告之外,所有认识他的人都说他的自杀是荒谬的,甚至连想都不敢想,这份报告总结道,在任何调查开始之前,这并不令人惊讶,美国律师德尔加多及其妻子被暗杀后,立即被判定为"谋杀后自杀"——鉴于美国律师在过去35年里受到如此严格的审查和筛查,以至于只有一人自杀,这种想法显得荒谬——而且恰好是美国司法部长约翰阿奇森(John atchison)——他是佛罗里达州的首席联邦检察官,正准备在2007年对儿童性奴隶贩卖者杰弗里爱泼斯坦(Jeffrey Epstein)提起刑事诉讼——但当 20079月,司法部与爱泼斯坦达成协议,有效地赦免了他的罪行——美国联邦检察官艾奇逊于2007916日被捕,并以捏造的儿童性犯罪罪名被判入狱ーー这是一个令人震惊的案件——据报道,2007920日,艾奇逊在监狱中试图自杀,但他随后被从自杀监视中解救出来,并据说在16天后的2007105日在监狱中上吊身亡。12年后,据报道,2019723日,爱泼斯坦试图在监狱中上吊自杀,据报道,18天后,他于2019810日在监狱中上吊自杀ー这表明,尽管深州处理所有反对他们的人的方式卑鄙和危险,但他们确实有一种令人毛骨悚然(令人不安/恐怖)的幽默感。



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