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Operation Disclosure 披露行动 | by Kat, 作者: Kat,Contributing Writer 特约撰稿人

Submitted on August 4, 2022 于2022年8月4日提交

This was such a gorgeous opening to Juan O Savin’s latest video, I wanted to post it here to be sure everyone knew it was available. I don’t know what else he said but he was on a role at the outset.

对于 Juan O Savin 的最新视频来说,这是一个如此华丽的开场,我想把它贴在这里,以确保每个人都知道它是可用的。我不知道他还说了些什么,但他一开始就有自己的角色。

Juan affirms the glorious future we surely will have even if the next few months are bumpy.


We KNOW #GodWins. We KNOW that.


And THEN — what will certainly feel like miracles to us, will be incoming, one after the other – after the other – after the other.


With blessings of Health, Wealth, Happiness & Abundance unceasing,


this is Kat, over & out 


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8-4-22 JUAN O SAVIN Interview Part One8-4-22 JUAN O SAVIN 访谈第一部分

The Sealed Book Special Edition, with Amy Sever

密封图书特别版,由 Amy Sever 主持


Juan O Savin

11:56 We know the Amazon basin all by itself 11:56 我们知道亚马逊河流域的一切 
the way it was terraced out 它被排列成梯形的样子
would have an approximate food generation capacity 大约有一个食物生成能力
capable of feeding 50 BILLION PEOPLE.. 能够养活500亿人
Did the Earth have a greater population at one time? 地球曾经有过更多的人口吗?
Or in fact humanoids but not Human, children of Adam, 或者事实上是类人生物,但不是人类,亚当的孩子,
we have this history of giants, etc. 我们有巨人的历史,等等
was there a prior time, a pre-Adamic time 有没有更早的时间,亚当之前的时间
where this was done. 这是在哪里完成的
When it was done they proved out 结果证明他们是对的
we can make the Earth more fertile & beyond that 我们可以让地球更加肥沃
so it can carry way more people than we have right now. 所以它能载的人比我们现在多得多
We have vast areas that are totally unpopulated. 我们有大片地区完全无人居住
There’s plenty of room you wouldn’t even know 还有很多你不知道的空间
most people were there. 大多数人都在那里
But that presumes we’ll never go anywhere. 但前提是我们哪儿也去不了

The reality is we are the generation that is reaching out 现实是,我们这一代人正在伸出援助之手
within the next 20 – 50 – 100 years 在未来的20-50-100年内
even if it’s 200 years, a very tiny period of time 即使是200年,也只是很短的一段时间
before we stretch out into the edge of space itself.. 在我们伸展到宇宙本身的边缘之前

13:36 The Pilgrims landed at Plymouth rock in 1602. 13:36 1602年清教徒在普利茅斯登陆
The entire population of North America at that time 当时整个北美洲的人口
Probably was still around 1 million & a half 大概还是一百五十万左右
in the entirety of North America. 在整个北美洲
Next to nothing compared to today. 和今天相比,几乎什么都不是
We’ve engineered things out.. 我们设计了一些东西

15:00 402 years from now 15:00 402年后的

Where’s the Earth’s population?.. 地球人口在哪里
The majority of Earth’s population 地球上大部分人口
won’t be to be to be on the surface of the planet 不会是在地球表面
they’ll be over the planet 他们会飞到地球上空
& traversing back & forth 来回穿梭
living at the edge of space 生活在太空的边缘
not on the surface here.. 表面上看不出来

15:40 I just want people to understand 15:40 我只是想让大家明白
those GA Guidestones they’re a statement 那些 GA 指南,它们是一种声明
that has no place amongst the Human race. 在人类中没有立足之地
It’s a dead end. A death knell. No connection to reality. 这是死胡同,丧钟,与现实无关

16:03 Humankind. Mankind has been growing & building out. 16:03 人类,人类正在成长和发展
That’s the promise of God to Abraham & his seed 这是上帝对亚伯拉罕和他的后裔的应许
that his children would be 他的孩子们
as the sand in the seashore for number 就像海边的沙子一样
& we’re nowhere close to that on the tiniest beach. (在最小的沙滩上,我们远远不及)
And as the stars in the Heaven for number. 就像天上的星星一样多

That’s a promise to Abraham, the children of God. 这是对亚伯拉罕的承诺,上帝的子民
The 3 Abrahamic religions — Muslim, Christian & Jew 三个亚伯拉罕诸教ーー穆斯林、基督徒和犹太人
all have Abraham as their father 都以亚伯拉罕为父
& the promise for all 3 of those religions 以及这三种宗教的承诺
is that they will be as the sand of the seashore for number 就是他们会像海边的沙子一样多
& the stars in the Heaven — a physical & a spiritual seed — 和天上的星星--物质和精神的种子
& we’re nowhere close to that. & 我们离那还很远

If you’re a believer 如果你相信的话
if you’re somebody that looks to God in Heaven 如果你是一个在天堂仰望上帝的人
He promised you the Earth isn’t going to be destroyed or wiped out 他向你保证过地球不会被毁灭或者灭绝
OR 或者
HE 他
IS 是的
NOT 没有
GOD. 上帝

17:14 So those Guidestones are demonic, they’re evil 17:14 所以那些引路石是邪恶的,他们是邪恶的
they’re the devil’s own story 他们是魔鬼自己的故事
that’s what HE wants for you. 这就是他想要的
By putting it in stone you’re allowing his statement 你把它写在石头上,就等于同意了他的陈述
as though it’s a fact to guide for your life. 好像这是一个事实来指引你的生活
And destroying them means that 摧毁他们意味着
WE REJECT that entire premise. 我们拒绝这整个前提

17:40 That is NOT what God’s future is us individually 17:40 那不是上帝的未来是我们个人的未来
or as a people. 或者作为一个民族
I know the plans for you 我知道你的计划
plans for a future & an inheritance. 未来和遗产的计划
Those don’t include that evil & that destruction & that infertility. 那些不包括邪恶,破坏和不育

If the Earth needs help, if we need help, 如果地球需要帮助,如果我们需要帮助,
we build a better world, become more efficient 我们建设一个更好的世界,变得更有效率
& get our butts up to the edge of space (把我们的屁股挪到太空边缘)
& start building out & 开始建设
where God intends for us to go: 上帝要我们去的地方:
An Earthly seed & a Heavenly seed, 一粒尘世的种子,一粒天国的种子,
Praise the Lord. 赞美主
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胡安-奥-萨文-走向星空|Kat 更新


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