2020年2月14日15:25:36特朗普下令进行“七天和平”测试,夜幕降临美国帝国无休止的战争时代已关闭评论 1.1K9816字阅读32分43秒

An insightful new Ministry of Foreign Affairs(MoFA)report circulating in the Kremlin today noting Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov being authorized to reveal that Russia has handed over its diplomatic note to the United States with a proposal to prolong the Treaty on Measures for the Further Reduction and Limitation of Strategic Offensive Arms(the New START Treaty)without preconditions,states this offer intended to lessen the current tensions existing between the world's two largest nuclear weapons armed powers has been met by President Donald Trump beginning the withdrawal of US military forces from their bases in Iraq this week—a move towards ending the American Empire epoch of endless wars further being accelerated by Trump who,yesterday,ordered"a test period of about seven days to occur later this month"to see if the Taliban will fulfill a promise to reduce violence,after which the United States would then sign a deal that would begin the gradual withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan—an astonishing test of peace ordered by Trump supported by his Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction,who this past fortnight documented the thousands of needless deaths this war has caused—all coming at the same exact time Trump is forcing the Pentagon to make"Tough Choice Cuts"to airpower as part of his 2021 defense budget—as well as Trump forcing the US Navy to immediately retire from service the first four of their troublesome(and truly useless)Littoral Combat Ships—all which shows Trump is acknowledging the reality that"The American Empire Is the Sick Man of the 21st Century"—whose only real power is the near-universal acceptance of the dollar that keeps the United States dominant as a global hegemon—and whose endless wars were desirable by US elites since many battlefields fuel military-industrial corporate earnings—but in 2020,sees America being at a unique point in the evolution of its pre-apocalypse Empire where the pinball game has been full-tilt in favor of US hegemony since 1948—but that Trump knows has come to an end.[Note:Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

俄罗斯外交部今天在克里姆林宫分发了一份极具洞察力的新报告,其中指出俄罗斯外交部副部长谢尔盖·里亚布科夫受权透露,俄罗斯已向美国提交了外交照会,建议无条件地延长《进一步削减和限制进攻性战略武器条约》(《新裁武条约》),美国总统唐纳德·特朗普本周开始从伊拉克基地撤出美国军队,此举意在结束美帝国无休止战争的时代,昨天,美国下令"在本月晚些时候进行大约7天的试验",看塔利班是否会履行减少暴力的承诺,之后美国将签署一项协议,开始逐步从阿富汗撤军。这是对和平的一次令人震惊的考验,特朗普下令从阿富汗重建特别监察长办公室(Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction)撤军,在过去的两周里,特朗普记录了这场战争造成的数以千计的不必要的死亡——所有这些都发生在特朗普迫使五角大楼作为其2021年国防预算的一部分对空中力量进行"艰难选择削减"的同一时刻——以及特朗普迫使美国海军立即退役的前四艘麻烦的(也是真正无用的)滨海战斗舰——所有这些都表明,特朗普正在承认"美国帝国是21世纪的病夫"这一现实——它唯一真正的力量是几乎被普遍接受——但在2020年,美国正处于启示录前帝国演变的一个独特时期,自1948年以来,弹球游戏一直在全力支持美国霸权,但特朗普知道,这种局面已经结束。:本报告引号中的一些单词和/或短语是英语中俄语单词/短语的近似形式,没有准确的对应词


According to this report,since taking office on 20 January 2017,the elite leftist enemies of President Trump have tried to blame the decline of the American Empire on him—but in reality saw Trump being placed in the unenviable position of how to manage something everyone knew was already happening—perhaps best articulated this past November-2019 by Assistant Professor Nathan Schneider of the University of Colorado Boulder in his essay titled"The American Empire Is In Decline—And We're Not Ready For What Comes Next"—wherein while he states"Trump has danced a perplexing dance with decline"and says"Trump seems to enjoy living in a tinderbox",he most dangerously warns that"the Democratic presidential nominees have been asked little about their foreign policy visions"—thus causing him to declare with resignation:"The work of ars moriendi requires a humility and self-giving that American politics is not presently capable of—and never has been,I suspect.But that does not have to stop us from trying to practice the art of dying,in politics as well as in our lives.Can we help bring about a world that has grown out of the need for a superpower?Do we trust God to reign or only ourselves?".

根据这份报告,自从2017120日上任以来,特朗普总统的精英左派敌人一直试图将美国帝国的衰落归咎于他ーー但实际上看到特朗普被置于一个令人尴尬的位置,如何管理大家都知道已经在发生的事情ーー也许最好的阐述是在过去的201911月,由科罗拉多大学博尔德分校的助理教授 Nathan Schneider 在他题为《美利坚帝国正在衰落ーー我们还没有准备好接下来会发生什么》的文章中ーー当他指出"特朗普已经与衰落共舞"并说道"特朗普似乎很享受生活在火药桶里",他最危险地警告说,"民主党总统候选人很少被问及他们的外交政策愿景"——因此他不得不顺从地宣布:"莫兰迪的工作需要谦逊和自我奉献,我猜想,美国政治目前不具备这种能力,而且从来没有。但这并不能阻止我们在政治和生活中实践死亡的艺术。我们能够帮助建立一个已经不再需要超级大国的世界吗?我们是信靠神,还是只信靠我们自己呢?".

The answer to Professor Schneider's question as the American Empire continues to implode upon itself,this report notes,sees President Trump putting his trust in God to protect his nation—while his Democrat Party enemies place all of their trust in themselves—with the consequence for these Democrats being dementedly displayed yesterday in their New Hampshire Primary presidential vote that saw the top winner being socialist US Senator Bernie Sanders,while coming in second was"moderate"candidate Pete Buttigieg—a distinction without a difference as Buttigieg won an essay contest in high school defending socialism and his hero Bernie Sanders—and aside from this vote seeing Democrat candidates"dropping like flies"and fleeing from this race—saw its leftist mainstream propaganda media pre-ordained"front runners"Joe Bidenand Elizabeth Warren failing to pick up even a single delegate—thus causing the leftist New York Times to solemnly put out its headline"Who Won in New Hampshire?Not the Establishment".

这份报告指出,随着美利坚帝国继续内爆,Schneider 教授的问题的答案是,特朗普总统把他对上帝的信任放在保护他的国家上,而他的民主党敌人把他们所有的信任都放在自己身上,结果这些民主党人在昨天的新罕布夏州初选总统选举中疯狂地表现出来,最大的赢家是社会党的美国参议员 Bernie Sanders,排在第二位的是"温和派"候选人 Pete Buttigieg——这是一个没有区别的区别,因为 Buttigieg 在高中时赢得了捍卫社会主义和他的英雄 Bernie sanders 的作文比赛——除了这次投票看到民主党候选人"像苍蝇一样掉下来"并逃离这场竞选之外,还看到其左翼主流宣传媒体预先任命的"领跑者"Joe Biden 和伊莉莎白·华伦党连一名代表都没有选上,从而导致左翼的《纽约时报》庄严地发表了题为"谁在新罕布什尔?而不是当权派。"

With the conventional leftist wisdom of this vote saying that Democratic enthusiasm is at"ceiling breaking levels"because Trump is uniquely able to galvanize his opposition,and the leftist media further claiming that young voters and other segments which don't normally vote"will turnout because they so hate Trump",this report continues,neither of these things occurred—with it being President Trump,in fact,the one who had a record setting number of voters coming out to support him—numbers so large they saw Trump skyrocketing over the votes received by Presidents Reagan,Clinton,Bush and Obama—that was followed by top Republican Party US Senator Lindsey Graham"declaring the demise of the Democratic Party"—who was joined by famed Democrat strategist James Carville further warning that"the Democratic Party is now a leftwing zombie land"—but whose closest to accurate assessment of this vote came when panicked failed candidate Elizabeth Warren warned"Factions May Burn Down The Democrat Party"—most accurate because America has now entered into a brutal ideological civil war as a four-party system begins to take form—and as best described:

美国共和党参议员 Lindsey Graham 和著名的民主党战略家 James Carville 一起警告说,民主党现在是一个左翼的僵尸地带,但是他们对这次投票的最准确的评估是,失败的候选人伊莉莎白·华伦警告说,恐慌的党内派系可能会烧毁民主党,这是最准确的,因为随着四党制的形成,美国已经进入了一场残酷的意识形态内战:

The US is entering into an ideological civil war,because the real conflict is not between the Democrats and the Republicans,but within each of those parties themselves.


The US is now transforming itself from a two-party state into a four-party state:there are really four parties that fill in the political space-the establishment Republicans,establishment Democrats,alt-right populists and democratic socialists.


There are already offers of coalitions across party lines:Joe Biden hinted that he might nominate as his vice-president a moderate Republican,while Steve Bannon mentioned,a few times,his ideal of a coalition between Trump and Sanders.

已经有跨党派的联盟提议:·拜登(Joe Biden)暗示,他可能会提名一位温和的共和党人担任副总统,而史蒂夫·班农(Steve Bannon)曾几次提到他理想中的特朗普和桑德斯之间的联盟。

The big difference is that,while Trump's populism easily asserted its hegemony over the Republican establishment,the split within the Democratic party is getting stronger and stronger–no wonder,since the struggle between the Democratic establishment and the Sanders wing is the only true political struggle going on.


To use a little bit of theoretical jargon,we are thus dealing with two antagonisms("contradictions"),the one between Trump and the liberal establishment(this is what the impeachment was about),and the one between the Sanders wing of the Democratic Party and all the others.



While President Trump continues his masterful dismantling of the American Empire before it implodes in on itself,this report concludes,his attempts to reestablish the United States as a nation being one of"first among equals"in the emerging multipolar world are being most bitterly opposed by the rogue element within in his own government called the"Deep State"—whom over the past week Trump has delivered numerous deadly body blows to—thus causing these"Deep State"forces to retaliate against Trump yesterday in their weakest attack to date—a feeble attack that saw Mueller prosecutors lying to the Department of Justice about their recommended sentence for former Trump confident Roger Stone—and when the Department of Justice retaliated against these Mueller prosecutors,saw them resigning so they could ignite yet another leftist media firestorm against Trump—a leftist media firestorm,however,that Trump responded to by bouncing the head of these Mueller prosecutors down the steps of the Department of Justice—that was followed a few hours later by top Republican Party US Congressman Devin Nunes going on nationwide television to warn that"Mueller Team Corruption Will Be Revealed In The Coming Weeks"—all of which leads one to wonder when Trump's enemies will finally learn the fact that he absolutely can't be beat—and as one knows is true of all Space Force Commanders—especially those like Trump,who's apparently now training his Space Force pilots to use their secret spacecrafts.

尽管特朗普总统在美利坚帝国自我崩溃之前继续大师级地摧毁美利坚帝国,但这份报告总结道:他试图让美国重新成为新兴多极世界的"首要平等国家"之一,但遭到了他自己政府内部被称为"深层国家"(Deep State)的流氓分子最强烈的反对——在过去一周里,特朗普对这个国家进行了多次致命的打击——因此,这些"深层国家"势力昨天对特朗普进行了报复,这是他们迄今为止最弱的一次攻击。这是一次软弱无力的攻击,检察官向司法部撒谎,没有对自信的前特朗普罗杰·斯通(Roger stone)作出建议的判决。当时,他们辞职是为了引发另一场左派媒体对特朗普的攻击ーー一场左派媒体的攻击,特朗普的回应是把这些穆勒检察官的负责人赶下司法部的台阶。几个小时后,美国共和党高级国会议员德文·努尼斯(Devin Nunes)在全国电视上发出警告称,"穆勒团队的腐败行为将在未来几周内曝光"。所有这一切都让人怀疑,特朗普的敌人什么时候才能最终认识到他绝对不可能被击败的事实——而且人们知道,所有的太空部队指挥官——尤其是像特朗普这样的指挥官——显然正在训练他的太空部队飞行员使用他。



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