美军发布弗吉尼亚“活跃战区”宣言ーー开始练习轰炸ーー干扰所有 GPS 信号ーー命令停止所有飞行

2020年1月21日16:09:27新闻美军发布弗吉尼亚“活跃战区”宣言ーー开始练习轰炸ーー干扰所有 GPS 信号ーー命令停止所有飞行已关闭评论7116字数 9482阅读31分36秒阅读模式

宣布他们将干扰1月19日至24日在美国东南部弗吉尼亚及其邻国周围的所有全球定位系统信号,所有这些都是防御性战争措施,以保护美国海军 F-18战斗轰炸机刚刚完成在佛罗里达的实弹轰炸演习,因为他们准备在美国本土攻击目标。

A gravely concerning new Ministry of Defense(MoD)report circulating in the Kremlin today states that the"enhanced communications measures"to"avoid unintended incidents"ordered established by President Donald Trump near immediately after he took office in 2017,have been activated on this date to inform Security Council Chairman President Vladimir Putin that that the regions surrounding the Commonwealth of Virginia have been declared by the United States Department of Defense(DoD)to be a potential"Active War Zone"—a declaration followed by a global Notice To Airmen(NOTAM)warning stating:"FDC 0/4707 ZDC PART 1 OF 3 VA..AIRSPACE RICHMOND,VA..TEMPORARY FLIGHT RESTRICTIONS.JANUARY 20,2020 LOCAL.PURSUANT TO 49 USC 40103(B)(3),THE FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION(FAA)CLASSIFIES THE AIRSPACE DEFINED IN THIS NOTAM AS'NATIONAL DEFENSE AIRSPACE'.ANY PERSON WHO KNOWINGLY OR WILLFULLY VIOLATES THE RULES CONCERNING OPERATIONS IN THIS AIRSPACE MAY BE SUBJECT TO CERTAIN CRIMINAL PENALTIES UNDER 49 USC 46307"—is a NOTAM warning joined by another one issued by US Navy Carrier Strike Group Four(CSG4)declaring that they will be jamming all GPS signals surrounding Virginia and its neighboring States in the Southeast region of America from 19-24 January—all of which are defensive war measures to protect the US Navy F-18 fighter-bomber aircraft who have just completed their live bombing drills in Florida as they prepare to engage their domestic targets in the United States itself.[Note:Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

今天在克里姆林宫传阅的一份令人严重关切的新国防部报告指出,为了"避免意外事件",唐纳德·特朗普总统在2017年就职后不久就下令"加强通讯措施",已于当天启动,以通知安理会主席弗拉基米尔·普京,美国国防部已宣布弗吉尼亚州周围地区为潜在的"活跃战区"ーー随后是一份全球 NOTAM 警告:"FDC 0/4707 ZDC PART 1 OF 3 vaVA.里士满空域。临时飞行限制。2020120日本地。根据 usc40103(b)(3)条,联邦航空管理局(FAA)将本航空公约所定义的空域归类为"国防空域"。任何有意或故意违反本领空行动规则的人都可能受到某些刑事处罚根据49 USC 46307,是一个 NOTAM 警告加上另一个由美国海军第四航空母舰打击群(CSG4)发出的警告,宣布他们将干扰119日至24日在美国东南部弗吉尼亚及其邻国周围的所有全球定位系统信号,所有这些都是防御性战争措施,以保护美国海军 F-18战斗轰炸机刚刚完成在佛罗里达的实弹轰炸演习,因为他们准备在美国本土攻击目标。:本报告引号中的一些单词和/或短语是英语中俄语单词/短语的近似形式,没有准确的对应词

美军发布弗吉尼亚“活跃战区”宣言ーー开始练习轰炸ーー干扰所有 GPS 信号ーー命令停止所有飞行

American citizens living in the Commonwealth of Virginia now exist under de facto martial law after State of Emergency declared.


According to this report,the main purpose for any nation designating itself to be a potential active war zone is nearly always economic—as a designation of this kind activates what is known as the force majeurecommon clause in contracts that essentially frees both parties from liability or obligation when an extraordinary event or circumstance beyond the control of the parties,such as a war,insurrection or riots,as well as acts of God such as hurricanes or earthquakes,occurs—but whose current cause of in the United States today the Editorial Board of the Washington Examiner news service has just warned is because"Virginia Has Declared War On Gun Owners".


The Commonwealth of Virginia,this report details,is one of the 50 States comprising the United States,and has a population of 8,535,519—and with the gun ownership rate in Virginia being estimated at 29.3%,means that about 2.5 million of them are armed—a massive number of armed citizens added to last month when another 73,849 of Virginia's citizens,many of them first time buyers,bought guns at a record setting rate—thus making the armed citizens of Virginia the largest standing army in the world—and whose armed citizen forces are nearly double those of the world's largest nation-state army—which is The People's Liberation Army Ground Force of China that has only 1.6 million troops.


美军发布弗吉尼亚“活跃战区”宣言ーー开始练习轰炸ーー干扰所有 GPS 信号ーー命令停止所有飞行

Leftist-socialist forces in Virginia join in solidarity with all of their other under siege citizens to proclaim:"We,the undersigned,representing several groups of the anti-capitalist movement in Virginia,wish to make clear that we completely reject any attempt by the new Democrat majority state government to pass and enforce any new"gun control"laws."


As only deranged Democrat Party lunatics in America are able to accomplish,this report continues,their move to disarm all of the law abiding citizens in Virginia has predictably aroused the rage of their State's socialist anti-capitalist forces—all of whom are devout followers of the 19th Century political philosopher Karl Marx—who is otherwise known as"The Father Of Communism"—and in whose March-1850 historic Address Of The Central Committee To The Communist League,stated this political movement's central and most consequential precept:"Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered;any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated,by force if necessary"—a precept followed to perfection by the fanatical and devoted followers of Marx for over two-hundred years—who've created,literally,thousands of guerilla warfare movements all across the world—and EXACTLY as what is occurring in Virginia—organize themselves into covert military cells and wait for an event that turns the masses against the hated and despotic government rulers trying to take their rights away—whereupon these highly skilled and military trained Marxists will begin organizing citizens into armed groups to wage war.

正如美国只有疯狂的民主党疯子才能做到的那样,这份报告继续写道,他们解除弗吉尼亚所有守法公民武装的行动,不出所料地激起了弗吉尼亚州社会主义反资本主义势力的愤怒,这些势力都是19世纪政治哲学家卡尔·马克思(Karl marx)的虔诚追随者,马克思也被称为"共产主义之父",声明了这一政治运动的核心和最重要的规则:"不得以任何借口交出武器和弹药;解除工人武装的任何企图必须受到挫败,必要时使用武力"——这是马克思狂热而忠诚的追随者200多年来一直遵循的规则,世界各地成千上万的游击战运动----正如弗吉尼亚州正在发生的一样----组织起来成为秘密的军事基地,等待一个事件,让群众反抗那些试图剥夺他们权利的令人憎恨的专制政府统治者----然后这些训练有素的高技能军事马克思主义者将开始组织公民成为武装集团。

美军发布弗吉尼亚“活跃战区”宣言ーー开始练习轰炸ーー干扰所有 GPS 信号ーー命令停止所有飞行

As if the already dire situation in Virginia couldn't be made even more catastrophically dangerous,this report notes,its under siege citizens being threatened by Democrats are concentrated near entirely in their State'srural regions—the vast majority of whom populate this State's mountainous Appalachian region that's ready made for guerilla warfare—and whose close knit clannish family ties of the peoples in this region makes them near impenetrable to outside influence or forces—all of whom,also,are descended from some of the world's acknowledged best expert guerilla mountain fighters who decimated British Empire military forces during the American Revolution,as well as Union military forces during the American Civil War—which is why still today,the US military values these feared fighters so highly.


美军发布弗吉尼亚“活跃战区”宣言ーー开始练习轰炸ーー干扰所有 GPS 信号ーー命令停止所有飞行

Click HERE to learn more about Appalachia guerilla fighters in American history.


The precipitating fear of the American military causing them to issue their active war zone declaration for Virginia,this report concludes,is a massive pro-gun rally planned for today by The Virginia Citizens Defense League(VCDL)in this State's capitol city Richmond—a rally preceded by"thousands of gun owners from around the State packing municipal meetings to urge local officials to declare their communities"Second Amendment Sanctuaries"opposed to"unconstitutional"gun restrictions like universal background checks…with more than 125 cities,towns and counties having approved sanctuary resolutions in Virginia"—and at this hour,sees the Democrat overlords in Virginia rushing in militarized police forces to violently counter their own gun owning citizens—that,in turn,caused Republican Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase issue a grave warning to her States gun owning citizens attending this massive rally that they"are being set up"—a warning based on the FBI having captured this past week three members of the shadowy international terrorist group calling itself The Base believed headed to this massive rally—one of whom is a highly-trained Canadian soldier going by the name Patrik J.Mathews—a so-called neo-Nazi member of The Base that claims to be a leaderless resistance group headed by"Norman Spear a.k.a.Roman Wolf"(both names are reportedly pseudonyms)who launched this terrorist organization in June-2018—and whom The New York Times vilely claimed"unnamed experts"told them might be"an American who appears to be living in Russia"while giving not even the slightest bit of proof or evidence this is true—but in truth is an actual impossibility for a nation like Russia that lost over 20-million of its citizens in World War II to the Nazis and immediately imprisons anyone found supporting this outlawed group—thus giving rise to MoD concerns that a provocation may,indeed,be planned for the gun owning citizens of Virginia—a provocation of the type long masterminded by the"unnamed experts"at the CIA whose fingerprints are all over The Base—and if occurs,would see the US military immediately bombing all major roads,bridges and railways into Virginia to prevent more gun owners from all around America rushing to their fellow citizens aid—but in whose violent chaos,and as seen repeatedly throughout modern history,will see Marxist guerilla warfare units being formed by the hundreds,if not thousands as the citizens of Virginia battle for the right to keep their guns—a freedom both the Right and Left are willing to fight and die for.

这份报告总结说,美国军方促使他们发布弗吉尼亚积极的战区宣言的恐惧,是弗吉尼亚公民保护联盟(VCDL)计划今天在该州首府里士满举行的一场大规模支持枪支的集会——在这场集会之前,"数千名来自各州包装市政会议的枪支拥有者,敦促当地官员宣布他们的社区为"第二修正案庇护所",反对诸如全面背景调查等"违宪"的枪支限制。在弗吉尼亚州,超过125个城市、乡镇和县已经批准了避难所决议,导致弗吉尼亚州共和党参议员阿曼达·蔡斯(Amanda Chase)向参加这次大规模集会的持枪公民发出严重警告,称他们"正在被陷害"。这一警告是基于美国联邦调查局(FBI)在过去一周抓获了三名自称"基地"(The Base)的神秘国际恐怖组织成员,据信他们正前往这次大规模集会。其中一人是一名训练有素的加拿大士兵,化名为"帕特里克·j·马修斯"(是一个由"Norman Spear a.k.a.Roman Wolf"(两个名字据报道都是假名)领导的无领袖抵抗组织,他在20186月发起了这个恐怖组织,《纽约时报》恶毒地声称"匿名专家"告诉他们可能是"一个似乎生活在俄罗斯的美国人",却丝毫没有透露任何信息

美军发布弗吉尼亚“活跃战区”宣言ーー开始练习轰炸ーー干扰所有 GPS 信号ーー命令停止所有飞行


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