2020年1月18日08:37:54新闻随着民主党对神秘的密封刑事起诉书的恐慌加剧,联邦调查局被巴尔重击已关闭评论4339字数 7686阅读25分37秒阅读模式

美国司法部长威廉·巴尔(William Barr)立即对这一警告做出了回应,并告诉他们:”未来没有我的批准,不会有针对总统竞选的反情报调查

A compelling new Security Council(SC)report circulating in the Kremlin today noting President Putin's call for the world's five nuclear-armed states to work together to neutralize the threat of global war,says the first response coming in reply to this urgent request has been issued by nuclear-power nation leader British Prime Minister Boris Johnson with his call for the"Trump Deal"to be agreed upon to bring about peace with Iran—that nuclear-power leader President Donald Trump immediately responded to with his Tweet saying"Prime Minister of the United Kingdom,Boris Johnson,stated,'We should replace the Iran deal with the Trump deal.'I agree!"—but are moves towards global peace shockingly slammed by Democrat Party Leader Nancy Pelosi ordering her socialist forces in the US House to block a resolution condemning Iran for murdering protesters—a shameful blocking of a resolution that would have placed an even brighter light on Iran to force it to return to a peaceful nation status—and whose only conceivable reason for socialist leader Pelosi blocking it would be out of sheer panic—a panic appearing to be justified after it was stunningly revealed yesterday that a US Federal Court is conducting a secretive sealed criminal indictment case relating to former Democrat Party Leader US Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz—which brings back to the forefront the highly unusual nearly three dozen sealed criminal indictments that were added to the US Federal Court docket in Washington,D.C.since the start of 2018—none of which have yet to be explained,and weren't part of the Muller Investigation that ended last March-2019 with no sealed criminal indictments being issued—though hints about what they're related to have been percolating thorough the American body politic for months now—best exampled by Butler County-Ohio Sheriff Richard Jones warning Trump yesterday of FBI corruption and his stating:"some responsibilities of the FBI need to be reallocated to the U.S.Marshals to balance power"—a warning immediately responded to by US Attorney General William Barr whacking the FBI upside the proverbial head and telling them"there will be no future counter-intel investigations into presidential campaigns without my approval".[Note:Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

克里姆林宫今天发布了一份引人注目的安理会新报告,其中指出普京总统呼吁世界上五个拥有核武器的国家共同努力,消除全球战争的威胁。报告称,核国家领导人英国首相鲍里斯·约翰逊(Boris Johnson)对这一紧急请求做出了第一个回应,他呼吁就"特朗普协议"达成一致,以实现与伊朗的和平——核国家领导人唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)总统立即回应称,"英国首相鲍里斯·约翰逊(Boris Johnson)表示,'我们应该用特朗普协议取代伊朗协议'"我同意!"民主党领袖佩洛西(Nancy Pelosi)下令她的社会主义力量在美国众议院阻止一项谴责伊朗谋杀抗议者的决议,这是对一项决议的可耻阻挠,该决议本可能为迫使伊朗恢复和平国家地位提供更明亮的灯光,而社会主义领袖佩洛西阻止该决议的唯一理由是纯粹出于恐慌——这种恐慌似乎是有道理的——昨天,一家美国联邦法院正在对前民主党领袖、美国国会议员黛比·沃瑟曼-舒尔茨进行秘密密封的刑事起诉,这一消息令人震惊。这使得华盛顿特区美国联邦法院备审案件中增加了近30起极不寻常的密封刑事起诉再次浮出水面。自2018年初以来——其中没有一项尚未得到解释,也不是去年3月至2019年结束的马勒调查的一部分,没有发布任何密封的刑事起诉书——尽管关于这些指控与什么有关的暗示已经在美国政治体系中渗透了好几个月——最好的例子是巴特勒县-俄亥俄州警长理查德·琼斯(Richard Jones)昨天警告特朗普 FBI 腐败问题,并表示:"FBI 的一些职责需要重新分配给美国法警,以平衡权力。"——美国司法部长威廉·巴尔(William Barr)立即对这一警告做出了回应,并告诉他们:"未来没有我的批准,不会有针对总统竞选的反情报调查".:本报告引号中的一些单词和/或短语是英语中俄语单词/短语的近似形式,没有准确的对应词



According to this report,one of the most historic and consequential events being undertaken by President Trump since he took office has been to destroy the seemingly unlimited power of the FBI—that no one can blame him for as this domestic intelligence and so-called federal law enforcement agency has waged an unrelenting war to destroy him—which Trump responded to by turning to the more than 3,000 sheriffs offices across the United States to protect him—most particularly those adhering to the principals outlined in the pamphlet"Constitutional Sheriff:America's Last Hope"—which affirms that sheriffs in America are indeed the ultimate law authority in their respective jurisdictions—and declares that sheriffs have the absolute power and responsibility to defend their citizens against all enemies,including those from their own Federal Government—all supported by US constitutional law and US Supreme Court rulings upholding the fact that elected by the people sheriffs are the highest law enforcement officers in the land.


Viciously attacking President Trump for supporting these Constitutional Sheriffs,this report continues,is leftist Professor Robert L.Tsai from the American Universitywho wrote:

该报告继续写道,美国大学的左派教授罗伯特·l·(Robert l.Tsai)恶意攻击特朗普总统支持宪法治安官,他写道:

When President Donald Trump pardoned Sheriff Joe Arpaio,calling him a"patriot,"he didn't just absolve him from the consequences of defying a federal judge.He didn't merely excuse Arpaio's racial profiling and illegal immigration sweeps.Trump's pardon did do all of that.

当唐纳德·特朗普总统赦免了治安官乔·阿尔帕约(Joe Arpaio),称他是"爱国者"时,他不仅免除了他无视联邦法官的后果。他不仅仅是为阿尔帕约的种族归纳和非法移民扫荡找借口。特朗普的赦免确实做到了这一切。

But it also did something more:It boosted a radical theory of law and American history that Arpaio supports,and which is gaining steam across the United States.


It's called the"constitutional sheriff"movement,and as it grows,it's increasing the risk of conflict between local law enforcement and federal authorities.Its animating idea is that a sheriff holds ultimate law-enforcement authority in his county—outranking even the federal government within its borders.


In his counter argument to President Trump and his"radical"Constitutional Sheriffs,however,this report notes,Professor Tsai ludicrously claims that"the most basic principle of the original American Constitution is that of federal supremacy"—an insane claim of lunacy making one wonder how this leftist idiot even got a law license,let alone why anyone would allow him to teach students,as the 10th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States unambiguously shoots down such federal supremacy claims with the words:"The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution,nor prohibited by it to the states,are reserved to the states respectively,or to the people."—which is why,if Professor Tsai took his socialist blinders off to see,hundreds of American states,cities and counties are able to openly defy US federal law with their sanctuaries for law breaking illegal aliens—and that the US federal government can't do anything about.



At the same time President Trump is using his Constitutional Sheriffs to counterbalance the corrupt FBI,this report concludes,he has further moved to begin handing over the security of his Cabinet Officials to the US Marshals Service—a wise move as their current troubled Secret Service protectors are continuously being mired in scandal and corruption—and timely as both the Secret Service and FBI have yet explain why suspected sniper-assassin Brandon Magnan was allowed to walk free from a US Federal Courthouse last week after he penetrated multiple layers of security to place himself with shooting range of President Trump—a most critical question needing to be answered due to what occurred on 22 November 1963 to the last American leader who came up against these monsters—and was when the Secret Servicedetail protecting President John F.Kennedy were filmed being ordered not protect his life—then saw Kennedy having his head blown off a few minutes later—an assassination the FBI didn't even bother to really investigate—all because FBI Director J.Edgar Hoover hated Kennedy with every fiber of his being—and one hopes and prays Trump can prevent from happening again to himself.

与此同时,特朗普总统正在利用他的宪法司法长官来制衡腐败的联邦调查局,这份报告得出结论,他已经进一步采取行动,开始将他的内阁官员的安全移交给美国法警署ーー这是一个明智的举动,因为他们目前陷入困境的特勤局保护者不断陷入丑闻和腐败的泥潭ーー而且是及时的,因为特勤局和联邦调查局都已经解释了为什么狙击手刺客嫌疑人布兰登 · 马格南上周在穿透了多层安保系统后被允许从美国联邦法——由于1963年11月22日发生的事情,需要回答一个最关键的问题: 最后一位面对这些怪物的美国领导人——而当保护约翰 · f · 肯尼迪总统的特勤队被拍摄下来时,他们被命令不要保护他的生命ーー几分钟后,他看到肯尼迪的头被炸掉了——一起联邦调查局甚至懒得去调查的暗杀事件——这一切都是因为联邦调查局局长 j · 埃德加 · 胡佛对肯尼迪恨之入骨——人们希望并祈祷特朗普能够避免再次发生在自己身上。




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