萨拉博士|2020/7/24 美国国会和五角大楼简要地指出,不明飞行物不是在地球上制造的

2020年7月28日08:16:55萨拉博士|2020/7/24 美国国会和五角大楼简要地指出,不明飞行物不是在地球上制造的已关闭评论 7029131字阅读30分26秒

《纽约时报》刚刚发表了一篇关于美国国会议员和五角大楼官员收到的机密 UFO 简报的爆炸性文章,文章称涉及的飞行器是”地球上没有制造的外星飞行器”。

萨拉博士|2020/7/24 美国国会和五角大楼简要地指出,不明飞行物不是在地球上制造的

The New York Times has just released a bombshell article on classified UFO briefings received by members of U.S.Congress and Pentagon officials that the craft involved are"off-world vehicles not made on this earth".The New York Times(NYT)story cites Dr.Eric Davis,a physicist currently working with the Aerospace Corporation,who gave briefings that classified corporate studies were being conducted on the"off-world vehicles"recovered and held in corporate facilities.

《纽约时报》刚刚发表了一篇关于美国国会议员和五角大楼官员收到的机密 UFO 简报的爆炸性文章,文章称涉及的飞行器是"地球上没有制造的外星飞行器"。《纽约时报》的报道引用了 Eric Davis 博士的话,他是一名物理学家,目前在航空太空公司工作,他在简报会上说,机密的企业研究正在回收的"外星车辆"上进行,并在企业设施中进行。

The authors of the NYT story,Ralph Blumenthal and Leslie Kean wrote the following about Dr.Davis's groundbreaking briefings:

纽约时报》文章的作者拉尔夫·布卢门撒尔(Ralph Blumenthal)和莱斯利·基恩(Leslie Kean)就戴维斯博士开创性的简报撰写了以下文章:

Mr.Davis,who now works for Aerospace Corporation,a defense contractor,said he gave a classified briefing to a Defense Department agency as recently as March about retrievals from"off-world vehicles not made on this earth."


Mr.Davis said he also gave classified briefings on retrievals of unexplained objects to staff members of the Senate Armed Services Committee on Oct.21,2019,and to staff members of the Senate Intelligence Committee two days later.


Given Davis's revelations it's therefore not surprising that the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence asked the Intelligence Community to write a comprehensive report on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena(UAPs aka UFOs)in six month.This request was included in the proposed Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021:


The Committee supports the efforts of the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force at the Office of Naval Intelligence to standardize collection and reporting on unidentified aerial phenomenon,any links they have to adversarial foreign governments,and the threat they pose to U.S.military assets and installations.


Blumenthal and Kean discuss former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Senator Marco Rubio's recent comments about the briefings they received,which involved Davis and other officials.


Of particular note was Rubio's recent comments in an interview that the UFO craft have been recorded flying over U.S.military bases,which is a far more significant revelation than the unknown craft flying over the ocean in Navy testing areas as evidenced in leaked videos recently acknowledged by the Navy as genuine.



Dr.Davis's testimony is important since,in 2019,a 15-page document was leaked of his conversation with a former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency(DIA)in 2002.In the conversation,Vice Admiral Thomas Wilson revealed to Davis details about an incident in 1997when he was denied access to a classified UFO program run by a major aerospace corporate contractor despite being,at the time,the Deputy Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency and Vice Director for Intelligence(VJ2)for the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

戴维斯博士的证词非常重要,因为2019年,他与美国国防情报局(DIA)前局长2002年的谈话内容被泄露出来,长达15页。在谈话中,海军中将 Thomas Wilson Davis 透露了1997年发生的一起事件的细节,当时他被拒绝进入一个由主要航空航天公司承包商运营的机密 UFO 项目,尽管他当时是美国国防情报局的副局长和参谋长联席会议情报局的副局长。

Wilson appealed unsuccessfully to the Special Access Programs Oversight Committee(SAPOC)that had authority over the corporate-run program.Surprisingly,the Committee ruled in favor of the corporation that Wilson did not have a demonstrable"need to know",and therefore he was denied access.


The corporate contractor's power stemmed from a 1994 agreement reached with SAPOC that gave the corporation the authority to restrict access to UFO related programs from Pentagon officials regardless of their rank and position,as Wilson complained about in the leaked 15-page document:

公司承包商的权力源于1994年与 SAPOC 达成的一项协议,该协议授权该公司限制五角大楼官员接触 UFO 相关项目,不论他们的级别和职位如何,正如威尔逊在泄露的15页文件中所抱怨的那样:

Special criteria were established in agreement.A special circumstance that must meet rigorous access criteria set by contractor committee.No USG personnel are to gain access unless they met the criteria–to be administered by contractor committee(program director,attorney,security director)irregardless of the tickets and position USG personnel possess.Literally their way or the highway.[Transcript/Summary p.11]


Nevertheless,Wilson subsequently learned that the corporate contractor had been unsuccessfully attempting to reverse engineer a retrieved extraterrestrial vehicle.He wanted to know if Davis,who at the time worked with EarthTech,an Austin,Texas-based organization involved in advanced studies of aerospace technologies,knew anything more about the corporate UFO program.

尽管如此,威尔逊随后了解到,公司承包商一直试图反向工程一个回收的外星车辆未能成功。他想知道戴维斯是否对公司的 UFO 项目有更多的了解。戴维斯当时在德克萨斯州奥斯汀市的地球科技公司(EarthTech)工作,该公司从事航空航天技术的高级研究。

The fact that the New York Times has run the story involving Davis and his knowledge of the corporate-run reverse engineering company is highly significant.As the official"paper of record",the NYT is now opening the door to mainstream media sites picking up the threads of Davis's astounding revelations and the leaked transcript of his 2002 conversation with Vice Admiral Wilson.

事实上,纽约时报刊登了一篇关于 Davis 以及他对逆向工程公司的了解的报道,这是非常重要的。作为官方的"记录文件",《纽约时报》现在正向主流媒体网站敞开大门,这些网站收集了戴维斯令人震惊的揭露事件的线索,以及他2002年与威尔逊中将对话的外泄文字记录。

The likely narrative that will be emerging from the NYT story is that classified corporate-run programs on recovered extraterrestrial craft are very real,and not the imagination of UFO conspiracy theorists.This development will astound many working professionals that have ignored decades of testimonial evidence that such programs were being secretly conducted at multiple military and corporate facilities.


What remains to be answered is how did the corporations get their hands on recovered UFO craft,and were able to keep key Pentagon officials such as Admiral Wilson out of the loop?Why did the Pentagon officials running the Special Access Program Oversight Committee deny Wilson access despite his very senior status at the DIA and Joint Chiefs of Staff?

还有待回答的问题是,这些公司是如何得到回收的 UFO 飞船的,以及是否能够让像威尔逊上将这样的五角大楼关键官员置身事外?为什么尽管威尔逊在国防情报局和参谋长联席会议安全局拥有非常高级的地位,五角大楼的特殊访问计划监督委员会官员仍然拒绝他的访问?

Another important question to ask is whether the information that corporations have made very slow progress in reverse engineering of retrieved extraterrestrial craft,as Wilson revealed to Davis in their 2002 conversation,is to be believed.According to multiple insider accounts discussed in my Secret Space Programs Book series,reverse engineering of captured flying saucer craft began in the 1940s,the first prototype craft were flight tested in the 1960s,and were subsequently deployed in the 1970s and 1980s.

另一个需要问的重要问题是,正如 Wilson 在他们2002年的谈话中向 Davis 透露的那样,企业在回收外星飞船方面的逆向工程进展非常缓慢,这些信息是否可信。根据我在《秘密太空计划书》系列中讨论的多个内部人士的说法,被捕获的飞碟飞行器的逆向工程开始于20世纪40年代,第一个原型飞行器在20世纪60年代进行了飞行测试,随后在20世纪70年代和80年代部署。

While there may be ongoing reverse engineering programs in corporations that are making slow progress,as Admiral Wilson was told in 2002,there is much testimonial evidence that major aerospace corporate contractors have made significant progress decades earlier.


Why therefore release into the public arena information that select U.S.corporations have been conducting slow and largely unsuccessful studies of captured extraterrestrial craft?A possible answer is that those in charge of the reverse engineering programs in the U.S.don't want the public to know that such technologies were successfully reverse-engineered and deployed decades ago by the U.S.Air Force and Navy in collaboration with select U.S.corporate contractors.


Furthermore,the NYT story contributes to the narrative that other nations,e.g.,China and Russia,have gotten their hands on similar off-world technologies and they have successfully reverse-engineered these,and may be behind the UFO/UAP sightings by Navy pilots as Senators Rubio and Reid have been speculating.

此外,《纽约时报》的报道支持了这样一种说法,即其他国家,如中国和俄罗斯,已经掌握了类似的外星技术,并且成功地对这些技术进行了逆向工程,并且可能是海军飞行员目击 UFO/UAP 的幕后黑手,正如卢比奥和里德参议员推测的那样。


Such a conclusion feeds the perception that the U.S.is behind China and Russia on developing such breakthrough technologies,and that extraterrestrials constitute the ultimate threat if they suddenly choose to intervene in human affairs.


Many will rightfully interpret the New York Times story as promoting a narrative that leads to a possible alien intervention that may be either genuine or contrived by those possessing such reverse-engineered technologies that were successfully studied in corporate facilities decades ago.Nevertheless,many inquiring minds will be inspired to dive deep into the UFO and"exopolitics"literature to learn the truth about classified alien reverse-engineering programs that insiders and researchers have been disclosing for years,often to widespread ridicule and retribution from their peers.

许多人理所当然地认为,《纽约时报》的报道是在推动一种可能的外星人干预,这种干预可能是真实的,也可能是那些拥有这种逆向工程技术的人设计出来的。几十年前,这种技术在企业设施中得到了成功的研究。尽管如此,许多好奇的头脑将受到启发,深入研究 UFO "外星政治"的文献,以了解内部人士和研究人员多年来一直披露的机密外星逆向工程项目的真相,这些项目常常遭到同行的广泛嘲笑和报复。

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