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(Natural News)A doctoral candidate at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem says that research he's been conducting has led him to the conclusion that chemical giant DuPont had a well-established relationship with the Nazis in Germany both before and during World War II,and was working with the Hitler regime to develop eugenics programs against targeted enemies.


According to Nadan Feldman,as many as 150 United States corporations had similar such ties to the Nazis.But he claims that DuPont,like other drug and chemical companies at the time,were especially close to Hitler,working in lockstep with the political movement more out of a shared sense of ideology and belief,as opposed to simply for profit.


After poring through many years'worth of financial and regulatory reports,including back-and-forth correspondence between DuPont executives and the Nazis,Feldman determined that"the main motive"of DuPont's involvement with German powers during the 1930s and 1940s was simply to further the cause of the Nazis.


"The researcher pointed out that DuPont executives began providing support to Adolf Hitler and the Nazis in the 1920s,well before the 1932 elections which led to the establishment of the Nazi dictatorship in the country in 1933,"Haaretz reports


"In addition to financial support to Hitler,executives allegedly provided financial support to extremist groups in the United States itself,and expressed an interest in causes taken up by the German fascists,such as eugenics and the theory of racial superiority,"the Israeli news outlets adds,noting that one of these executives was former DuPont president Irenee du Pont,according to Feldman.

据费尔德曼报道,以色列新闻媒体补充道:"除了向希特勒提供财政支持外,据称高管们还向美国本土的极端组织提供财政支持,并对德国法西斯主义者所从事的事业表示兴趣,比如优生学和种族优越论。"他们指出,其中一名高管是杜邦公司前总裁伊蕾妮·杜邦(Irenee du Pont)

DuPont partnered with IG Farben to share"critical knowledge for war production"

杜邦公司与 IG 法本公司合作,分享"战争生产的关键知识"

There were others involved in these Nazi partnerships as well,including the infamous IG Farben drug company,which would later bear the more well-known drug company offshoot known as Bayer.

还有其他人也参与了这些纳粹的合作,包括臭名昭著的 IG Farben 制药公司,该公司后来拥有更知名的制药分公司 Bayer

According to Feldman,DuPont established a technology-sharing agreement with IG Farben that allowed the exchange of"critical knowledge for war production."In turn,this allowed the Nazis"to start the war,"Feldman maintains,with the development of new technologies such as synthetic rubber.

据费尔德曼说,杜邦公司与 IG 法本公司签订了技术共享协议,允许交流"战争生产的关键知识"费尔德曼认为,随着合成橡胶等新技术的发展,这反过来又允许纳粹"发动战争"

This partnership between DuPont and the Nazis,and presumably IG Farben,lasted until 1943,which was well into World War II after Nazi Germany had already made considerable headway in taking over much of Europe.It also lasted beyond the point when the Nazis attacked the USSR,and even after the Nazis declared war on the U.S.itself.


"Ties were only formally cut after Germany confiscated the assets of U.S.companies in September 1943,"reveals Sputnik News.


Keep in mind that Bayer,which was created by IG Farben,purchased the world’s most evil corporation,Monsanto,back in 2016 for,get this,$66 billion.A$66 billion purchase in 2016,by the way,includes three 6s–which probably wasn't an accident.

请记住,由 IG Farben 公司创建的拜耳公司,在2016年以660亿美元收购了世界上最邪恶的公司孟山都。顺便说一下,2016年一笔660亿美元的交易包括三个6,这可能不是一个意外。

"The combined name,of course,should be'MonSatanFarben'because Bayer is an offshoot of Interessengemeinschaft Farben(IG Farben),the Nazi-era chemical company that worked with Adolf Hitler to develop and deploy deadly chemical weapons against humanity,"joked Mike Adams,the Health Ranger.

"当然,这个组合的名字应该是'MonSatanFarben',因为拜耳是 Interessengemeinschaft Farben(IG Farben)的一个分支,这是一家纳粹时期的化学公司,曾与阿道夫·希特勒(Adolf Hitler)合作开发和部署反人类的致命化学武器,"健康突击队员迈克·亚当斯(Mike Adams)开玩笑说。

Did the U.S.government support DuPont and other Nazi-sympathizing companies during WWII?


What really bothers Feldman is his perception that many U.S.firms maintained relationships with the Nazis during WWII,"undisturbed and even with the tacit support of the U.S.administration despite the growing threat of Hitler's regime to the welfare of Europe and the West."


One of these companies was IBM,which reportedly developed the technology that the Nazis used to keep track of prisoners as they were shuffled around between concentration camps.

其中一家公司是 IBM,据报道,IBM 开发了纳粹用来跟踪在集中营之间穿梭的囚犯的技术。

As we recently reported,IBM is actually now working on"new and improved"blockchain versions of these older technologies that the New World Order will presumably use to maintain ultimate control over people's lives.

正如我们最近报道的那样,IBM 实际上正在开发这些旧技术的"新的和改进的"区块链版本,新世界秩序可能会使用这些版本来维持对人们生活的最终控制。

For more news about how major corporations are actively developing technologies to enslave the planet,be sure to visit PopulationControlNews.com.

想了解更多关于大公司如何积极开发奴役地球的技术的新闻,请访问 populationcontrolnews.com

Other U.S.companies that Feldman says worked with the Nazis include Standard Oil,General Motors,Ford,ITT,and Union Banking,the latter of which is said to have helped Germany secure the loans it needed to fund equipment and supplies throughout the war.

费尔德曼说,其他与纳粹合作的美国公司包括标准石油公司、通用汽车公司、福特汽车公司、ITT 公司和联合银行公司,据说联合银行公司帮助德国获得了战争期间所需的贷款,为德国的设备和供应提供资金。

"Without the mobilisation of corporate America for Nazi Germany,it is very doubtful whether Hitler could have started the war,doubtful whether he would have succeeded in rehabilitating the German economy–certainly not at the speed and strength he achieved in the'30s,"Feldman contends.


Feldman also says he finds it"doubtful"that any historian,including himself,will ever fully understand how the corporate executives in charge of these companies"could give so much help to such a strong,cruel and fanatic enemy…It's also doubtful whether we'll be able to understand why every one of them avoided punishment."


For more related news,be sure to check out Fascism.news.


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