X22报道|第3124集: 经济真相持续公布,世纪审判

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X22报道|第3124集: 经济真相持续公布,世纪审判

Ep. 3124a – The Economic Truth Continues To Be Released, Bank Account Shutdowns Are Accelerating


Ep. 3124b – How Do You Legally Inject Evidence, Trial Of The Century, Trump Card Coming, The Lion


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Streamed on: Jul 26, 7:35 pm EDT

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The [CB]/[WEF] are trying to convince the people that the heat they are experiencing has something do with climate change, the people are not going along with it. The Fed raises rates again and now we are at the point where the economy will start to tip over. The banking system is now shutting accounts that go against their narrative. The people see the truth.

[ CB ]/[ WEF ]正试图说服人们,他们正在经历的高温与气候变化有关,人们并不赞同这种说法。美联储再次提高利率,现在我们正处于经济开始倾斜的时刻。如今,银行体系正在关闭那些与他们的说法相悖的账户。人们看到了真相。

X22 Report
Streamed on: Jul 26, 8:00 pm EDT

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The [DS] know that they have to stop Trump they will indict him as the evidence pours out against [HB] & [JB]. The [DS] knows that [JB] is a liability, change of batter is coming. The [DS] indict against Trump will allow Trump to introduce evidence of election fraud. The Trump card is coming. The lion is roaring and about to attack.



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