The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Google is the extreme amounts of censorship they've placed on the people and organizations exposing unethical and immoral actions taken by the government.They also do this for any type of discussion or information,no matter how credible the evidence,that threatens certain political,financial and/or elitist agendas.We are truly living in an Orwellian period when it comes to freedom of speech and access to information,with the global political/financial elite representing the'ministry of truth.'FakeNews watchdog NewsGuard,for example,aims to hold independent media accountable for their stories.Funded by Clinton donors and big pharma,with ties to the CFR,NewsGuard seems to have a clear agenda in favour of mainstream media.This is exactly why Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard is calling out Google for censoring her as well as other people and companies who are peacefully and credibly sharing information that threatens corporate and political agendas.You can read more about that story here.

当我们想到谷歌的时候,我们首先想到的就是他们对人民和组织进行的极度严格的审查,揭露了政府采取的不道德和不道德的行为。对于任何类型的讨论或信息,无论证据多么可信,他们都会这样做,因为这会威胁到某些政治、金融和/或精英主义议程。说到言论自由和获取信息,我们确实生活在一个奥威尔式的时代,全球政治/金融精英代表着"真理部"例如,FakeNews 监督新闻警卫的目标是让独立媒体对他们的报道负责。由克林顿捐助者和大型制药公司资助,与 CFR 有联系,NewsGuard 似乎有一个有利于主流媒体的明确议程。这就是为什么总统候选人图尔西·盖博德要求谷歌审查她以及其他和平可信地分享威胁公司和政治议程的信息的个人和公司。你可以在这里阅读更多关于这个故事。

I believe that the information above is always important to mention whenever Google is brought into the picture.But let's get into the topic at hand,it involved an 18-year-old Irish male by the name of Fionn Ferreira,who recently won the first place prize at the famous Google Science Fair for inventing a method to remove microplastics from the ocean.


Microplastics are a huge problem,and microplastic contamination is now extremely widespread.More than five trillion pieces of plastic,collectively weighing nearly 269,000 tonnes,are floating in the world's oceans,causing damage throughout the food chain.Data collected by scientists from the US,France,Chile,Australia and New Zealand suggests a minimum of 5.25tn plastic particles in the oceans,most of them being microplastics measuring less than 5mm.(source)


That number is from data that was published in 2014,and now scientists are saying it's much more.Plastic has contaminated everything–including seafood and practically everything in the ocean.It's a sad reality when humans have the ability to replace these environment-destroying and animal-killing products with biodegradable substances like hemp,for example,yet we choose not to.


Solutions exist,and they have been accessible for a number of years.This highlights a very important point–that finding a solution is not the problem–it's the systems we have in place that prevent solutions from being implemented that are the problem.Solutions aren't an issue,but human consciousness is.Just imagine,if the incredibly wealthy people who control the world's resources actually cared about the environment,solutions would already be in place and we could clean up the entire planet in a week.So,ask yourself,what's really going on here?Politicians have been gathering for decades to discuss environmental disasters and climate crisis,but have failed to take any action.The only action we see is when a profit can be made from a particular crisis.


Ferreira's contraption for removing plastics in the ocean uses magnets to attract microplastics from water.According to the Irish Times,Ferreira found that a magnetic liquid called"ferrofluid"attracted the tiny plastic particles and removed them from the water.Thousands of tests have been conducted,and his device successfully removed approximately 88 percent of the microplastics from water samples.


If a brilliant young mind like this can come up with such a device,just imagine what those who hold tremendous amounts of power and access to unlimited resources in all fields could come up with.


Again,this solution isn't the only solution.The ultimate solution would be for humanity to stop using plastic altogether.It's a head scratcher as to why plastics,and other harmful substances that humans currently produce,are legal.


These microplastics come from a variety of industries,from beauty products all the way to various textiles.They are too small to filter,so they bypass filtration systems and end up polluting our waterways big time.Once they reach rivers and oceans,they are ingested by a number of marine animals.They're also ending up in humans.A recent study found that humans eat,on average,over 50,000 pieces of microplastics every year.That number skyrockets up for people who mainly drink bottled water,as EcoWatch reported.

这些微塑料来自各种工业,从美容产品到各种纺织品。它们太小了,无法过滤,所以它们绕过过滤系统,最终大大污染了我们的水道。一旦它们到达河流和海洋,就会被许多海洋动物吸收。它们最终也会出现在人体内。最近的一项研究发现,人类平均每年吃掉超过5万块塑料微粒。据 EcoWatch 报道,对于主要饮用瓶装水的人来说,这个数字急剧上升。

Pretty strange,isn't it?The Takeaway


Again,it's great to present solutions to the world's problems,but the fact remains that we already have the solutions to solve so many of the Earth's problems,we just don't implement them.An important question to ask ourselves is,if we have the solutions,why are they not being implemented?The answer to that question leads down multiple rabbit holes that we must collectively acknowledge to help make our world a better place.




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