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Obviously what is going on underground is greatly on my mind,as I think with everyone who feels a connection with the light forces and is looking forward to the final removal of the Chimera.So I want to share more of what I am getting.Some people say:why not blow the whole base up with the Chimera and hostages inside,the hostages are better off dead anyway instead of experiencing perpetual hell.Theoretically that would be possible if a base is relatively close to the surface,but it would cause longlasting and detrimental damage to the planet and its energetic grid and magnetic field,so that is no real option.The light forces have been preventing the Chimera from blowing a big hole in the planet and they are certainly not going to do that themselves.Some people say:well,give me a shotgun and I will take care of it;part of me feels like that also.First of all,we wouldn't be able to get inside a Chimera base,and secondly if we would we would be made into hostages ourselves before firing a single shot.The Chimera are not just some nasty beasts that you can squash,they are the gods of darkness.Their spider bodies that they use underground are mostly made of inorganic matter that resists bullets,fire and most laser weapons and they have personal shields on top of that.The forcefields surrounding the bases are able to absorb very strong shocks and detonations that make it impossible to surgically destroy only the base from outside.The Chimera are extremely cunning and intelligent and have learnt from the defeat of the Chimera fleet and loss of their other bases underground;that makes it incrementally difficult to get rid of the remaining ones.


The best method is undoing the shielding,forcefields,detection devices and boobytraps,getting in and blasting the Chimera with the sonic beams.Although the light forces have previously used other weaponry to take out the physical bodies of the Chimera,the serious drawback of that approach is they then need to chase and get hold of the Chimera in the nonphysical realms which further extends the ordeal.Strong sonic beams cause a very intense disruption and microdisplacement on an atomic and subatomic level in the target and it affects organic and inorganic matter equally.That enables the light forces to overcome the Chimera and whisk them away to oblivion.This is the clarification our space family can give for people who still have a predominantly 3D grasp of things to understand,which is almost all of us.It is a dreadful carnage taking place below ground,but the light forces are getting somewhere and greatly appreciate the invaluable help and support the surface lightworkers give through their conscious attention and meditations.There are no soul family members of mine trapped below ground,but there are some members of closely related soul families.In the end the entire Creation is one big light mandala,but the Chimera have whiped their ass with that principle.

最好的方法是解除屏蔽,力场,探测装置和陷阱,进入并用声波束炸毁奇美拉。虽然光明势力之前已经使用过其他武器来消灭奇美拉的物质身体,但是这种方法的严重缺点是他们需要在非物质领域中追赶并抓住奇美拉,这进一步延长了这种折磨。强烈的声波束会在目标的原子和亚原子层面上造成非常强烈的破坏和微小的位移,对有机物质和无机物质的影响是一样的。这使得光明势力能够克服奇美拉并将它们迅速消失。这是我们的太空大家庭可以给那些仍然对事物有着主要的3D 把握的人们提供的澄清,这几乎是我们所有人都可以理解的。这是一场发生在地下的可怕的大屠杀,但是光明势力正在到达某个地方,并且非常感激地表光之工作者通过他们有意识的关注和冥想给予的无价的帮助和支持。我的灵魂家族成员没有被困在地下,但是有一些与我的灵魂家庭关系密切的成员。最终,整个造物就是一个巨大的光曼荼罗,但是奇美拉用这个原则鞭打了他们的屁股。

Regarding the treatment of the hostages by the Chimera,what is different from how abducted lightworkers and starseeds were treated by them,is first of all that they don't stop after a certain number of torture and sacrifice cycles,it continues until the Chimera are stopped by the light forces.The other essential difference is that the Chimera used the torture of lightworkers for trauma based programming and to fragment and disempower the lightworkers in specific ways without it being too noticeable for regular surface dwellers once the lightworkers were returned to the surface with their memory whiped,while what the Chimera do with their current hostages is purely designed for maximum creation of suffering and darkness in a way that has not even been seen in the heyday of the dark Orion empire.It's a last ditch attempt by the Chimera to overthrow the Light and take darkness to a new level.Let's do all we can to help end this incredible madness ASAP.




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