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In the days to come you are going to see a grand polarity.It will be accelerated and amplified the byproduct of which is chaos.How much chaos is up to the people of Earth individually and collectively.There are those who align with Universal Law many refer to as Unity Consciousness the main premises of which are Universal Peace,Brother/Sisterly Love,Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All.The spiritually and technologically advanced Off Worlders,Ancient Ancestors,and Trans/Ultradimensionals have transcended all religious and cultural boundaries,war,disease,and poverty.They have fueless energy,anti/counter gravity and technologies beyond our wildest dreams.Tyranny does not exist in their civilizations.There is no lack,no competition they can replicate,materialize anything they need,the universe,multiverse is their playground.


They live according to Universal Law in service to the Creator within all Creation.They too have had their challenges,most in a long distance past,they understand and have compassion for Earth Humanity.They are here now to assist in the awakening and healing,"Ascension"process well underway with Humanity and the Earth.It is undeniable Humanity and the Earth are undergoing a quickening,a vibrational lifting.According to science we are moving through a highly energized place in space.All bands within the electromagnetic light spectrum have increased,the Schuman Resonance has had unprecedented spikes,incoming Cosmic,Gama,and Xrays from far off distant galaxies are also bombarding Earth increasing exponentially as well.The Sun has been very busy with Coronal Mass Ejections and Solar Flares,also having an impact socially,economically and physically.These incoming energies can create mood swings,lethargy,emotional outbursts,social and economic changes,severe weather,and an increase in volcanic and earthquake activity.The Earth is expanding with these energies.

他们按照宇宙法则生活,服务于所有造物中的造物主。他们也有他们的挑战,大多数在遥远的过去,他们理解并同情地球人类。他们现在在这里协助觉醒和疗愈,与人类和地球一起正在进行的"扬升"进程。不可否认的是,人类和地球正在经历一个加速,一个振动提升。根据科学,我们正在通过一个高度活跃的空间地带。电磁光谱中的所有波段都增加了----舒曼共振有着前所未有的峰值----来自遥远星系的宇宙射线、伽马射线和 x 射线也在以指数方式轰击地球。太阳一直忙于日冕物质抛射和太阳耀斑,也有一个社会,经济和物理影响。这些不断涌入的能量会引起情绪波动、无精打采、情绪爆发、社会和经济变化、恶劣天气以及火山和地震活动的增加。地球正在用这些能量扩张。

There also is the influx of higher consciousness and energy that comes with the presence of higher dimensional beings adding to the consciousness and energy of the planet.We have come in what is a natural cycle to assist humanity in making this shift.Many have gone through great wars with regenerate ETs and are planetary liberators such as in the Orion Council of Light.We bring an expansion in consciousness and available energy,healing,support for those choosing to awaken and heal thus stepping into their own divinity.We are not to be worshipped,seen as gods as in the past,we are here to remind you of the God/Creator/Great Spirit within you and all Creation.Some of our ancient ancestors came to your planet billions of years ago.There were many colonization attempts some failed due to inhouse fighting and wars,some succumbed to Earth changes,floods,pole shifts and massive volcanic eruptions.We were the ancient temple builders with technologies unmatched to this day.Some were benevolent,some were evolved tyrants.We were the bearded gods in your history replete throughout your sacred books,written about in clay tablets and depicted on temple walls.This is the origin of the Hebrew gods,Greek gods,Egyptian gods and other advanced cultures that predated these.Some of our ancestors exist to this day along with their offspring.Those who devolved or were left behind and operated outside of Universal Law are being dealt with by the benevolents who continued to evolve spiritually.


In truth God/Creator/Great Spirit is the one consciousness that encompasses all consciousness on all planes and dimensions throughout the multiverse.The Omnipresent,Omnipotent,Omniscient Creator within all Creation.As all great Masters Saints and Sages have told you the temple is within.By going within through conscious prayer meditation and other spiritual practices you expand in awareness,in consciousness until you become one with the one consciousness.The only difference between you and higher dimensional beings is they have access to and utilize more of the unified field,the one consciousness.That access in now on Earth like never before,a golden opportunity to take a quantum leap in consciousness.


We would be remiss if we did not bring you a balanced story concerning the shadow side.There were very technologically and mentally advanced beings who were spiritually backward in your past.They were revered as gods due to their advanced technologies and practices in dark magic.They have but one goal,world domination and will use any means necessary to achieve their goals.They lust for power and wealth,are self-serving,arrogant to the level of narcissism,some are genocidal,some practice eugenics,most lack empathy and compassion.Love is not in their vocabulary.Their ancient rituals include extreme decadent behavior including child sacrifice utilizing their blood and body parts.Those who follow them are promised fame,power and wealth if they give their souls and lives to the unseen forces called in during these rituals.Do not be so naïve or in denial to think this is not still being practiced to this day.It is replete through the upper echelons in religious,business and political institutions.It is replete throughout Hollywood and the Music industry.This will all be exposed,your idols will fall bringing you back to yourself.


External worship goes against the teachings of all the Masters.Many in these powerful roles are going to have awakenings,they are going to realize their own divinity and the divinity within others.They will break the spell.This is part of the Great Awakening.Leaders in every walk of life are awakening,remembering past lives in other advanced civilizations which are here now participating in this process.They have realized if they continue on the same course it will result in the enslavement and demise of most of humanity including themselves.The dream spell was broken.The dreams of higher civilizations,living in harmony with each other and nature are unfolding in the hearts and minds of all who choose or have chosen.Their souls are being activated.Most are looking to the heavens for the great invasion.It already happened.It was the incarnation of advanced souls from many Star Nations.They are being activated fulfilling a prophecy."God/Creator/Great Spirit has given its best for these times."One on the side of God is the majority.They will affect all those around them and truth will be their weapon of choice.There is a plan,it is multidimensional and in the end God/Creator/Great Spirit wins.The beast will fall,all those aligned with the beast will fall with it.The Earth is ascending.Those who cannot raise their frequencies,release the past,heal and align themselves with Universal Law cannot sustain themselves or their kingdoms.There will be a great unraveling.


What you are seeing right now especially during these elections is the Great Awakening.Nothing will remain hidden.Try as they might to cover up the truth,the deep state,the corporate sponsored mainstream media,even the social media those who have sold their souls for fame power and wealth will be exposed in deed and character.Those who have lied to the masses,used them by creating divisions in culture,race and religion to further their own position,power and wealth will be exposed."No rock shall be left unturned and all of their iniquities will be shouted from the roof tops."America was founded on freedom from tyranny.Freedom from the controllers,socialist agendas where the power and wealth are taken from the individual and put in the hands of a few billionaire narcissist who want to control every aspect of your life is not what America was founded upon.Beware of the dividers,those who prey upon the wounded and down trodden by falsely claiming to be their saviors when in truth as history proves they have been their enslavers.


"Those who demand you choose one race over another are the true racist."


Critical thinking,personal research,and taking it to the heart are the tools of the enlightened.Follow the money,Antifa,Black Lives Matter,other major multimedia groups are funded by Soros an admitted Nazi who has in his own words said the taking down of America will be his greatest achievement.The CCP,China's Communist party is also heavily invested in the DNC and many political leaders.The latest bombshell is the hundreds of millions invested with the Biden family.They are compromised.Did you know when you contribute to BLM the majority goes to Biden's campaign?Do you understand now why the riots,death and destruction of the inner cities continues and not one of them will denounce the violence while others say Antifa and the violence is a myth?

批判性思维,个人研究,并将其带入心灵是开悟者的工具。关注金钱,AntifaBLM很重要,其他主要的多媒体组织都是由索罗斯资助的,一个被承认的纳粹分子,用他自己的话说,拿下美国将是他最大的成就。C×C×P也在民主党全国委员会和许多政治领导人身上投入了大量资金。最新的爆炸性消息是拜登家族投资了数亿美元。他们妥协了。你知道当你向 BLM 捐款时,大多数捐给了拜登的竞选团队吗?你现在明白为什么暴乱、死亡和市中心的破坏仍在继续,没有一个人会谴责暴力,而其他人说反法和暴力是一个神话吗?

It is time to awaken,stop passing the ancestoral potato.Judge a person by character and deed for that is how they are known in the heavens.If you have not seen past the lies,deceptions,manipulations and character assassinations accusing others of what they themselves have done or are doing a"Marxist tenant"I leave you with some questions.Why is one group stopping drugs and human trafficing,violence,looting,corruption on the highest levels while another turns a blind eye,supports or participates in all the above?This is not a trick question.At who's expense have they garnered their tremendous wealth and power?Many will riot,steal,and kill on behalf of their enslavers as they whip them into a frenzy of division to divert from their own dark deeds.


Why do corrupt politicians,the global elite,the deep state,the corporate owned extremely bias and deceptive main stream media and social media hate Trump?Why do the Satanic/Luciferians and pedophiles hate Trump who has broken up massive human trafficing and pedophile rings that operated with ambiguity during the last administration?A man's character is established by his actions.It should not be established by his adversaries with a long history of deception and corruption.


Who do you think the Galactics and the Heavens are behind?


America is not perfect,it is a work in progress,it is more aligned with Universal Law than any other country.America's destiny is not to be another third world country which is where the controllers want to take you.At one point you were half way there.You dodged a bullet.Now you have another chance to set things right.America is on a different course.A wave of freedom,higher consciousness and energy is flowing through America.It will affect the entire world which is watching,praying for America.It is sponsored on high and it will be victorious.The forces behind it are unimaginable.The big question is are you going to allow the take down America group with their corrupt politicians,sponsored by the global elite that controls the lame stream press and social media take you on a path of devolution until you become a third world country?A group that hates freedom,personal power,basic human rights,the Constitution and Bill of Rights divinely inspired doctrines.A world where your basic human rights already being usurped,the right to privacy,freedom of speech,religious freedom,the right to defend yourself all will no longer exist?


Now is the time to demand these freedoms be fully restored,hold accountable those who have trespassed on these freedoms and continue to lie to and deceive the people.No longer follow as willing participants or in ignorance the dictates of the controllers for the end goal is your enslavement and eventual demise.They are governed by evil,seen and unseen that care nothing for Humanity or the Earth.This is God/Creator/Great Spirits last stand.What some call Armageddon.The vanquishing of evil and the beginning of a thousand years of peace.As the prophesies foretold this is the death of the beast,the beginning of a thousand years of peace where Earth Joins the rest of the Universe,a grand reunion with the Star Nations and takes a quantum leap in evolution.It's time to stand tall in your own divinity make Universal Law the law of the land.Universal Peace,Brother/Sisterly love,Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All.


**Source**Received through James Gilliland



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