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During the worldwide Mass Meditation at the beginning of this year,planet Earth was massively purified by energetic floodsof Divine Light,allowing the Light Forces to perform various criticaloperations that bring us increasingly closer to Liberation.While meditating,many participants already noticed that the Critical Mass was exceeded.



Apart from the large number of participants,themeditation was also quite well protected and could be carried out almost trouble-free.


Countermeasures actually only had an effect afterwards,when the Chimera andvarious negative occult groups started to reactduring meditation theycouldn't do much.


In the days following the meditation,the Chimera began to attack Lightworkersby letting them tap into their ethereal spider webs while the Soul is on itsjourney at night.With the Soul being trapped in these webs,one as a humanbeing usually feels extremely tired,lazy,unmotivated and absent-minded.



One becomes totally passive and it is usually not so easy to recognize the situationas well as to react accordingly in order to get back into his/her ownconsciousness and power.That is why it is so important to help each other asStarseeds,so that one Starseed can get the other Starseed out of criticalsituations if one for example gets caught in such ethereal webs and vice versa.


One notices quite quickly when the Chimera is ethereally active around him orher.Either one sees spiders while dreaming,one gets physical signs likespiders in the own home,one is constantly running through spider webs duringthe day or one gets little hints like for example continuously shown picturesof spiders while checking the news or surfing internet etc.


Just as when the LFs communicate with one from the energetic realms byconstantly showing certain numbers during the day,these arachnoid encountersare physical signs that ethereal spider beings are active around oneself.


Most of the time when this happens,the part of the Soul which is incarnated onthe surface got stuck in these non-physical webs,but because of these signsone can then react oneself or ask somebody to look on the ethereal plains to cutthe Soul out of there and best of all delete this whole constructionimmediatelyand also the spider being,when faced.



Some negative occult groups,which are partlylinked to the US West Coast and whose roots reach far back into Ancient Egypt,Babylon and the fallen Atlantis,were also active after the meditation.Atleast one,but probably several major negative rituals were held,which arealways used in advance to fill the Grid with Anomaly in order to set certainneg.physical events in motion.


These events almost certainly includes the outbreak of the so-called Coronavirus,of which it should be clear by now that it is deliberately created by the Cabal.



Since the Saturn/Pluto conjunction this month,weare in a huge transformation phase and the Dark Forces are throwing ineverything they have left to hold the fort.

If you imagine the Quarantine around Earth like a dried-up crusty surface,thiscrust now breaks up more and more and the penetrating light is getting strongerand stronger.And that means panic mode for the Dark Ones,much like when thelights go on in a room full of vermin.


As mentioned in the last entry,some of the Dark Ones have already realized thatthe Event is inevitable.But they won't give up;they will rather go down and,out of an act of revenge,take the entire planet with them than return to theLight.


But these groups will be taken care of,at the latest when the cataclysmicevents will start,triggered by the planet itself,and the last pockets of Anomaly will literally be washed away from the surface.


As a Starseed,it is important now to just stay calm,be centred and focused,observe the events,but do not let yourself be carried away by the emotions nomatter what chaos should break out in the outside world.



The current apartments and houses of many Starseedscontinue to serve as a kind of shelter where one can/should retreat to whenthings get too chaotic outside,as these houses/apartments are usually built onstrong energetic vortices which are deflecting the outside disharmony to acertain degree.



Meditations are still called for in order to harmonize things:


The LFs are in the process of thwarting/weakening every step that the Dark Onesmight take in order to create chaos;the Cabal will not succeed in plunging theplanet into darkness.


As a precaution,the LFs have also developed an emergency plan long before thateven if Earth would go down,the Starseeds incarnated here couldn't get harmedby it,as most Soul Parts have already been taken out of the physical bodiesand brought to safety during the last weeks.


Thus it is now the case with most Starseeds and Key Lightworkers on the surfacethat almost only 10 to 20%of the Soul that was actually incarnated at thebeginning is still active.The main part has already returned to the ships,even if one doesn't really notice this in his/her day-consciousness,exceptthat one might feel extremely powerless towards the end,already"running on reserve",which is understandable when a large part of the Soulwithdraws energetically.A further sign is that Starseeds may now feelcompletely disconnected from the matrix world.



So,this evacuation of the Soul simply has thesense that if the Dark Forces in their delusion would scorch the planet inorder to create cosmic trauma,even that wouldn't work anymore,becausemeanwhile the major Soul parts,which should be traumatized through such annegative event,are just not here anymore.


So nothing is left to chance,everything is precisely planned.


The only issue may be that if only a certain percentage of the Soul is activein certain Starseeds,they are even more vulnerable to manipulation oroccupation by negative beings.In some Starseeds the Soul is partly alreadycompletely out,so that the body can easily be taken over by negative beings.


This can lead to Starseeds(who before maybe used to be the nicest people)suddenly completely changing their character in a very short amount of time,and then also starting attacking other former fellow Starseeds.Sometimes theyalso change their physical appearance during this process and so onmostlyall signs that the original Soul is out and only the human self is left or inthe worst case,a negative being has taken over the Avatar.


I don't even want to talk about the unawakened main part of the population,asalmost everyone on the surface has some kind of infiltration,and as the negativebeings are falling more and more into hysteria because of the incoming light(but at the same time are attached to so many Avatars,manipulating them)itjust happens that some people seem to go crazy at this stage.



But this is part of the game in the final phase;this too will be over soon.


However,as for Starseeds this pre-evacuation of the Soul also has the advantagethat it will be easier to get onto the ships physically when the main part ofthe Soul is already"above".


The important thing now is simply to remain calm.No matter how chaotic it willbecome,the energies will also get better at the same time.Positive signs ofthe Light Forces will increase,not only in dreams or visions,but also in thephysical.


We have indeed entered the phase where things are boiling up now and the old structures begin to collapse.



Staying calm,focused,positive and conscious nowis the key.




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