X22 Report |第3131集: 特朗普为什么要干预中央银行,他说很快就会轮到我们

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[DS] 将继续起诉特朗普,当他们意识到他的基础继续增长,他们可能会试图把他关进监狱,这是一种可能性。

X22 Report |第3131集: 特朗普为什么要干预中央银行,他说很快就会轮到我们

Ep. 3131a – Why Interfere With The [CB]/[WEF] While They Are In The Process Of Exposing Their Agenda

为什么要在[ CB ]/[世界经济论坛]暴露其议程的过程中进行干预

Ep. 3131b – Elections Are The Key, Setup Complete, Trump Says Soon It Will Be Our Turn, Pain, Justice


X22 Report
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The King is now telling the world that we must following the [WEF], the people are not going to follow. The system is being destroyed by the [CB]/[WEF] and it is being exposed at the same time. Why interfere with the [DS] players, let the people see it all.


X22 Report
Streamed on: Aug 3, 8:00 pm EDT



The [DS] will continue to indict Trump, when they realize that his base continues to grow they might try to put him jail, this is a possibility. Trump has let us know the way forward, more indictments the more powerful he gets and the more people will follow and vote for him. That is his strategy, to get the people behind them by suing the [DS]. The key is the election, he wants to show the [DS] that he and the people are in control, the election setup is complete, Trump and the military prepared their part, now the people must do theirs. Trump says that soon it will our turn. 

[DS] 将继续起诉特朗普,当他们意识到他的基础继续增长,他们可能会试图把他关进监狱,这是一种可能性。特朗普让我们知道了前进的道路,他得到的起诉越多,权力越大,就会有越多的人追随他,投票给他。这就是他的策略,通过起诉 [DS] 来获得人们的支持。关键是选举,他想向 [DS] 表明,他和人民都在掌控之中,选举结构已经完成,特朗普和军方已经做好了准备,现在人民必须做好自己的事情。Trump 说很快就轮到我们了。 


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