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萨拉博士|2020/6/13 冯•布劳恩的假旗外星人入侵——真正的警告还是第四帝国的欺骗?

From 1974–1977,Werner Von Braun began privately telling Carol Rosin,a colleague at a major aerospace company Fairchild Industries,about a sequence of contrived global false flag"cards"such as asteroid impacts and extraterrestrial invasion,which would lead to the militarization of space and usher in a New World Order.Now more than 40 years later,the sequence predicted by Von Braun appears to be on the verge of playing out as mainstream media increasingly speculate about asteroid strikes and an alien invasion in what many believe are cases of predictive programming.

1974年到1977年,沃纳·冯·布劳恩开始私下里告诉 Carol Rosin,一家主要的航空航天公司的同事,关于一系列人为设计的全球假旗"卡片",如小行星撞击和费柴尔德外星生命入侵,这将导致太空军事化,并引入新的世界秩序。现在40多年过去了,冯·布劳恩预测的序列似乎快要结束了,因为主流媒体越来越多地猜测小行星撞击和外星人入侵,许多人认为这是预测性程序的案例。

Given Von Braun's background as a former Nazi and the existence of a breakaway Nazi colony in South America and Antarctica in the post-World War II era seeking to establish a Fourth Reich,a key question is whether Von Braun's warning was genuine or whether it was part of a deception by the Fourth Reich.


In answering such a question,it's important to understand why Von Braun went to work with Fairchild Industries,where he learned about the planned sequence of false flag cards being discussed at boardroom meetings as described by Rosin in Part 1 of this series.

在回答这样一个问题时,了解冯·布劳恩为什么要和费柴尔德一起工作是很重要的,在那里他了解到了计划中的一系列虚假的标志牌在董事会议上被讨论,正如 Rosin 在本系列的第1部分中所描述的那样。

After NASA made the decision to end the Apollo Program,Von Braun decided to retire on May 26,1972,six months before the launch of Apollo 17,the last moon landing mission.He had been the Director of NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center(1960-1972),where he led the largely German engineering teams designing the Saturn V rockets that would power the Apollo Program.

NASA 做出结束阿波罗计划的决定之后,冯·布劳恩决定在1972526日退休,这比最后一次登月任务阿波罗17号的发射提前了六个月。他曾任美国国家航空和宇宙航行局马歇尔太空飞行中心空间站主任(1960-1972),在那里,他领导了主要由德国工程师组成的团队,设计土星五号火箭,为阿波罗计划提供动力。


Von Braun joined Fairchild Industries as a Vice President for Engineering and Development.Fairchild Industries was one of the aerospace contractors that was secretly involved in building a ring-shaped"Von Braun"space station based on Von Braun's early designs for the USAF and the National Reconnaissance Office,as explained in chapter 13 of my book,the US Air Force Secret Space Program.


What is not widely known about the Apollo Program is that it was used as a very effective cover for massive amounts of funding,resources,and personnel covertly being transferred to Antarctica to help the expansion of a breakaway German Space Program hidden in underground bases.


In chapter 12 of the US Air Force Secret Space Program(2019), I detail how the Apollo program was used as part of an agreement reached between the Eisenhower Administration and the Antarctica based German colony,also known as the Fourth Reich.


Von Braun's job at NASA was to mislead the US public about the potential of rocket propelled space travel,while ensuring the German space program in Antarctica had all the resources and personnel it needed for its electromagnetically propelled spacecraft to start space colonization on the Moon,Mars,and elsewhere in our solar system.Put simply,while the Apollo program got Americans to the Moon,it got Germans to Mars and beyond.

NASA 的工作是误导美国公众关于火箭推进的太空旅行的潜力,同时确保德国在南极洲的太空计划拥有其电磁推进的航天器在月球、火星和太阳系其他地方启动太空移民空间站所需的所有资源和人员。简单地说,虽然阿波罗计划把美国人送上了月球,但它却把德国人送上了火星和更远的地方。

In return for its covert help through the Apollo program,the US military gained scientific assistance in its efforts to study and reverse engineer captured extraterrestrial technologies from former Nazi scientists who were brought into the US under Operation Paperclip(1945-1959).Many were secretly working for the Fourth Reich either voluntarily or were coerced to do so.


Werner Von Braun was among a select group of Operation Paperclip scientists who were asked to evaluate the remains of the 1947 Roswell Crash for the US(Army)Air Force as revealed in a leaked Majestic 12 document called the Counter Intelligence Corps/Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit Report:

美国回纹针行动科学家被要求评估1947年美国空军罗斯韦尔坠机事件的遗骸,Werner Von Braun 是其中之一,这份被泄露的宏伟的12号文件被称为反情报部队/星际现象小组报告:

Select scientists from the General Advisory Committee of the Atomic Energy Commission,most notably DR.J.ROBERT OPPENHEIMER,was interviewed at LZ-2(second Roswell UFO crash site)as well as other members.Among PAPERCLIP specialists identified at LZ-2 were DR.WERNER VON BRAUN(Fort Bliss);DR ERNST STEINHOFF(AMC[Air Materiel Command,Wright Field])and DR.HUBERTUS STRUGHOLD(AEROMEDICAL LAB,RANDOLPH FIELD).

原子能委员会总顾问委员会的一些科学家,尤其是罗伯特·奥本海默博士,在 LZ-2(第二个罗斯威尔 UFO 坠毁现场)和其他成员一起接受了采访。在 LZ-2确定的回形针专家包括沃纳·冯·布劳恩博士(Fort Bliss)ERNST STEINHOFF 博士(AMC[美国空军器材司令部,Wright Field]) HUBERTUS STRUGHOLD 博士(RANDOLPH Field 航空医学实验室)

This leaked Majestic document has an authenticity rating"Medium-High Level of Authenticity"according to a scale developed by Dr.Robert Wood and his son Ryan using a number of criteria developed for evaluating leaked government documents.


What helps corroborate the document's account of the role played by Von Braun in evaluating the Roswell debris as an expert scientific consultant is a former NASA Spacecraft Operator,Clark McClelland,who asked Von Braun about the Roswell UFO crash.


Von Braun told McClelland about the incident on the condition that no details would be revealed until after his death.


Dr.Von Braun explained how he and unnamed associates had been taken to the crash site after the bulk of the military personnel had left the scene.They did a quick once over of the site,Van Braun stated.He related how the exterior of the space craft was not metal as we know it,but appeared to be made of something biological,like skin….


And yes,there were alien bodies which were being kept in a medical tent near the UFO.The beings were small,very frail,and reptilian in nature.Von Braun compared their skin to rattlesnakes that he and his group had encountered at White Sands.


Von Braun was puzzled by the nature of the debris.The material was very thin,aluminum colored,similar to chewing gum wrapping,according to the scientist.


The leaked Majestic 12 document and McClelland's recollection does show that Von Braun and other Paperclip Scientists were actively advising the US[Army]Air Force on recovered alien technologies from Roswell and other locations from July 1947.

泄露出来的 Majestic 12文件和 McClelland 的回忆确实显示,冯·布劳恩和其他回形针科学家从19477月开始,就从罗斯韦尔和其他地方回收的外星技术向美国(陆军)空军提供积极建议。

Dr.Arthur Rudolph was also a German rocket scientist that was brought into the US in Operation Paperclip.He worked at both NASA's Kennedy Space Center and Marshall Space Flight Center as the chief architect for the Saturn 5 engines that powered the Apollo program and as Von Braun's Special Assistant up to January 1969.Rudolph has been identified as working with the US Air Force in studying and reverse engineering a captured extraterrestrial spacecraft,especially after his"official"retirement in 1969.

博士也是一位德国火箭科学家,于20世纪90年代回纹针行动被引入美国。他曾在美国国家航空航天局的肯尼迪航天中心空间站和马歇尔太空飞行中心空间站工作,担任为阿波罗计划提供动力的土星5号引擎的首席设计师和 Von Braun 的特别助理,直到19691月。已经被确认为与美国空军合作研究和逆向工程一个捕获的外星飞船,特别是在他于1969年正式退休之后。

David Adair,who designed an"Electromagnetic Fusion Containment Engine"for the US Air Force in 1971,describes how Rudolph was leading a highly classified scientific effort to reverse engineer a captured extraterrestrial spacecraft stored at Area 51.Adair described how Rudolph had authority over senior Air Force officials and was being actively helped by the CIA.



So,if German Paperclip scientists were helping the USAF study and reverse engineer alien technologies,were they genuinely assisting,or were they double agents sabotaging US efforts?


William"Bill"Tompkins,a draftsman/engineer with Douglas Aircraft,TRW,and other leading aerospace companies during the 1950s-70s,describes how the German Paperclip scientists occupying senior corporate positions would sabotage industry efforts to build electromagnetic and torsion field propulsion systems.


And even at Douglas and over at TRW,and all these other companies,General Dynamics included,some top-level people were throwing negatives on everything that we were attempting to do.So,you must ask the question:"Why do we have so much of this sabotage happening at such a high level in technology in the country,and in the whole military?"And,who is telling them to try to stop everything,try to cut it down when we're trying to help ourselves?(Selected by Extraterrestrials,Vol 2,p.92)

甚至在 Douglas TRW,以及所有其他的公司,包括通用动力,一些高层人士对我们所做的一切都投下了负面的评价。因此,你必须问这样一个问题:"为什么我们国家和整个军队的高科技水平上会发生这么多的破坏活动?"而且,是谁告诉他们试图停止一切,试图减少它时,我们试图帮助自己?(《外星人选》,第2卷,第92)

The power of a mysterious Fourth Reich over Operation Paperclip scientists,some of whom were forced to sabotage US R&D efforts is illustrated by McClelland who says he personally witnessed the former Nazi SS general Hans Kammler in the mid-1960s at the NASA office of Dr.Kurt Debus,head of the Kennedy Space Center.Kammler had escaped from Nazi Germany before its collapse to South America and Antarctica to help the Fourth Reich expand its underground bases there.

神秘的第四帝国对回纹针行动科学家的影响力,他们中的一些人被迫破坏美国的研发努力,这一点由 McClelland 阐述,他说他亲眼目睹了20世纪60年代中期前纳粹党卫军将军 Hans Kammler 在美国国家航空航天局 Kurt Debus 博士的办公室,Kurt Debus 博士是美国肯尼迪航天中心科学研究所的负责人。在纳粹德国瓦解之前,卡姆勒从纳粹德国逃到了南美洲和南极洲,以帮助第四帝国在那里扩张其地下基地。

McClelland described the powerful influence exerted over the German scientists working for NASA who feared Kammler and the shadowy Fourth Reich:

麦克莱兰描述了为 NASA 工作的德国科学家所受到的强大影响,他们害怕坎姆勒和阴暗的第四帝国:

I opened his office door and saw two people I had not seen at KSC[Kennedy Space Center].He introduced me to both men.He only gave me their first names during the introduction….One was introduced to me as Sigfried and the other was introduced as Hans….Both had the look of Nazi High Command Officers….Today I am certain of who these two men were.I eventually learned from other German scientists that one of them me was Siegfried Knemeyer.He was a very high ranking Nazi Oberst Officer in the Luftwaffe…The other man was difficult to recognize until I saw an older photo of him after he had later entered the USA.He was in my opinion Heinz(Hans)Kammler….There were rumors after WWII that Kammler had made a deal with General George Patton to turn over German Top Secret technology for his support in getting Kammler into the USA.That may have actually happened.I personally believe it did happen.(The Stargate Chronicles,ch.15).

我打开他办公室的门,看到两个我在 KSC[肯尼迪航天中心]没见过的人。他把我介绍给这两个人。在介绍的时候他只告诉了我他们的名字。一个是介绍给我作为西格弗里德和其他介绍汉斯..。两人都长得像纳粹高级指挥官。今天,我确信这两个人是谁。我最终从其他德国科学家那里得知,其中一个我就是齐格弗里德·克内迈耶。他是纳粹德国空军的高级指挥官......另一个人很难认出来,直到我看到他后来进入美国的一张老照片。我认为他是海因茨(汉斯)卡姆勒..。二战后有传言说,卡姆勒与巴顿将军达成协议,交出德国绝密技术,以换取他支持卡姆勒进入美国。这可能真的发生了。我个人认为这确实发生了。(《星际之门编年史》,ch15).

What emerges from the testimonies of Adair,McClelland,Tompkins,and others is that the US military industrial complex had been successfully infiltrated by the Fourth Reich using Operation Paperclip scientists who were either forced or willingly working as double agents.

AdairMcClellandTompkins 和其他人的证词中可以看出,美国的军事工业联合体已经被第四帝国成功地渗透了,他们利用了回纹针行动的科学家,这些科学家不是被迫就是自愿充当双重间谍。

While the German scientists appeared to be providing technical assistance for US rocket and other advanced aerospace programs,many were sabotaging US industry efforts to replicate the advanced aerospace technologies the Nazis had reverse engineered from extraterrestrial spacecraft.


This naturally raises the question of whether Von Braun had truly broken free of all Nazi influences while heading the Marshall Space Flight Center and building the Saturn V rockets for the Apollo program,or whether he was a double agent.


Adair's recollection of a warning given to him by Von Braun about Rudolph does suggest that as the inaugural Director of the Marshall Center,Von Braun was being handled by Rudolph who was the project director for the Saturn V rocket,and later Von Braun's Special Assistant:


The thing is,von Braun warned me that if during my rocket work,I should encounter a man named Dr.Arthur Rudolph,I should be extremely careful because he was so dangerous.


It appears that Von Braun and other German Paperclip scientists were intimidated by Rudolph–an ardent Nazi–who was almost certainly recruited by Kammler as a key operative for the Fourth Reich.Rudolph's covert mission was to coerce Paperclip scientists to do the bidding of the Antarctic Germans or face severe consequences.

看来冯·布劳恩和其他德国回形针科学家被鲁道夫——一个狂热的纳粹分子——吓到了,而鲁道夫几乎可以肯定地被卡姆勒招募为第四帝国的关键特工。鲁道夫的秘密任务是强迫 Paperclip 科学家们听从南极洲德国人的命令,否则将面临严重的后果。

If Von Braun either voluntarily or was coerced to work as a double agent for the Fourth Reich,this raises the question of what his true agenda was when he met Carol Rosin at Fairchild Industries in 1974.


Was Von Braun truthful to Rosin in warning her of a Deep State plot to stage an alien false flag invasion to justify space weapons,or was he attempting to sabotage US military efforts to one day bridge the defense technology gap with the German secret space program?


萨拉博士|2020/6/13 冯•布劳恩的假旗外星人入侵——真正的警告还是第四帝国的欺骗?

The Apollo Program took away valuable resources from scientific research and development of electromagnetic and torsion field propulsion systems,which the Germans had mastered for their Antarctica space fleet described by various insiders as the"Dark Fleet"or"Nacht Waffen"(Night Weapons)


Understanding Von Braun's true role in the US Apollo and German Antarctic space programs is vital context for analyzing his subsequent opposition to space weapons,as recalled by Rosin.Was Von Braun genuinely committed to eliminating weapons in space as he convinced Rosin during the final years of his life,or was he a double agent secretly working for the Fourth Reich Antarctic Germans?


Just as Von Braun and other former Nazi scientists convinced the US Congress and the scientific community that rocket propulsion was the key to future space travel,as a distraction from the true potential of electromagnetic and torsion field propulsion systems,was Von Braun sowing the seeds for handicapping a future US military space program that could one day threaten or rival the German's Dark Fleet/Nacht Waffen through advanced space weapons?


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