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当然,我们并不是唯一的外星人。当你在天空中看到一些东西,你或者知道或者怀疑那是一个 UFO,可以这么说,那是一个外星人或者一群外星人在试水。他们正在测量你对他们的反应。当你看到一个飞碟,你真正想做的是打开你的心。感受来自船上其他存有的振动。感受自己与外星人更直接的身体接触,就在那里,在你的天空中,寻找那些准备好接触的人。

9D大角星理事会|当你看到不明飞行物时该怎么办"Greetings.We are the Arcturian Council.We are pleased to connect with all of you.


We have been looking for new and different ways of connecting with all of you.You will sometimes notice that you can feel us around,when you are just relaxing and enjoying something that you love.You will find that you can sense our vibration in a movie,or a television show,or even a song,as we inspire those who create art on your world.We also find opportunities to connect with you when you are having a deep conversation with someone,and you feel that the conversation is moving in the direction of extra-terrestrials.


We,of course,are not the only e.t.s who are doing this.When you see something in your sky,and you either know or suspect that it is a UFO,that's an e.t.or a group of e.t.s testing the waters,so to speak.They are gauging your reactions to them.When you see a UFO,what you really want to do is to open your heart.Feel for the vibration coming off of the other beings that are on board.Feel yourself opening up to more direct physical contact with the e.t.s that are right there,in your skies,looking for those of you who are ready for contact.

当然,我们并不是唯一的外星人。当你在天空中看到一些东西,你或者知道或者怀疑那是一个 UFO,可以这么说,那是一个外星人或者一群外星人在试水。他们正在测量你对他们的反应。当你看到一个飞碟,你真正想做的是打开你的心。感受来自船上其他存有的振动。感受自己与外星人更直接的身体接触,就在那里,在你的天空中,寻找那些准备好接触的人。

Now,we as a nonphysical collective,have many ways of connecting with you,including through this channel right here.But we look for opportunities all day every day to offer you some guidance or just a sliver of our vibration.We like to feel that we are a part of your journey,and we will always seek out more contact with you,as you are very precious to us.We,and others like us,want to help you evolve and ascend with as much joy in your hearts as possible.And this entire ride for us is fun.It's exciting.It gives us a sense of purpose.And of course,this is a holographic universe,so you are within us and we are within you.By helping you,we help ourselves.


And by helping you,we get to feel more joy and more satisfaction.Most of the physical e.t.s that are flying around in UFOs can say the same.They want to help.They want to succeed.But you can still use your discernment and your feeling senses to determine for yourselves whether an e.t.or a group of e.t.s is right for you to be connecting with in that moment.That is why it is important to use your hearts and your intuition,because they are the tools you will utilize the most as you complete your shift,and they are the tools you will use the most as fifth-dimensional beings.


We are the Arcturian Council,and we have enjoyed connecting with you."


»Source»Channel:Daniel Scranton



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