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Who Is Head Of The House?You Might Be Surprised!


X22 Report(C-VINE Vetted)X22报告(C-VINE 审核)



The Deep State,the mainstream media,the corrupt politicians are in the biggest quagmire yet.They thought they had mastery over everything when they won the Majority of the House.


The Mueller Investigation resulted in ZERO crimes.The Swamp in the FBI is being dismantled.There they sit in the'House'but they cannot pass laws because the Senate won't allow them to slip unrelated sneaky laws into the package they are reviewing.The Senate is blocking the House!


If the Senate was the key,does this mean,in a round-a-bout way,they are head of the House?


The Senate can confirm judges and Supreme Court judges.They can act as a barricade against what the Deep State wants to do through corrupt politicians.The Deep State is not in control…if they were,they would not need to plan and carry out any of these events.They have underestimated the people of this country and those around the world.


Along with the Trump rallies,the boat rallies and now in Canada,it was said 70,000 people marched for our President.We are the majority.Patriots are in control and the DS knows it.They are panicked.How do we know?

随着特朗普的集会,船集会,现在在加拿大,据说有70,000人为我们的总统游行。我们是大多数。爱国者控制着局面,DS 也知道这一点。他们惊慌失措。我们怎么知道?

John Brennan tweeted,"Lindsey Graham's support for filling a SCOTUS vacancy in final year of a president's term is pure hypocrisy.As I recount in"Undaunted,"he once told me not to pay attention to his public statements,as it's all just politics.He fully deserves to be bounced from the Senate."


Brennan is in sheer panic mode.He is trying to silence or even suggesting the removal of Senators.Will it work?


McConnell is dealing with rioters at his house trying to force him to be silent on replacing RGB.

麦康奈尔正在他家里处理骚乱者,试图迫使他在更换 RGB 问题上保持沉默。

One person tweeted,"We're shutting this country down if Trump and McConnell try to ram through an appointment before the election."


Trump and McConnell won't ram anything through.Every thing these men have done,they have followed the rule of law in order to do it!


Historically,there have been a whopping 29 submissions and confirmations for Supreme Court Justice in an election year.Three were nominated and voted on,in the same day!Others were comfirmed within fifteen days,twenty days,twenty-five days and thirty days.Ruth Bader Ginsburg,herself was confirmed in only 42 days!


Historically speaking,this is completely within the law.Narratively speaking,the DS/Media/Corrupt politicians have come un-glued,but America has plenty of time!


President Obama is on video saying it is the President's duty to nominate and the Senate's duty to confirm whether it is an election year or not.People close to RGB said her dying wish was to hold off until after the 2020 election when a new president is voted in.

奥巴马总统在视频中说,总统有责任提名候选人,参议院有责任确认今年是否是选举年。接近 RGB 的人说,她的遗愿是推迟到2020年大选之后,届时新总统将投票产生。


Supreme Court Justices 最高法院法官

What happens when Trump is re-elected?Will he have to wait another 4 years for his successor to submit a name for the Supreme Court?That would be ridiculous!


In 2016 according to the New York Times,RGB said,"There is nothing in the Constitution that prevents a president from filling a vacant seat on the high court in his final year in office."

2016年,据《纽约时报》报道,RGB 表示,"宪法中没有任何条款阻止总统在任期的最后一年填补高等法院的空缺席位。"

This narrative is debunked!It is not law and points directly to the panic button!


President Trump tweeted out,"…Crazy Nancy Pelosi wants to Impeach me if I fulfill my Constitutional Obligation to put forth a Nomination for the vacated seat on the United States Supreme Court.This would be a FIRST,even crazier than being Impeached for making a PERFECT phone call to Ukrainian Pres."


So,when can we expect his nomination?Friday or Saturday,perhaps?He says it will be a woman.Who will it be?


The impeachment won't be an issue because the Senate will simply vote to table the impeachment hearing until after the Senate confirms the new Supreme Court Justice.If the House carries out an intent to Impeach,it shows they are using Impeachment as a political weapon.Trump is still our president at least until January 20,2021.He will continue carrying out his presidential duties which include nominating a Supreme Court Justice.


AOC said to Mitch McConnell"You are playing with fire!"Was that a threat?What did she mean?Could there be some insinuance of the fires the rioters have been setting?Will there be more?They are panicked!

AOC Mitch McConnell :"你是在玩火!"这是威胁吗?她是什么意思?有没有可能是骚乱者放火的暗示?还会有更多吗?他们惊慌失措!

Trump is following the Constitution and the DS doesn't know how to skirt around this.LAW&ORDER!

特朗普在遵守宪法,而 DS 不知道如何回避这个问题。法律与秩序!

There is much in the underground news exposing Human Trafficking,Pedophilia,Crimes Against Humanity.Did you know the Justice Department awarded almost$101,000,000 to combat Human Trafficking?Bill Barr is behind this and is fighting to see this through.


He says,"The scourge of Human Trafficking is the modern day equivelent of slavery,brutally depriving victims of basic human rights and essential physical needs as it erodes their sense of dignity and self-worth."Why is this allowed on a scale of this magnitude?This is the 21st century!Who is behind these heinous crimes?Who funds them?


The U.S.Marshals have indicated those children who they are rescuing are tied to human trafficking.


Jeffrey Epstein is coming into focus once again.A U.S.Virgin Island Attorney General has subpoenaed Epstein's entire Lolita express flight logs.He wants the names of all those people who were transported on his flights exposed.This includes the pilot's notes.This case is moving forward and these people are panicked!

杰弗里爱泼斯坦(Jeffrey Epstein)再次成为人们关注的焦点。美国维珍岛司法部长已经传唤爱泼斯坦整个洛丽塔特快飞行日志。他想知道所有乘坐他的航班的人的名字。这包括飞行员的笔记。这个案子正在向前发展,这些人都很恐慌!

Treason,sedition,crimes against humanity,the e-mail scandal,Uranium One;are all falling apart for the DS.The election event is not working in their favor and neither is the timing of the Supreme Court Justice nomination.Things are going very badly for the DS.

叛国,煽动叛乱,反人类罪,电子邮件丑闻,铀一号,都因为 DS 而分崩离析。选举活动对他们不利,最高法院大法官提名的时机也不对。DS 的情况非常糟糕。


President Trump recently announced he will implement the 1776 Commission to counter the 1619 Project;a misguided historical event focusing on the division of slavery.Have you ever figured out why Common Core was pushed by Obama and Gates,and taught to our children and grandchildren?


It was implemented to teach the young,a twisted account of history.This is how a nation is transformed within.We have read about this from Nazi Germany.They taught their very young,indoctrinating them.Why is it we are seeing historical accounts being left out of our history books?Why did we hear of school libraries throwing history books into the dumpster in the name of not wanting to spread COVID germs?


These children were taught that our country is divided,that they don't have rights,but rather,privileges.These children were taught our country was not created in 1776,but rather in 1619.This is the foundation of Common Core.When the young are indoctrinated,a nation can be transformed.


These kids who are toppling statues really believe we have a racism problem.They really believe the country is divided.California was supposed to be the'Poster Child,'but it has become a mess.


We have learned the COVID virus is very,very smart!It knows which states to live in and which ones to avoid.It knows it should infest rallies but should avoid riots.It knows spas,salons and gyms are great for contamination,but large stores like Wal-Mart and Home Depot are germ-free!

我们已经知道了 COVID 病毒是非常非常聪明的!它知道哪些国家应该生活,哪些国家应该避免。它知道自己应该影响集会,但应该避免骚乱。它知道温泉浴场、沙龙和健身房对污染是有好处的,但像沃尔玛和家得宝这样的大型商店是无菌的!

George Floyd's funeral was well-attended.John Lewis's funeral was well-attended.Now we hear public viewing may be permitted at Ruth Bader Ginsburg's funeral.All around the country,many'common-folk'who lost loved-ones were not able to have any type of funeral or memorial due to COVID mandates.(Editor's Note:My cousin passed away in March and we still have yet to give him a proper burial due to our state's regulations of business lockdowns.)


Once again,we are seeing two sets of rules,one for the elites and one for us'common-folk.'



The CDC came out saying the COVID virus is air-born and 6′apart is not far enough.Critical thinkiing is essential.Why was this message put out there?We can almost be certain it was to stop voters from going to the polls.

美国疾病预防控制中心表示,因为 COVID 病毒是通过空气传播的,6′距离还不够远。批判性思考是必不可少的。为什么会有这样的消息?我们几乎可以肯定,这是为了阻止选民去投票。

Then the CDC retracted this'air-born and 6′apart,'idea,saying releasing it was a mistake because it was a draft.There is no proof of this air born ideology.Even the W.H.O.doesn't agree with it.


Where are the clinical trials to prove what they say is true?They can't just say it,yet that seems to be their mode of operation throughout this whole ordeal.


We know the DS is the author of chaos and confusion in our cities.Our favorite Patriot Intelligence Insider has encouraged us to go back to the beginning to understand what will happen with the National Guard and with the military.

我们知道 DS 是我们城市中混乱和困惑的作者。我们最喜欢的爱国者情报局鼓励我们回到最开始的时候,去了解国民警卫队和军队将会发生什么。

Governors and the DOJ are getting prepared for the chaos that is coming.Gov.Ron DeSantis(FL)has completely endorsed his police force.He announced bold legislation which creates new criminal offenses and increased penalties for those who target law enforcement officers!Great news!


If violence,obstruction of roadways,destroyed monuments,public harrassment or RICO liability occurs,severe jail sentences are listed.

如果发生暴力、道路阻塞、纪念碑被毁、公共骚扰或 RICO 责任,将被列入严厉的监禁判决。

New York,Portland,and Seattle's local leaders have endangered citizens.Barr said federal tax dollars cannot be wasted on this.Barr is putting them on notice they will not be receiving federal tax funding until they can clean up the mess they created.


A billion dollars in damages nation-wide has occured.Some of the corrupt politicians said the riots were a myth,that they didn't exist.So why the billion dollars in damages,if this is not true?'Hold Rioters Accountable Act,'is moving forward.


Last week,a woman allegedly sent a letter laced with RICIN to Trump and was arrested trying to enter the U.S.from Canada.She was armed and was detained and will face federal charges.



On the Military.Com website,there is a video of a B-2 Stealth Bomber dropping a massive Ordnance Penatrator bomb.Our favorite Patriot Intelligence Insider pointed us in this direction.Why?Is Bill Barr the B-2 Stealth Bomber or is Trump's Supreme Court nomination?

关于军队。通讯网站,有一个视频的 B-2隐形轰炸机投下一个巨大的军械喷纳塔炸弹。我们最喜欢的爱国者情报局内部人士为我们指出了这个方向。为什么?比尔·巴尔是 B-2隐形轰炸机还是特朗普的最高法院提名?

Either way,the Patriots are steps ahead in the game.Patriots are in control!


Opinion:JoLynn Live,C-VINE Contributor(Based on the opinion of the X22 Report)

观点:JoLynn LiveC-VINE 贡献者(基于 X22报告的观点)



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