2022年3月29日: 今日无华而不实的新闻ーー只是一个专栏|星际飞船地球

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 March 29, 2022 2022年3月29日

2022年3月29日: 今日无华而不实的新闻ーー只是一个专栏|星际飞船地球

No news today. I’m going to ramble. Read at your own risk. This is slanted more for the newly initiated truth warriors; the brave ones who realized something is desperately wrong with our reality and set out to find out what Trump has been railing about for 5 years or more and why the appalling events unfolding are permitted. I know how frustrating it is to try to put the pieces together and the following is my attempt to smooth the way.

今天没有消息。我要去散步了。阅读风险自负。这种说法更倾向于那些新近发起的真相斗士; 那些意识到我们的现实存在严重错误的勇敢者,他们着手查明特朗普已经抱怨了五年或更长时间的事情,以及为什么允许发生的骇人听闻的事件。我知道试图把这些碎片拼凑起来是多么令人沮丧,下面是我试图铺平道路的尝试。

One of the most difficult challenges we face as Truth Warriors is parsing the data. There are many recently awakened showing up on blogs, websites, video channels, live talk shows and real news channels. What they may not realize is how an information war works. It would be great if all the news published and discussed in the ‘alternative news’ community were true—but it isn’t, and not all the players have good intentions.


Dealing with the legacy media is a piece of cake compared to the discernment process required to filter what we see and hear every day. The mainstream media is pure lies and propaganda. Period—but we can’t paint the alternative news with a broad brush, we have to build a foundation of solid perspective for our screening process before we take anything as truth.


2022年3月29日: 今日无华而不实的新闻ーー只是一个专栏|星际飞船地球

We also have to learn a few lessons as to how The Art of War game is played. Yes, Virginia, the good guys DO tell lies and put out information that isn’t truthful and there are many reasons for this.


There are wonderful, brilliant, self-less people in the trenches and running this liberation operation but they will be the first to tell you they are not saints. As Q stated early on in that military intelligence backchannel operation, “it won’t always be clean”. That means they will do what must be done and it will require them to do and say things that individually as a rational, altruistic Human Being they would not.

在战壕里,有许多出色的、才华横溢的、没有自我意识的人在运作这个解放运动,但他们会第一个告诉你,他们不是圣人。正如 q 早些时候在那次军事情报反向通道行动中所说的那样,“它不会总是干净的”。这意味着他们将做必须做的事情,这将要求他们做的事情和说的话,作为一个理性的,利他的人,他们不会。

You might recall the rally where Trump first spoke of the fact the Earth Alliance had strategically killed Iranian General Qasem Soleimani in a surgical strike in 2020. The normally vocal crowd at a Trump rally fell nearly silent and it was apparent to me that the outright assassination of a man by the US military was not okay with the American People. You could feel the energy drop and it was disturbing to me personally, despite my understanding of the high stakes game being played that we affectionately refer to as “5-D chess”.

你可能还记得特朗普第一次提到地球联盟在2020年的一次外科手术式袭击中杀害了伊朗将军卡西姆 · 索莱马尼(Qasem Soleimani)的集会。在特朗普的集会上,通常会发出声音的人群几乎陷入了沉默,在我看来,美国军方公然暗杀一名男子,美国人民对此并不满意。你可以感觉到能量的下降,这让我个人感到不安,尽管我理解这场被我们亲切地称为“5-D 国际象棋”的高风险游戏。

2022年3月29日: 今日无华而不实的新闻ーー只是一个专栏|星际飞船地球

This is a battle for the very existence of Humanity, my friends, and failure is not an option. Do you not think the Earth Alliance will have to do things that will mean there are a few casualties? Most of us are not in the military nor have we ever been. The civilian population is ill-equipped to understand war strategies devised by distinguished and brilliant military generals.


To up the ante we also have, shall we say, “metaphysical” aspects to this spiritual war that most of us are unaware even exist or are possible. I daresay we have “off-world” help and the Universe is on our side. The rampant spread of evil must be arrested if we are to continue our civilization.


2022年3月29日: 今日无华而不实的新闻ーー只是一个专栏|星际飞船地球

If you’re “new”, I sympathize because I still remember my own frustration back in 2010 and 2011 when I began to develop my world view of what we are dealing with.


I gobbled up vast quantities of whistleblower information from heroes like Bill Cooper and Phil Schneider, channelers, and news feeds and patriot talk shows like Drake Bailey’s. There were Benjamin Fulford’s geopolitical updates, Neil Keenan’s dramatic accounts of his skirmishes with the banksters over the “global collateral accounts”, Veterans Today political articles, and Kerry Cassidy’s “secret space program” and Illuminati insiders.

我从比尔 · 库珀和菲尔 · 施耐德这样的英雄身上获取了大量的告密者信息,他们都是通灵者,还有德雷克 · 贝利这样的新闻源和爱国者谈话节目。有本杰明 · 富尔福德的地缘政治更新,尼尔 · 基南戏剧性地讲述了他与银行家们在“全球抵押账户”问题上的小冲突,《今日退伍军人》的政治文章,以及凯利 · 卡西迪的“秘密太空计划”和光照派内部人士。

Even then there was fear porn, intentional misinformation and disinformation, and I recall feeling like my “discernment gland” didn’t know its ass from a hole in the ground. It believed nearly anything was possible and that people who appeared to be delivering updates in earnest were real patriots.


Well, that was eons ago in the grand scheme of things and now, twelve or so years later, I trust my finely-honed intuition and it rarely disappoints. I can say in all humility that when I form an opinion about someone or an article or event, that my intuition performs a quick analysis and the red needle goes immediately to either true or false.


Words have energy and reveal intention. Inauthentic people register as untrustworthy and past experience in a particular topic points the way. That foundation that took over a decade to cement in place is serving me well. That is not to say I am always correct or that I never change my original opinion.


When new information or evidence presents, I am always open to revising my initial take on a situation or a someone. That is actually a common practice now as we are privy to so much more “war news” than we used to get a decade ago. Having said that, there are also “grey areas” and some things or people are simply “irrelevant”.


2022年3月29日: 今日无华而不实的新闻ーー只是一个专栏|星际飞船地球

The Q Intelligence back channel was a game changer and generated a little thrill of confirmation as finally—an official source was validating so much of what I had shared over the years—and opened the door to the darker side not previously discussed in my world; pedovores. That was a turning point. Q revealed the depth of depravity of the enemy so that Humanity could see them and fight back. They decloaked the satanic “elite”.

Q 情报公司的秘密渠道改变了游戏规则,终于有一个官方消息来源证实了我多年来分享的很多东西,并为我的世界中以前从未讨论过的更黑暗的一面打开了大门: 食人者。那是一个转折点。Q 揭露了敌人堕落的深度,这样人类就可以看到他们并进行反击。他们开除了撒旦的“精英”。

It was no longer strictly a political or financial war. The dark ones knew they would have to be at the top of their game and try to maintain the control over the population through their media outlets and on the Internet. They installed talk show hosts and “patriots” of all kinds to not only misinform, but instill fear and dread, and of course suck the almighty bucks from unsuspecting innocents who had little perspective for deciding where their loyalty should lie.


Like politicians, these fake patriots said what trusting Humans wanted to hear most of the time and injected their own venom occasionally. They attacked real patriots and caused a great deal of division in the alt news community. There was nothing we could do about that other than expose the occasional culprit if they went too far, but the Q Movement meant that we had a yard stick with which to measure information for validity.

就像政客们一样,这些伪爱国者说的都是人类大多数时候想听的话,偶尔也会给自己注射毒液。他们攻击真正的爱国者,在新闻界引起了很大的分歧。对此,我们无能为力,除了偶尔揭露罪魁祸首,如果他们走得太远,但 q 运动意味着我们有一根尺子,用来衡量信息的有效性。

The Q drops weren’t without their own pitfalls, however. They told us that disinformation is necessary, but many disregarded that when they also posted that there would be “no outside comms”.

然而,q 下降并不是没有自己的陷阱。他们告诉我们,虚假信息是必要的,但许多人忽略了这一点,当他们还发布消息说,将“没有外部通讯”。

2022年3月29日: 今日无华而不实的新闻ーー只是一个专栏|星际飞船地球

Put yourself in the place of the Q Team; Trump, his generals, Higher Beings, John F. Kennedy Jr., etc. If you knew that the cabal controlled at least 95 per cent of the media, including the Internet, print, etc., and you wanted to communicate with patriots who knew something was wrong and they were ready to act, would you not take advantage of every opportunity to generate back channels to reach those people?

把你自己放在 q 团队的位置; Trump,他的将军们,更高的存在,小约翰·肯尼迪,等等。如果你知道阴谋集团控制了至少95% 的媒体,包括互联网、印刷等,而你想与那些知道事情不对劲并准备采取行动的爱国者沟通,你会不会利用每一个机会产生反向渠道来接触这些人?

Would you limit your reach to the Q drops on 4 Chan or 8 Kun and nothing else—ever? Why would you do that? Anons who discovered, researched and analyzed the Q drops were everywhere. They were smart and picked up on information left in many places from individuals on the inside who fed us bite-sized chunks of intel when it suited The Plan.

你会将你的触及范围限制在4chan 或8kun 上而不是其他任何东西吗?你为什么要这么做?发现、研究和分析 q 滴的无名氏无处不在。他们很聪明,从内部人员那里获取了许多地方的信息,这些人给我们提供了适合《计划》的一小块情报。

The literal Q Team is small; less than 10 we were told. Now that we have seen Trump on Twitter, his brother Uncle Rob on Twitter, the Trump family posting, and “parody” accounts like Il Donaldo Trumpo, and patriots like General Flynn, Patrick Byrne, Steve Bannon, Mike Lindell, Dan Scavino Jr., and others posting all over the place on Twitter, Telegram, and Instagram and now the Truth Social app and Don Jr.’s app, do we really believe there are “no outside comms”?

字面上的 q Team 很小,我们被告知少于10个。既然我们已经在 Twitter 上看到了特朗普,在 Twitter 上看到了他的哥哥罗布叔叔,看到了特朗普家族的帖子,看到了伊尔 · 多纳尔多 · 特朗普(Il Donaldo Trumpo)这样的“恶搞”账户,看到了弗林将军(General Flynn)、帕特里克 · 伯恩(Patrick Byrne)、史蒂夫 · 班农(Steve Bannon)、迈克 · 林德尔(Mike Lindell)、小丹 · 斯加维诺(Dan Scavino jr.)等爱国者的帖子,还看到了其他人在 Twitter、 Instagram,以及现在的“真相社交”(Truth Social)应用和小唐纳德(Don jr.)的应用上到处发帖,我们真的相信“没有外部通讯”吗?

Our clues and intel drops are everywhere. The entity using the name “Q” whom radio show host Ted Mahr refers to as “the letter before R” to get around censorship has provided some incredible metaphysical and energetic teachings on the Out of This World Radio show [like this one]. Whether he is an official member of the Q Team I cannot say, but those exercises and wisdom he imparts are priceless, in my opinion. His voice is remarkably similar to that of Joe M, producer of a number of exceptional videos which succinctly flesh out the current situation on our planet.

我们的线索和情报到处都是。电台节目主持人泰德 · 马尔(Ted Mahr)称“ q”这个名字为“ r 前的字母”,这个实体在“ Out of This World”电台节目中提供了一些令人难以置信的形而上学和充满活力的教导(比如这个)。我不知道他是不是 q 小组的正式成员,但在我看来,他所传授的那些训练和智慧是无价的。他的声音与 Joe m 惊人地相似,Joe m 制作了一系列非凡的视频,简洁地充实了我们这个星球上的现状。

This is 13 minutes you cannot afford to miss if you have not yet seen it.


Q – The Plan to Save the World问: 拯救世界的计划

I use the term “planet” loosely, because there are a few brave souls who have told us that we do not inhabit the beautiful blue marble NASA [not a government agency] would have us believe and their alternate version of reality resonates strongly.


Brave souls like Yellow Rose for Texas have told us we are trapped in an artificial construct some call a “copy” of our home world; and that our true bodies are lying in stasis until such time as the geniuses behind ‘The Plan to Save the World’ have their strategic move culminate in our ejection from this “prison planet” when our spirit will return to our original bodies just as they transferred the souls from one Avatar to another in the blockbuster movie by that name. I believe there is a very good reason the Avatar movie garnered astronomical attention and success; because it resonated subconsciously with Humanity. There were a lot of clues in it, to be sure.

像德克萨斯州的黄玫瑰这样勇敢的灵魂告诉我们,我们被困在一个人工构造中,有些人称之为我们家园世界的“复制品”; 我们真实的身体处于停滞状态,直到《拯救世界计划》背后的天才们采取战略性行动,将我们从这个“监狱星球”驱逐出去,那时我们的灵魂将回到我们原来的身体,就像电影大片《阿凡达》中他们把灵魂从一个阿凡达转移到另一个阿凡达一样。我相信《阿凡达》获得了天文数字般的关注和成功是有原因的,因为它在潜意识里与人类产生了共鸣。可以肯定的是,里面有很多线索。

Eureka! When I went to YouTube for the Yellow Rose for Texas link I found this video I hadn’t seen from March 2. Not all of her videos are easy to watch because most require a knowledge base built over years, so don’t despair if a lot of this doesn’t make sense but do watch to the end for a positive message. Even now I don’t understand it all but Rose fans will want to watch. [It ties in with Jetson White’s video, below.] 6 min.

找到了!当我到 YouTube 上寻找德克萨斯州黄玫瑰的链接时,我发现这个视频我从3月2日开始就没有看过。并不是所有她的视频都很容易观看,因为大多数视频都需要多年的知识基础。即使是现在我也不能完全理解,但是罗斯的粉丝们会想看的。(它与下面杰森 · 怀特的视频结合在一起)6分钟。

Things You Need to Know Update 3-2-22


I believe there is a very good reason why Q repeatedly says, “Where We Go One We Go All”. We’re gonna blow this popsicle stand, folks. That is my firm belief. This is no Eden; it is infested with disgusting evil predators who can no longer control us and they want us dead. We are not “lucky” to be here and this is not the wonderful life our Creator planned for us. We have survived poisoned water, air, food, drugs, medical procedures, war, and the mind control enabled by the dark’s technology and it is not the Creation of a benevolent God.

我相信 q 反复说“我们去哪儿,我们就去哪儿”是有原因的。伙计们,我们要炸了这个冰棒摊。这是我坚定的信念。这里不是伊甸园,到处都是恶心的食肉动物,他们再也控制不了我们,想要我们死。我们不是“幸运的”在这里,这不是美好的生活,我们的造物主计划给我们。我们在有毒的水、空气、食物、药物、医疗程序、战争以及黑暗科技带来的精神控制中幸存下来,而这并不是一个仁慈的上帝的创造。

If you feel like we are being strung along by Trump or the good guys, just remember how hard it was for you to assimilate information such as I’ve included in the above paragraphs. If the masses cannot even recognize that their government was hijacked by self-serving individuals who lie, cheat, and steal and that their media outright lies to them every day—how the hell are the good guys going to tell the world the whole truth about this existence we have been terrorized within for so long?


Humans are so traumatized at this point they don’t know what the truth is and wouldn’t recognize it unless Jesus himself stood before them and told the story—and even then many would disbelieve and simply go back to their automaton life.


Just as the Illuminati spent decades incrementally infiltrating our world, re-writing laws, removing our freedoms, reducing our ability to think clearly or critically, making us sicker and weaker, while convincing us they are acting in our best interests, the Earth Alliance has spent a very long time devising The Plan and setting the stage for the grand finale.


2022年3月29日: 今日无华而不实的新闻ーー只是一个专栏|星际飞船地球

Lt. Col. Wendy Rogers – activated!

温迪 · 罗杰斯中校启动!

They have put key people in key positions to be “activated” at the designated moment to either reverse the damage done by the deep state criminals or to bring to the foreground the necessary intel to inform the masses so they recognize what happened and what must be done about it for justice to prevail. The People must believe in “justice” again, because for so long, justice has been reversed, like everything else in this cesspool. This all takes time and I feel like we are putting in time, waiting, informing, preparing, for something… BIG.

他们把关键人物放在关键位置,在指定的时刻“激活”,要么扭转深藏不露的国家罪犯所造成的损害,要么把必要的情报公之于众,让群众认识到发生了什么,以及为了伸张正义必须采取什么措施。人民必须再次相信“正义”,因为这么长时间以来,正义被颠倒了,就像这个污水坑里的其他东西一样。这一切都需要时间,我觉得我们正在投入时间,等待,通知,准备,为一些... ... 大事。

To repeat myself, failure is not an option and regardless of the frustration level of any of us who believe we know what’s coming and our defiance over the blatant unlawful and cruel treatment of Humanity at this point, The Plan must be adhered to and to some degree must remain fluid to accommodate the actions of the enemy.


We will get there, to our promised release from this hellish existence. We will be going “home”, thanks to people like Donald Trump and countless others who have sacrificed to make this happen. It’s tricky, and involves things we have never heard of before. Now that I found that Yellow Rose video above, it fits perfectly with my message.

我们会到达那里,从地狱般的生活中解脱出来。我们将“回家”,这要感谢像唐纳德 · 特朗普这样的人,以及无数为实现这一目标做出牺牲的人。这是一个棘手的问题,涉及到一些我们从未听说过的东西。现在我发现上面的黄玫瑰视频,它完全符合我的信息。

2022年3月29日: 今日无华而不实的新闻ーー只是一个专栏|星际飞船地球

If you have watched the videos produced by Jetson White you have an idea as to what may be involved. A recent version he put together ties up a number of individual ones in a summary of sorts. I recommend you watch it because it has a great deal of merit based on my “foundation” of perspective.

如果你看过 Jetson White 制作的视频,你就会知道其中可能涉及的内容。在最近的一个版本中,他把一些单独的词汇组合在一起,形成了一个类型的总结。我建议你看它,因为它有很大的优点,基于我的“基础”的观点。

I still believe “anything is possible”, but I am far more discerning than a decade ago. That solid foundation has served me well and I have built a wealth of knowledge on top.


Knowing that the powers-that-were kept us in the dark as to the nature of our reality and plain physics, Jetson’s theories seem very plausible. Unfortunately, they are not the kind of positive encouragement Trump can offer at his rallies. Over the past few years, however, we have witnessed evidence of various kinds supporting Jetson’s theories.


2022年3月29日: 今日无华而不实的新闻ーー只是一个专栏|星际飞船地球

If you follow Q’s comms, think in terms of numerology and Gematria, have explored the Q Map, and listen to your intuition, perhaps you can formulate a semblance of possibilities and probabilities for the future, when Trump reveals, “the best is yet to come”.

如果你遵循 q 的通讯,从数字命理学和 Gematria 的角度思考,探索 q 地图,并听从你的直觉,或许你可以在特朗普透露“最好的还没有到来”时,为未来制定一个表面上的可能性和概率。

I feel quite confident it will be something along these lines but much of it will be subconscious and we will not have to “do” anything other than be who we be; good Humans. Our Golden Age is on the way and we will be sprung from this trap. “Earth” as we know it is a sick, evil place, folks; a realm so foul it cannot be saved. We’re going home; wherever that may be. Following our liberation I believe we will subsequently scatter and return to our home planets in many cases to resume a life we chose. Sure, it sounds crazy but wait and see.

我很有信心这将是一些沿着这些路线,但它将是潜意识的,我们将不必“做”任何事,除了我们是谁; 好人类。我们的黄金时代即将到来,我们将从这个陷阱中解放出来。众所周知,“地球”是一个病态、邪恶的地方,各位,一个肮脏到无法拯救的王国。我们要回家,不管那是什么地方。随着我们的解放,我相信我们随后会分散并且在许多情况下回到我们的家园星球去恢复我们选择的生活。当然,这听起来很疯狂,但是等着瞧吧。

The Trump Time Travel Miracle – 2022 Revisit

特朗普时间旅行奇迹 -2022重访

Busy day—gotta run. The current drama will serve to keep us busy and engaged until it’s time to leave for ‘home’. No one will say when that will be, so settle in, and enjoy as much as possible.


Phil G was tied up last night but said he plans to do two shows today. DLive chat usually updates us on any new developments so I go there first. Watch Telegram.

菲尔 · g 昨晚忙得不可开交,但他说他今天打算做两场演出。聊天通常更新我们的任何新的发展,所以我先去那里。值班电报。

I have to postpone tonight’s Live, but I’ll be doing TWO livestreams tomorrow. One during the day, and another at night.


The early Live will be on Project Looking Glass, and the 2nd Live will be a Q&A specifically on Project Looking Glass.


Times will be announced in the morning 2022年3月29日: 今日无华而不实的新闻ーー只是一个专栏|星际飞船地球


See you next time.   ~ BP


2022年3月29日: 今日无华而不实的新闻ーー只是一个专栏|星际飞船地球

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