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This blogpost contains part 2 (of 4) of notes made during the Soul Family Workshop given by by Cobra in Budapest on 16 & 17 March 2019. The production of these notes was a co-creative effort of Hanneke van Ginkel, Michel van de Ven and Jacqueline van Rijswijk.


Disclaimer: These notes are written as if Cobra was speaking. This is not what he said word for word, but paraphrasing what he said. It is our interpretation.


These notes have been reviewed and approved by Cobra on 4 April 2019. The notes have been updated according to his wishes.


oin the Divine Love & Light Festival



Part 1. Saturday 16 March 2019, 10 am to 1:30 pm: 



Soul Brothers and Sisters


  • Soul Mates


  • Twin Souls


Part 2. Saturday 16 March 2019, 3:30 pm to 7 pm: 




  • Soul Perspective


  • Truth and Integrity


  • Love and Sexuality


Part 3. Sunday 17 March 2019, 10 am to 1:30 pm: 




  • Bubbles of Heaven and New Atlantis


  • Planetary Light Grid Sacred Geometry


  • Contact Dish and Entry Protocols


Part 4. Sunday 17 March 2019, 3:30 pm to 7 pm: 




  • Individual Ascension Process


  • Group Ascension Process


  • Planetary Ascension Process



Individual Ascension Process


The individual Ascension process is something we are all going through individually.If you are really honest with yourself your mission will be of the Light.Ascension means becoming one with your Self.It is a divine marriage between the personality and the Soul.This will not happen until all programmes are erased.


The primary contract removal protocol is the first step towards your liberation.We entered quarantine Earth thousands of years and thousands of lifetimes ago.To be able to come here we had to sign contracts every time.We are going to cancel these contracts now.


[The workshop audience were asked to stand up and repeat out loud after Cobra:][与会的观众被要求站起来,跟着柯博拉大声重复:]

Primary Contract Removal Protocol


In the name of my I AM presence

In the name of I am that I am

I cancel and nullify

All my contracts and agreements

With the dark forces

Past,present and future

And I decree and I command

All consequences of those contracts

To be null and void 

So be it and so it is!

So be it and so it is!

So be it and so it is!

注:"In the name of my I Am Presence,


In the name of my Soul,


In the name of the Source,


In the name of all beings of Light,


I cancel and nullify all my primary contracts with the dark forces.


All my primary contracts with the dark forces are now null and void.


All consequences of these contracts, past, present and future,


are now null and void.


So be it and so it is."


During any type of dark interference you can say this protocol.As you have to clear thousands and thousands of contracts and agreements you need to state this protocol regularly.


Implant triangulation


An implant creates a rotating black hole with a strong magnetic field of plasma inside which holds a message.


The location of the primary implants:


    two in the head 额头二处

    one in the belly 肚脐上方一处

These three black holes create an implant triangle that keeps your consciousness in the primary anomaly.You need to clear all the programmes from these implants.One part of the implants programmes the mind and makes you act as an agent in The Matrix.Your basic primary belief system implanted there is:I am not God.


Implant triangulation removal


We can decrease the influence on your mind in a simple way by putting your mind in alternating opposing states:


I am God-I am not God


Sex is love–Sex is not love


[The workshop audience were asked by Cobra to take a piece of paper and a pen and write row for row and also feel into that state,on the left side:I am God,and on the right side:I am not God,for 10 minutes or so.Then the audience were asked by Cobra to take another piece of paper and write row for row and feel into that state,on the left side:Sex is love,and on the right side:Sex is not love,for 10 minutes or so.]

[柯博拉要求研讨会的听众拿出一张纸和一支笔,一行一行地写下来,并且在左侧感受到这种状态:我是上帝,在右侧:我不是上帝,大约10分钟左右。然后,Cobra 要求观众在另一张纸上一行一行地写下:性是爱,而在右边:性不是爱,持续10分钟左右

You can practise this at home regularly to dissolve your implants.


Imagine a crystal of light blue light with 6 points surrounding you.Visualize you are inside this crystal.This will clear imperfections:



[By the authors:the following videos might be helpful to you for this purpose:[作者:下面的视频可能对你有所帮助:



We have several bodies:我们有几个身体:

  • Physical body 肉体
  • Plasma body 等离子体
  • Etherical/energetic body 以太体/能量体
  • Astral/emotional body 星体/情感身体
  • Mental/mind body 精神/心理/身体
  • Soul body/Higher Self/Lightbody 灵体/高我/光体


The purpose of Ascension is to bring your Soul body/Higher Self down into all your bodies.All bodies need to be absorbed into the Lightbody.


When the Lightbody is activated it means it is a crystal of light and has multidimensional portals.It creates a conscious connection with the Higher Dimensions.The presence of your Lightbody creates a torodial field,a torus.It rotates with a certain speed.When your frequency/vibration is increasing this means the speed of your torus spin is increasing.Tachyons help to speed up the spinning of your torus.When your torus spins with the speed of light you reached Ascension.That is the goal


The heart chakra is a portal.Space and time is filtered through the heart chakra portal.In the core of the heart chakra there is a rotating sphere.The rotating sphere depicts the rotating yin and yang.One half of the sphere is you.The other half is your Twin Soul.You are always connected to your Twin Soul.


There are two parts to that sphere in your heart:the female part,which creates a magnetic field,and the male part,which generates an electric current.Together they create a rotating electro magnetic field.When it rotates with the speed of light,you become your own spaceship with your Lightbody.Before Ascension however you need a physical spaceship to travel throughout space.




The Ascended Masters have developed this spiritual technology.This is the most important technology until now and it creates an advanced pillar of Light.It is generated by a mothership above our Earth.It descends into your body,goes through the Agartha network into the center of the planet.ATVOR creates particles of high energy Light.From 21/1 we are also receiving particles coming from the Galactic Central Sun.It is all based on liquid white light technology.The updated technology available now enables teleportation into the motherships.

扬升大师们已经开发了这种灵性技术。这是迄今为止最重要的技术,它创造了一个先进的光之支柱。它是由我们地球上空的一艘母舰产生的。它进入你的身体,通过 Agartha 网络进入星球的中心。创造高能量光粒子。从21/1开始,我们也接收来自银河系中央太阳的粒子。它全部基于流动白光技术。更新的技术现在可以使隐形传送进入母舰。


"I call upon the Pillar of Pure White Light"我呼请纯白的光柱

to descend upon me and to form around me.突然降临到我身上,包围我

I call upon the Presence of the I Am That I Am.我呼请"我之所是"的临在

I ask the Presence of the I Am That I Am 我要求我之所是的临在

to join and merge with me."进入我,与我合一"

The pillar of Light will come from the mothership above you.Use this visualisation to connect with your Higher Self or to set up protection around you.


The ATVOR technology is getting more and more effective.Motherships get closer and closer to the Earth.It is being worked on all the time and will become even better when more time has passed.Atvor


Group Ascension Process


The Group Ascension process is the next level of Ascension.Ascension will go much faster in groups who are dedicated to their individual Ascension process and their mission connected to the planetary Ascension process.Group Ascension is one aspect of the Soul Family groups.


When a Soul Family group comes together the speed of the Ascension process increases.The group activates the Group Lightbody.The Ascension process then accelerates and becomes more efficient.It also accelerates the process of clearing.Each Soul Family group will go through accelerated purification and transformation.


All will be triggered much faster than going through the individual Ascension process.All Islands of Light will go through the Group Ascension process,resulting in their individual Ascension speeding up.


All belief systems will come to the surface and need to be worked on to be resolved.Every group member has to deal with any blockages on the lower three chakras.The group falls apart when group members are not willing to work on themselves.Many belief systems will need to be transformed from unconscious blood families into conscious Soul Families.


In Soul Families monogamy will dissolve:


    Dedicated couples will stay together because they want to be together.It is because of their Free Will and they are not limiting each other.No control.No drama.It is their purpose to stay together.


    Some people will expand their connections and love other people simultaneously(Poly).For this requires the 2nd(sex/heart)implant to be healed.


    When these loving connections happen,it has major consequences for the planetary energy field and The Matrix


[Then Cobra invites all members in the audience that believe are part of the Soul Family group of Cobra onto the stage.A large number of people get up and join Cobra.Next,Cobra performs a Brilliant White Light meditation with them,after which the audience not on the stage leave the room.]


Planetary Ascension Process


The 2nd phase of the Ascension process sets us up for the planetary Ascension process.The Great Central Sun is a Source and a center of the All Pervading Presence.The Cosmic Energy from the next Cosmic Cycle will transform all remaining primary anomaly everywhere,not only on Earth.This Cosmic Energy is connected to the Cosmic Central Sun and the Cosmic Central Race.It will transform all aspects of your life



The diagram depicts the 6 phases of the planetary Ascension process.


(see also(另见https://2012portal.blogspot.com/2019/01/bubbles-of-heaven.html)


Phase I is completed:21/12/2012–21/1/2019.

第一阶段 :完成日期:20121221-2019121

This was the pure convention phase.It triggered much darkness.All light was absorbed by darkness and it transformed.It was one of the darkest periods on Earth.However during this period more and more darkness was transformed to Light.


Phase II  started:21/1/2019.


There is now so much Light on the surface of the planet that more and more Bubbles are going to form,as the Light stays stable.Each day more and more Light will reach the surface of the planet.The amount of Light and Bubbles will increase exponentially and at some point it is unstoppable.现在在这个星球的表面有如此多的光,以至于随着光保持稳定,越来越多的气泡将会形成。每天都有越来越多的光线到达地球表面。光和泡泡的数量将呈指数增长,在某一点上它是不可阻挡的

Phase III 

In Phase III darkness will lose control over the surface of the planet,because of

第三阶段: 在第三阶段,黑暗将失去对行星表面的控制,因为

-The formation of the Soul Families-


-More intel becoming available-


-Disclosure to the masses happening-


They will lose control faster and faster as the Light is growing exponentially.


Phase III-IV 

From phase III to IV a critical heat flux will create The Event.The Light will be at maximum strength,The Matrix cracks,the darkness is removed and the Lightforces take over the mass media.That is when we'll have our Victory of the Light.It will be the climax in the planetary Ascension process.


Phase IV 

In this phase we'll have an unstable situation.The old reality will collapse and the New Society will begin to form.The power of the new takes over from the old and Light becomes the norm.All surface population will need to go through the transformation process.First there will be the disclosure of the existence of ETs,secondly there will be disclosure of the deeds of the dark.Third,all human beings will see their personal mirror.


Phase V 

Some area's of first contact will appear and the actual first contacts happening will be covered by the mass media.Then the Galactic Era will begin.The people in the Islands of Light will ascend.The first wave will be some thousands.The second wave will be some hundred thousands and the third wave will be some millions.


The first flash occurs on the Event.The second flash between phase V and VI.

第一次闪光出现在事件上。第二闪光之间的阶段V VI

Phase V–VI 

During this phase the Galactic pulse will come and result in a physical pole shift on the planet.Signs of this happening are already here as this is preceded by a magnetic pole shift.When the physical pole shift happens a tsunami will happen.The Islands of Light will be protected,but the surface population will be evacuated to other star systems including the Pleiadian star system to purify the remaining darkness.




Many cosmic cycles are completing:


    The Earth's 25.000 year cycle completed on 17/5/1998.This was a turning point for the planet


    The Cosmic Cycles are shifting.A big cycle of 15 billon years is ending.This will create a completely new chapter in the Cosmic history and we are participating in this process.



Alignment with the galactic equator


We have been trained and have different talents.These are activated now.Do not wait on the White Dragon Society(WDS)or the Resistance Movement(RM).YOU are the ones.We need to do our mission and assist in the liberation and Ascension of the planet.We here in this room are the leaders of this transition.We determine the future of the surface of the planet.Do your job as best as you can.When you doubt there is opposition.The Force will be with you and supports you in your mission.You will be able to do impossible things.


We are still in the warzone,but we are now winning.The Truth and Light are on our side.We need to take things to the next level.There are many tools available and groups created for this purpose e.g.The Sisterhood of the Rose,the Islands of Light,the Pleiadian Soul Family group of Cobra etc.And there is more to come.Everything is geared towards bringing and sharing Light.We did the impossible.All is impossible until someone does it.The Golden age is manifested now.我们仍处于战区,但我们正在取得胜利。真理和光明站在我们这边。我们需要更进一步。有许多可用的工具和为此目的创建的组,例如。玫瑰姐妹会,光之岛,昴宿星灵魂家族柯博拉等等。接下来还会有更多。一切都是为了带来和分享光。我们完成了不可能的任务。除非有人去做,否则一切都是不可能的。黄金时代现在显现出来了

Victory of the Light!



END OF PART 4 第四部完结



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