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Genevieve Brand from John Hopkins University critically analyzed the effect of COVI_D on USA deaths using data from the Centers for Disease Control.She found...there appears to be NO EXCESS DEATHS from COVI_D in 2020,and that data has been presented in a misleading fashion.


Genevieve Brand's research confirms what many experts are saying worldwide:COVI_D is the BIGGEST HOAX in history

吉纳维芙·布兰德的研究证实了全世界许多专家的说法: COVID是历史上最大的骗局

Genevieve's research shows that not only has COVI_D had no effect on the percentage of deaths of older people,it has also not increased the total number of deaths.The total decrease of deaths by other causes almost exactly equals the increase in deaths by COVI_D.She believes that deaths due to heart diseases,respiratory diseases,influenza and pneumonia may instead have been RECATEGORISED as being due to COVI_D.


She says,'In reality,this year at present seems to be no different in overall mortality rates compared to last year,and LESS of an increase than five of the six preceding years.How is this possible during a"pandemic of Biblical proportions"?


That is an excellent question,Genevieve.


Here in New Zealand,the NZ Listener-a corrupt magazine similar in style to the corrupt Time magazine-recently published a cartoon about COVI_D.It showed a lampooned image of President Trump(virtually every NZ Listener publication since before the 2016 election has featured a lampooned image of President Trump).He is standing over trenches filled with coffins.One of the coffins has these words...210,000+US COVI_D deaths.

在新西兰,《NZ 听众》——一本风格类似于腐败的《时代》杂志的腐败杂志——最近刊登了一幅关于COVID的漫画。它展示了一张特朗普总统的讽刺图片(2016年大选以来,NZ 几乎所有的《听众》杂志都刊登了一张特朗普总统的讽刺图片)。他站在装满棺材的战壕前。其中一个棺材上写着......21万多美国COVID死亡

This kind of[D]eep[S]tate propaganda is why our country went into full lockdown,destroying our economy.We lost 12.2%of our GDP this year because of the COVI_D scam.Tens of thousands of people lost their jobs,their businesses.I lost my own little part time job because my lovely employers lost their business.

这种过分的宣传就是我们国家全面封锁,摧毁我们经济的原因。由于COVID骗局,我们今年损失了12.2% GDP。成千上万的人失去了工作,失去了他们的生意。我失去了自己的兼职工作,因为我可爱的雇主失去了他们的生意

Please help Genevieve Brand's article to be read widely.The TRUTH deserves to be told.


Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light




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