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信息正在流失,让人们知道到底发生了什么。对弗林将军、特朗普总统、吉斯兰·麦克斯韦尔(Ghislaine Maxwell)的间谍活动、叛国、煽动叛乱、他们如何计划推翻一位总统,以及反人类罪都被曝光。

A Trap Was Set For The Deep State,The Patriots Have Pushed Them Into A Position Exactly Where Their Crimes Can Be Exposed


X22 Report(C-VINE Vetted)
X22报告(C-VINE 审核)


X22视频2235解读|美国——美丽的国家指望爱国者来拯救她,我们不能让她失望Monday,July 27,2020,a group of doctors spoke to the public about the healing properties of Hydroxycloroquine.They have documented proof based on their own practice.The video went viral,and after 14 million views,the most trending video on Facebook for the day,within a matter of a few hours,censorship showed it's biased head and the video was gone.

2020727日,星期一,一群医生向公众讲述了 Hydroxycloroquine 的治疗功效。他们根据自己的实践记录了证据。这段视频像病毒一样传播开来,在1400万的点击量之后,在几个小时之内,这段视频成为了当天 Facebook 上最热门的视频,审查机构表示这段视频是带有偏见的,于是视频就消失了。

In fact,videos on Facebook,Twitter and YouTube were taken down as well as accounts being suspended.In spite of how it looks,this was all part of the Patriot's plan.The Mainstream media,the corrupt politicians,social media platforms,the DS players,all at once,are being exposed for their biased.

事实上,FacebookTwitter YouTube 上的视频都被删除了,账户也被冻结了。不管看起来怎么样,这都是爱国者计划的一部分。主流媒体,腐败的政客,社交媒体平台,DS 玩家,所有这些都同时暴露出他们的偏见。

X22's report,2234b was removed by YouTube.They also removed Don Jr.'s retweet about the summit of these doctors.They also suspended Sidney Powell's twitter account,Gen.Flynn's lawyer,just for retweeting this summit report.Class action lawsuits for trillions which will bankrupt these organizations.

X22的报告,2234b YouTube 删除。他们还删除了小唐恩关于这些医生顶峰的转发。他们还暂停了西德尼·鲍威尔的推特账户,也就是弗林将军的律师,仅仅因为他转发了这份峰会报告。数万亿美元的集体诉讼将使这些组织破产。

Did Joe Biden agree to debate Donald Trump?Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland is said to be the location and will be co-hosted by the Cleveland Clinic.Why was a clinic chosen?If Biden's health becomes unstable will they have personnel on staff to tend to his needs?Most likely.

·拜登(Joe Biden)同意与唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)辩论了吗?位于克利夫兰市的凯斯西储大学据说将是这所大学的所在地,并将与克利夫兰诊所共同主办。为什么选择诊所?如果拜登的健康状况变得不稳定,他们会有人手来满足他的需求吗?很有可能。

What we have all been waiting for…Biden's choice for Vice President!He will be making this announcement next week.Who will it will be?


Information is being dripped out,letting people know what has really been going on.Spying on General Flynn,President Trump,Ghislaine Maxwell,treason,sedition,how they had planned to take down a president,and crimes against humanity;are all being exposed.

信息正在流失,让人们知道到底发生了什么。对弗林将军、特朗普总统、吉斯兰·麦克斯韦尔(Ghislaine Maxwell)的间谍活动、叛国、煽动叛乱、他们如何计划推翻一位总统,以及反人类罪都被曝光。

Ghislaine Maxwell's attorney is trying to keep very sensitive information out of the public eye including lewd photos and videos.Is it possible we may recognize individuals who are in these photos?Remember,the Patriots have it all!


Her defense team is trying to redact images but we know about 80 pages will be released to the public.Once people read a little bit about these crimes,they will want to read it all!When this happens everything will fall apart for the DS players.

她的辩护团队正在努力修改图片,但我们知道大约有80页将向公众发布。一旦人们读到一点关于这些犯罪的内容,他们就会想要全部读一遍!当这种情况发生时,DS 玩家的一切都将分崩离析。


AG Bill Barr

Because Bill Barr is the top dog in all this,if he is not removed by the DS they are finished.This is why they kept'reclaiming their time'and would not let Barr answer in yesterday's briefing.They are trying to sway public opinion to make him look like a crook.He just sat there calm,cool and collected.Does he have something up his sleeve that the DS does not know about?

因为比尔·巴尔是这一切的领头羊,如果他不被 DS 除去,他们就完了。这就是为什么他们一直在"回收他们的时间",不让巴尔在昨天的简报会上回答问题。他们试图动摇公众舆论,使他看起来像个骗子。他只是平静地坐在那里,沉着冷静。他是不是有什么事情是 DS 不知道的?

We can expect more attacks on our President and his Administration.We can now include Big Pharma.When we see commercials berating Trump,it's because he signed that Executive Order reducing prices for the American people.They are not happy about it.Who really is for the American people?


When Trump had the presser,the pharmaceutical personnel refused to meet with him.They don't want any part of having it be a benefit for the people.They never have.Our president loves America and he loves Americans.


All these HCQ studies have proven it works.We didn't need to shut down the economy,we didn't need to stop working,we didn't need to wear masks,we didn't need to shut down schools.We didn't need to shut down,period.There was always a cure but it was kept hidden from us.

所有这些 HCQ 的研究都证明它是有效的。我们不需要关闭经济,我们不需要停止工作,我们不需要戴口罩,我们不需要关闭学校。我们不需要关闭,就这样。治愈的方法总是有的,但是我们一直没有找到。

HCQ also acts like a vaccine.It protects us.We know the media/DS who is responsible for spreading fear.From day one,we have been told by the media,it will kill us;that it's bad for our heart but the opposite is true.This is what they don't want us to see because it would eliminate the need for mail in ballots.

HCQ 也像疫苗一样起作用。它保护我们。我们知道媒体/ds 是散布恐惧的罪魁祸首。从第一天开始,我们就被媒体告知,它会杀死我们;它对我们的心脏有害,但事实恰恰相反。这是他们不想让我们看到的,因为这样就不需要邮寄选票了。

The media still want to vote by mail because its'too risky to go to the ballot booth.They are already saying the votes won't be counted by election night,that it will take longer.What are they planning to do with the ballots,swap them out?Of course they are!It's time to hold them accountable.


We have a licensed doctor who used it on patients and is reporting her findings.HCQ cures COVID.If there is no COVID,we don't need vote-by-mail.No vote-by-mail,then the DS can't cheat.They have no way of beating Trump.This is it…They don't care about the American people.They never have.It's all about winning the election.

我们有一个有执照的医生在病人身上使用它,并且正在报告她的发现。HCQ治愈了COVID。如果没有COVID,我们就不需要通过邮件投票。没有邮件投票,那么民主党就不能作弊。他们没有办法打败特朗普。就是这样……他们不关心美国人民。他们从来没有。一切都是为了赢得选举。X22视频2235解读|美国——美丽的国家指望爱国者来拯救她,我们不能让她失望All that we see coming from the media,the lies,the cover-ups,the spun stories,are all part of the Patriot's plan to expose the Deep State.Only then,can the sleeping masses be awakened.We must keep the talking points moving.We must keep sharing what we have learned.Post memes.Post truths.Fly Old Glory!


We are Digital Soldiers on the front lines called to fight for our country,to save America.She is counting on US!


Opinion:JoLynn Live,C-VINE Contributor(Based on the X22 Report)

观点:JoLynn LiveC-VINE 贡献者(基于 X22报告)



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