2022年2月3日: 更新: 这是一场漫长的战争,但我们正在取得胜利|星际飞船地球

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2022年2月3日: 更新: 这是一场漫长的战争,但我们正在取得胜利|星际飞船地球

UPDATE: I added some Queen Romana in Ottawa material once I finally found it, with her speech.

更新: 我在渥太华的演讲稿中加入了一些罗曼娜女王的材料。

A lot is happening and it’s happening fast. I hope you trust the plan. I do.


Whatever will happen will be part of ‘The Plan’, n’est-ce pas? Have faith. Q told us “the military is the only way”. We shall see how visible they get, but I don’t believe it will be any more than absolutely necessary. The Alliance want peace and harmony, not fear, violence, and bloodshed.

无论发生什么都将是“计划”的一部分,不是吗?要有信心。Q 告诉我们“军队是唯一的出路”。我们将看到他们变得多么显而易见,但我不认为这是绝对必要的。联盟希望和平与和谐,而不是恐惧、暴力和流血。


This is so well organized one would think the military! You know what you know!

We have reports that there is now also a fence around the Netherlands parliament. Who is putting these fences around parliamentary and government buildings—and why? Link to Telegram.

我们有报道说,现在荷兰议会周围也有一道围墙。是谁在议会大楼和政府大楼周围设置了这些围栏ーー为什么?链接到 Telegram。



None of this is an accident and I find it very interesting that QUEen Romana is now in Ottawa and scheduled to address the People and speak about the new Canadian flag. Link to Telegram.

这一切都不是偶然的,我觉得非常有趣的是,罗曼娜女王现在在渥太华,并计划向人民发表讲话,谈论新的加拿大国旗。链接到 Telegram。

Queen Romana arrives in Ottawa


@1: 00 pm = Arrival (Ottawa local time)
@1: 30 pm = Queen Romana address the Nation.
@3: 00 pm = Raising of the Kingdom of Canada Flag

@ 1:00 pm = 抵达(渥太华当地时间)@1:30 pm = 罗马娜女王向全国发表讲话。@ 3:00 pm = 升加拿大王国国旗

I suggest you might want to go to Twitter to grab some links where you can watch the livestream. I had great difficulty finding the live stream and the one I did find [below] was cut short. So much censorship. Rumble is a Toronto company so I didn’t expect them to cooperate but I don’t see it on Bitchute, either.

我建议你可以去推特上搜索一些链接,在那里你可以观看直播。我很难找到直播的小溪,我找到的那条小溪被切断了。这么多审查制度。朗博是一家多伦多公司,所以我不指望他们合作,但是我也没有在 Bitchute 上看到。

The Kingdom Of Canada (@TheKingdomOfCA) / Twitter


Or watch her address a LOT of people here and tell us what has been going on. She [and Q] are soundly attacked on social media over this. What does that tell you?

或者看看她在这里对很多人的演讲,告诉我们发生了什么。她(和 q)因此在社交媒体上受到了猛烈抨击。这说明了什么?

The flag burning doesn’t feel great but it is the “corporate flag”, as they say. Perhaps a clean break and a new flag is the way to go. I don’t have strong feelings about it although I do like the red and white flag.


So Romana Didulo, the QAnon "Queen of Canada," just burned a Canadian flag with a lighter in front of her followers on Parliament Hill. She's calling for an end to all public health restrictions. Someone in the crowd could be heard saying "this is wrong." pic.twitter.com/GszPxRua92

2022年2月3日: 更新: 这是一场漫长的战争,但我们正在取得胜利|星际飞船地球

The US military elevated its defense ready condition level to DEFCON 3!


Link to Telegram.

链接到 Telegram。

This is interesting, too. Link to Telegram.

这也很有趣。链接到 Telegram。

8 MPs/Politicians have stepped down today 3/2/22


So far…..

到目前为止... ..。

Northern Ireland’s First Minister Paul Givan announces resignation

北爱尔兰首席部长保罗 · 吉万宣布辞职

The thrust is on to remove the terrorist US regime. Acts like this will ensure the American people reject the current administration. The fine print reveals the civilian casualties.


At least 13 people, including six children and four women, were killed during the operation


ISIS Leader Killed In Special Operations Raid


Here you go, Utah.


Utah Representative Mike Winder tests positive for COVID-19

犹他州众议员 Mike Winder 2019冠状病毒疾病检测呈阳性

The villains are not limited to Canada, obviously. Are doctors the new posse hired by the cabal?


2022年2月3日: 更新: 这是一场漫长的战争,但我们正在取得胜利|星际飞船地球

We understand the UK lied to France to secure a staggering amount of midazolam [end of life drug] so they could euthanize the elderly—primarily to rapidly generate high death statistics they could attribute to the Kung Flu to support their fear campaign—and the People are now taking the murderers to task. If you doubt that the people running the world believe they have the right to decide who lives and who dies, perhaps it’s time to reconsider. More on Telegram.

我们知道英国向法国撒谎,以获得惊人数量的咪达唑仑(一种临终药物) ,这样他们就可以对老年人实施安乐死ーー主要是为了迅速产生高死亡率的统计数据,他们可以将其归因于宫流感,以支持他们的恐惧运动ーー而人民现在正在严厉惩罚这些。如果你怀疑管理这个世界的人们是否相信他们有权决定谁生谁死,也许是时候重新考虑了。更多关于 Telegram 的信息。

Judge Assigned To Midazolam Murders Case


“A judge has finally been assigned to administer our urgent applications, as well as being somewhat dismayed that she has also indicated that she won’t get around to administering them until the first week of March.


We will therefore respectfully require of her that she deals with the case as her top priority, on the ground that we are applying for the seizure of the entire UK Midazolam supply, to prevent the ongoing euthanasia of targeted demographics in care homes, hospital wards and in their own beds.


We shared an exceptional video from David Icke on that crime some time ago with a lot of detail and evidence. You can watch it here.

不久前,我们分享了大卫 · 艾克关于那起犯罪的一段视频,里面有很多细节和证据。你可以在这里看。

Clare Wills Harrison, a UK lawyer, has several legal cases where midazolam has clearly been misused.  These are going forward to trial in the near future.  Midazolam seems to have been used in the UK the same way as remdesivir has been used in the USA so last week Dr. Bryan Ardis interviewed Wills Harrison. […]

英国律师克莱尔•威尔斯•哈里森(Clare Wills Harrison)有几起咪达唑仑明显被滥用的法律案件。这些都将在不久的将来进行审判。咪达唑仑似乎已经在英国被使用,就像雷德斯韦在美国被使用一样,所以上周 Bryan Ardis 博士采访了 Wills Harrison。[...]

2022年2月3日: 更新: 这是一场漫长的战争,但我们正在取得胜利|星际飞船地球

I wanted to share this video from LT at And We Know. It’s an excellent one. I had meant to share the trailer for the film from Dinesh D’Souza on the astonishing evidence uncovered in the 2020 election but LT has included it in the video below, near the end. When the full version of the voter fraud documentary is complete it will be a real eye-opener. That “steal” was organized, wide-spread, and well-funded. They thought of everything.

我想在我们都知道的网站上分享这个视频。这是一个很好的例子。我本来打算和大家分享迪内什 · 德 · 苏扎在2020年大选中发现的惊人证据,但是 LT 把它包含在了下面的视频中,接近结尾。当选民欺诈纪录片的完整版完成后,这将是一个真正的大开眼界。这种“偷窃”是有组织的,广泛传播的,而且资金充足。他们什么都想到了。

By the way, when the cabal’s Wikipedia describes you this way—you’re the guy we want in our camp.


“Dinesh Joseph D’Souza is an Indian-American right-wing political commentator, provocateur, author, filmmaker, and conspiracy theorist. ”

迪内什 · 约瑟夫 · 德 · 索萨是一位印裔美国右翼政治评论家、煽动家、作家、电影制片人和阴谋论者

1.31.22: Be ready to FIGHT! Canada, Australia, USA, Europe…WORLDWIDE awakening! PRAY!1.31.22:

准备战斗! 加拿大,澳大利亚,美国,欧洲... ... 世界觉醒! 祈祷!

When people are trying to sort out what really happened to bring about the biggest political hoax ever perpetrated on Humanity, they might consider the following:


No "vax" for HIV after 40 yrs of research. No vax for cancer after more than 100 yrs of research. No vax for the Common Cold. And yet a virus mysteriously appears & within 12 months a "vax" is found by FOUR Pharma companies all within 1 week & we are all mandated to take it.

Attorney Thomas Renz states the evidence from military whistleblowers concerning the vaccine injuries documented. First few minutes of the video below is sufficient.

律师托马斯 · 伦茨陈述了军事举报者提供的有关疫苗伤害的证据。下面视频的前几分钟已经足够了。

February 1, 2022 2022年2月1日

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich updates us on the legal issues surrounding the scamdemic and the ensuing lawsuits the global team of legal eagles are working on. Link to Telegram.

Reiner Fuellmich 博士向我们介绍了关于诈骗行为的法律问题,以及全球法律之鹰团队正在处理的随之而来的诉讼。链接到 Telegram。

The caravan in Canberra in Australia is encountering interference from the police. I thought many of the police were on the side of the People, yet here they are, acting like a crime has been committed. Perhaps these are not really “police” but the hired guns of the cabal?


Canberra Aus 🇦🇺 Parliament House Convoy 🔥 Its happening, Police have started rounding up People and it's escalating as we speak. I've had a feeling this was about to blow and I may have been right. Here we go 👊 pic.twitter.com/CJnqGZOIQp

In the UK, there is more bad news. We keep telling you—yes, they would do it, and they have—and far worse. They manipulated and engineered the entire scamdemic.


Scientists deliberately infected people with coronavirus. Here’s what happened


It appears that Trudeau’s former wife, Sophie Gregoire, may have been granted an opportunity to make amends for her role in the hijacking of Canada and the subjugation the People. Just my thoughts, not based on information I’ve seen but if the not-so-bad people are willing to help the Earth Alliance they may be granted some forms of restitution if they cooperate, according to what we’ve been told.

看来,特鲁多的前妻索菲 · 格雷戈瓦可能有机会为她在劫持加拿大和征服加拿大人民中所起的作用作出补偿。这只是我的想法,不是基于我所看到的信息,但是如果不那么坏的人们愿意帮助地球联盟,他们可能会得到一些形式的赔偿,如果他们合作,根据我们所知道的。

No Description

In Alberta, this happened on Tuesday.


Wow. The truckers are about to set the entire province free. Or maybe they'll fire their second Conservative Party leader in one day. https://t.co/hLJA2H83mJ

Call to Action: Link to Telegram.

呼吁行动: 链接到电报。



I believe all Canadians would want to know about this initiative below to return their stolen rights to them. The Emergency Acts were never meant to last for TWO YEARS. Emergencies don’t last two years. Any government who can’t remedy an emergency situation in short order should be fired. Why do we tolerate this tyranny and theft of our rights and freedoms?


Jordan Peterson is one of the people “the Amazing Polly”, suggested might be plants in the movement. She also mentioned Joe Rogan and others. Funny, because I suspect the same of her sometimes but many of us want to hear what Mr. Peterson has to share; specifically this discussion with Hon. Brian Peckford, former premier of Newfoundland.

乔丹 · 彼得森是“了不起的波莉”中的一员,他暗示可能是这场运动中的植物。她还提到了乔 · 罗根和其他人。有意思,因为我有时怀疑她也是这样,但我们中的许多人想听听彼得森先生要分享的东西,特别是与纽芬兰省前总理布莱恩 · 佩克福德阁下的讨论。

Peckford is about to launch a lawsuit against the federal government of Canada. Canadians [and all people] need to know their rights if they are to protect them and won’t be coerced to abandon them.

Peckford 即将对加拿大联邦政府提起诉讼。加拿大人[和所有人]需要知道他们的权利,如果他们要保护他们,而不是被迫放弃他们。

Thanks to the crew for the share. I like Jordan’s point that cynicism isn’t the same as wisdom. When you are skeptical, you are not necessarily able to discern truth. Doubting everything isn’t equated to being informed—not by a long shot.


Link to the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms press release: https://www.jccf.ca/the-charters-only-living-signatory-sues-canada-over-travel-mandates/

链接到正义中心的宪法自由新闻稿: https://www.jccf.ca/the-charters-only-living-signatory-sues-canada-over-travel-mandates/

Information on how to support the JCCF in this matter: https://twitter.com/JCCFCanada/status/1486446844490231811?s=20

关于如何在这个问题上支持 JCCF 的信息: https://twitter.com/jccfcanada/status/1486446844490231811?s=20

S4: E78 – Canadian Constitutional Crisis | Brian Peckford

S4: E78-加拿大宪法危机 | Brian Peckford

In Ottawa it was wind-up Wednesday yesterday to prepare for this weekend’s festivities. Maybe they’ll get those nets they’ve been talking about and engage in a little street hockey to keep people warm.


More trucks arrived last night, ready for the upcoming weekend.More updates to come. Follow our coverage at https://t.co/VfgKKYKzKr#TruckersForFreedom2022 #ConvoyForFreedom2022 #Ottawa pic.twitter.com/dW87uC8g6q

The tyranny is waking up more and more people and the “lamestream news” doesn’t talk about it. Link to Telegram.


Germany is rising up against covid tyranny and mandatory vaccinations. There is 1,000+ protests going on in Germany tonight including big cities and small villages. The people of Germany are awakening and there is a complete media blackout by the mainstream media.  2022年2月3日: 更新: 这是一场漫长的战争,但我们正在取得胜利|星际飞船地球  2022年2月3日: 更新: 这是一场漫长的战争,但我们正在取得胜利|星际飞船地球 


Footage from the following cities in no particular order:


Dippoldiswalde, Chemnitz, Freiberg, Altenburg


Join: https://t.me/convoywatch

加入: https://t.me/convoywatch

Something else I didn’t get to when it happened were the recent deaths of two celebrities, Kryst and Moses. Biblical names, yes? It seems to me that January 31 [on or about] has been a sacrifice date before. Would the death of Christ and Moses be symbolic for the satanists? Kim Shady posted on Telegram about these deaths. We also had the deaths of two police officers and another “school shooting”. These monsters never stop. We will have to stop them.

还有一件事我没有提到,就是最近两位名人的死亡,克里斯特和摩西。圣经中的名字,对吗?在我看来,1月31日(或大约)以前就是一个牺牲日。基督和摩西的死对撒旦崇拜者来说是象征吗?Kim Shady 在 Telegram 上发布了关于这些死亡的消息。我们还有两名警察死亡和另一起”校园枪击案”。这些怪物从不停止。我们必须阻止他们。

Of course they use this opportunity to attack Q and the followers to ridicule the global Human Trafficking and pedovoria.

当然,他们利用这个机会攻击 q 和他的追随者,嘲笑全球的人口贩卖和人口过剩。

Now, trolls from online extremist group QAnon are spreading rumors that a secret child sex trafficking ring fuelled by devil-worshipping cannibals are to blame for national tragedies.

现在,来自网络极端组织 QAnon 的网络攻击者正在散布谣言,称一个由崇拜恶魔的食人族助长的秘密儿童性交易团伙是造成全国性悲剧的罪魁祸首。

Theft of human heads from Australian graves linked to ‘satanic ritual’


We have live cam footage of the White House with the surrounding lights going off and on. Would this be anything to do with the Tartarian “power plant” Phil G. confirmed was active there? Link to Telegram.

我们有白宫周围灯光时断时续的实时监控录像。这是否与菲尔 · g 证实的塔尔泰恩“发电厂”在那里活动有关?链接到 Telegram。

Does anyone besides me wonder why all the explosions and fires at “fertilizer” plants? Aren’t there several a year? I guess my chemistry isn’t very good because I don’t know why we would put ammonium nitrate [nitrogen] which is potentially explosive—on anything that needs fertilizing for Human consumption—or even livestock. Is it really “fertilizer” they’re making in these plants? Or something else?


Massive fertilizer plant fire forces 6,000 people out of homes in Winston-Salem


As I mentioned, today is International Golden Retriever Day, and in my experience of over twenty years with Goldens, dogs are gods, and God’s gift to Humans.

正如我提到的,今天是国际金毛寻回犬日,根据我在 Goldens 超过二十年的经验,狗是神,是上帝给人类的礼物。

Someone sent us this link to a video on Facebook and it’s one of the best, especially for Golden Retriever lovers.

有人给我们发来了 Facebook 上的一个视频链接,这是最好的视频之一,尤其是对金毛寻回犬爱好者来说。

My demi-gods have enriched my life beyond words and the subtle but vicious assault has to stop. The hospital called to let us know Mica’s ashes are ready to pick up. On October 7 he had X-rays and they told me that while he has hip dysplasia and arthritis, he had a good strong heart and administered the required rabies vaccine. On January 27 he was in respiratory distress and his heart went crazy and then stopped. In roughly 30 minutes he went from normal activity to expired. I have no idea what really took him out but it wasn’t old age.

我的半神丰富了我的生活,无法用语言形容,这种微妙而恶毒的攻击必须停止。医院打电话告诉我们,米卡的骨灰已经准备好了。10月7日,他接受了 x 光检查,医生告诉我,虽然他患有髋关节发育不良和关节炎,但他的心脏很健康,并注射了所需的狂犬病疫苗。1月27日,他在唿吸窘迫医院,他的心脏开始疯狂,然后停止了跳动。大约30分钟后,他从正常活动变成了死亡。我不知道他是怎么死的,但不是因为年纪大了。

I hear from Dr. Marty Goldstein the statistics for cancer in canines has gone from 1 in 10 dogs—which is outrageous and no accident—to a one in TWO developing cancer—and no longer in the late stages of life as it used to be.

我从马蒂 · 戈尔茨坦博士那里听说,犬类癌症的统计数据已经从十分之一(这是令人无法容忍的,也不是偶然的)变成了两分之一(患上癌症) ,而且不再像过去那样处于晚期阶段。

Many factors contribute to the appalling state of health of our priceless companions and we have to do everything we can to determine what they are and end this torture of our sentient pets and those who love them.


That’s all for now. Thank you all for the support and good vibes.  ~ BP

现在就这些。谢谢大家的支持和良好的共鸣。 ~ BP


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