X22报道|第2693集: 他们想要的对立面正在出现,有时过去可以找到未来

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爱国者已经采取了更多的行动,[ DS ]仍在继续失败,将军即将到来。

X22报道|第2693集: 他们想要的对立面正在出现,有时过去可以找到未来

Ep. 2693a – The [CB] Is Panicking, The Opposite Of What They Want Is Emerging

2693a-[ CB ]正在恐慌,他们想要的对立面正在出现

Ep. 2693b – Sometimes The Past Can Find The Future, Equal Justice Under The Law

Ep. 2693b –有时过去可以找到未来,法律下的平等正义



The [CB] banking system is based on debt and penalizing the people, the new system that is now emerging is the actual opposite. The old system is dead, the [CB] are now fighting to keep it, this has already failed.

(CB)银行体系是建立在债务和惩罚人民的基础上的,而现在正在出现的新体系实际上正好相反。旧的系统已经死了,[ CB ]现在正在努力保持它,这已经失败了。


The patriots have made more moves and the [DS] is continuing to lose, checkmate is approaching. Sometimes if you look in the past you can find the future, this is not about a 4 year election, this is about destroying the [DS] system. There will be equal justice under the law. Trump is letting us know that Durham has more and he is going to produce it soon. The [DS] is now gearing up, the battle will be for all to see and the truth and facts will emerge. 

爱国者已经采取了更多的行动,[ DS ]仍在继续失败,将军即将到来。有时候,如果你回顾过去,你会发现未来,这不是关于4年的选举,这是关于摧毁[ DS ]系统。在法律面前,公正是平等的。特朗普让我们知道,达勒姆拥有更多,他很快就会拿出来。现在[ DS ]正在加紧行动,战斗将是所有人都能看到的,真相和事实将会浮出水面。


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