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At first the number of traumatized children the US Military has rescued from underground tunnels run by the CIA Mind Control program was 2,100,then 35,000,then it grew to 50,000.Now a trooper involved in rescue efforts stated,"the count now of traumatized children(found dead or alive)was more like in the hundreds of thousands–generations who had never seen sunlight."


The vast US underground tunnel system run by the Cabal and CIA,Q:




Evidently rescue efforts under direction of the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force,had been ongoing since at least July 4 2019.A person close to the trooper contacted me about my articles,saying that I had the dates wrong.Her friend told her,"On 4 July 2019 at 2 am PDT we surprised personnel at the China Lake Naval Research Base in California.We took over the base and rescued approximately 3,000 children being tortured in ways beyond comprehension."


As a former therapist who has talked to countless Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivors,some whom had been tortured at China Lake,the reality of what was going on there for me was horrifying and I was elated that finally something was being done about it.Any seasoned therapist working with SRA survivors knew the torture of children had been ongoing in the CIA Monarch Mind Control program since the end of World War II.The initial torture for the children was known to be carried out in large China Lake airplane hangars.

作为一名曾与无数撒旦仪式虐待幸存者交谈过的治疗师,其中一些人在中国湖受到了折磨。任何为 SRA 幸存者工作的经验丰富的治疗师都知道,自二战结束以来,中央情报局的君主精神控制项目一直在对儿童进行折磨。这些孩子最初遭受的酷刑是在中国湖的大型飞机库里进行的。

According to survivors and people who worked there as explained in the below link,the base housed thousands of tiny cages(called Woodpecker Grids)just large enough for human babies(1,000 babies was considered a small batch).Many batches were 2,000 or 3,000 babies.Thousands of cages housed little children from ceiling to floor.The cages were hotwired(electrified on the ceiling,bottom and sides)so that the children received horrific electric shocks to their bodies.This ongoing trauma initiated the growing thinking patterns of a child's brain to split into multiple personalities.



A male Monarch victim remembered"A large hanger building at China Lake with a concrete floor and row after row of cages suspended from the ceiling filled the large building.One of the Programmers was dressed similar to a Catholic Priest.The electric current that ran to the cages made a hum,like an electric fence.There was a marble slab that served as an altar where black-robed people would take a bone handled knife and sacrifice little children in front of the other children in the cages."


The trooper continued on the rescue efforts,"None of the children were harmed and there were no White Hat casualties.Many of the workers at the base were killed.We told the survivors that we would not harm them if they surrendered.A few surrendered,but the majority did not,even though they were told that a small clean nuclear device would be detonated.We detonated it in the afternoon.The next day we went back and discovered that there were more chambers and so we detonated another device.


"Underground bases trafficking children and running the Chemtrails in California were destroyed back in 2019.That included a base that was under the Getty Museum.The more recent Utah March 18 earthquake was actually destruction of child trafficking tunnels(under the old Dugway Utah Germ Warfare base also referred to as another Area 51 UFO Base).There was a major battle under the Denver airport.The Illuminati had planned to make Denver the capital of the US after they took over and killed most of us."

早在2019年,加利福尼亚州贩卖儿童和运营化学品的地下基地就被摧毁了。其中包括盖蒂博物馆下面的一个基地。最近的犹他州318日地震实际上是摧毁儿童贩运隧道(在旧 Dugway 犹他州细菌战基地,也被称为另一个地区51 UFO 基地)。在丹佛机场地下发生了一场大战。在他们接管并杀害了我们大多数人之后,光照派曾计划使丹佛成为美国的首都

"Things were way intense now.We originally thought that the tortured children would be in the tens of thousands,but the count now was more like in the hundreds of thousands–generations who had never seen sunlight."


"Last week(the end of April,2020)there was a bomb explosion in a tunnel and two troopers were killed.It was heartbreaking.There was a full on war being waged.The bases and tunnels were way bigger,deeper and extensive than anyone had thought."





Rescue Mission Central Park:



Timothy Holmstead Central Park Child Rescue Mission:







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