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圣哲曼|知晓内在的力量I am Saint Germain.As always,it is a pleasure to be here with you in these times,in these moments that you find yourself in now.


These times of fear that are spreading across the planet in many ways.For they,those of the cabal,the dark forces,are doing everything they can to spread that fear,to increase the fear if they can.


Those of you,the Lightworkers and Warriors,are there to stop that spread.You are there to hold that fear back:first within yourselves,and then as you do it within yourselves,you do it for others around you as well.For they will not feel the fear within you,they'll feel the love,the light within you,the oneness that you spread.That is how this great Changeover is happening.That is what is calling forth the Great Event,the Solar Flash.You are calling it forth,each and every one of you by your actions each and every moment,and your thought processes.


Control your thoughts,and you control the creation,or the creative ability within you.Control your fears and you bring about light and love.Each and every one of you have the power within you.It has always been there.It is there now,in this moment,right now.


That power is there within you.All you need to do is become aware of it.And raise it up,as you raise the vibrations within you.And know that as you raise the vibrations within you and the subsequent power within you,nothing can interfere with that power.Nothing can take the light from you unless you allow it to.


All of you need to trust.You need to trust in yourselves.You need to trust in your knowing.You need to trust in the memories,the remembrances that are coming back to you as you realize that everything around you is false.Everything you are being told by those of your media,by those of your governmental sources(with some exceptions),everything is false.


But you,each one of you,know the truth within you.It is there.You just need to find it again.And then rise in your power,and reach out and literally help someone in any way that you can.Share what you know when you are given the opportunity.Show as the ideal for others to follow.


It is not about whether you wear a mask or not.It is not about whether you practice the six-foot distance,or whatever it might be,or not.It is about showing the power that you have within you.The independence within you,that you will not give in.And if your way to do that is to not wear a mask amidst all of those that are,all of those that are showing that they are being controlled,you yourself can step forward and say,"I cannot be controlled,I am in my power."And if you do that,each and every one of you on these calls,each and every one of you who resonate to these words after,whether reading or listening,if you do that,then nothing can stop you from spreading that light,that love,that higher consciousness,showing the vibration within you to others,and to encourage them to rise within their own power and find that life,that flame that is smoldering within them,ready to be awakened at a moment's notice.


For many,many more are coming forward now.Their alarm clocks,just as yours did,will awaken them.It is destined that they become awakened just as you have.But you are the catalyst for this.You must come to understand that.Many will not awaken on their own.They need a catalyst.They need someone to step forward and show them the way.


There are many across your planet that are doing so.Many that have stepped forth and utilized your social media in various inventive ways and are encouraging thousands,even millions,to follow their word,their knowing.You know who they are.You follow them yourselves.


But I am here as Saint Germain now to tell you not just to be a follower,become a leader,if not in words,in truth as you show it forth.Now is the time,my friends,to come out of the cocoon and rise up now as the butterfly.Rise up now as one together,just as the Founding Fathers of this country did.Just as many across the entire planet,many in others countries are beginning more and more to do as well.


For the old ways,the old programming,the old paradigm must fall apart,must be brought down.And you are the ones to bring it down.Not in fighting,not in anger,not in hatred,but in light and love.Come out of your shells.Come out of your caves and step out into the sunshine.Step out into the light and illuminate the darkness everywhere that you are able to.


I am Saint Germain,and I leave you now in peace,and love,and oneness.And implore you to utilize the Violet Flame,which is a tool,one of the many tools that you have been given back to use in your crusade to spread and share the light everywhere.Peace and love be with all of you.



传导:James McConnell

翻译:Nick Chan

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