X22报告|第2952集: 全世界的人民正在崛起,特朗普智胜深层国家

2022年12月20日15:22:52最新动态X22报告|第2952集: 全世界的人民正在崛起,特朗普智胜深层国家已关闭评论1081阅读模式

[ DS ]现在已经采取行动,他们将向[DOJ]提出针对特朗普的刑事指控。爱国者早就料到了。[ DS ]现在正准备发动暴乱。爱国者掌握了所有的筹码。

X22报告|第2952集: 全世界的人民正在崛起,特朗普智胜深层国家

Ep. 2952a – Trump: “The Climate Hoax Is Fading Fast”, The People Are Rising Up WW

特朗普: “气候骗局正在迅速消退”,人民正在崛起

Ep. 2952b – Trump Outsmarted The [DS] On Election Interference, They Never Expected To Lose Twitter

特朗普在选举干预问题上战胜了[ DS ] ,他们从未想过会失去 Twitter



The people around the world are beginning to protest because their way of life is getting worse by the day. They want accountability and a fix to the problem the corrupt politicians have cause. The climate hoax is quickly fading away. The [WEF] agenda is failing.



The [DS] has now made their move, they are forwards criminal charges to the [DOJ] against Trump. The patriots were expecting this. The [DS] is now setting up for riots. The patriots have all the leverage. The [DS] never expected to lose Twitter and now people are seeing who was behind the election manipulation. This is just the beginning, wait until the Fauci files drop, this is all connected, Trump is showing the people how they overthrew the US government. 

[ DS ]现在已经采取行动,他们将向[DOJ]提出针对特朗普的刑事指控。爱国者早就料到了。[ DS ]现在正准备发动暴乱。爱国者掌握了所有的筹码。[DS]从未想过会失去 Twitter,现在人们看到了谁是操纵选举的幕后黑手。这只是个开始,等到福奇的档案下来,这一切都是有关联的,特朗普正在向人们展示他们是如何推翻美国政府的。 


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