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Nothing about the Deep State should shock us anymore.


New York Times journalist James Stewart was interviewed by MSNBC about the connection between Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein...



Bill Gates repeatedly met with Epstein after Epstein was convicted of sex crimes-and,incredibly,the Gates Foundation set up a charitable trust benefiting Epstein.The net is rapidly closing around the top Deep State satanists.Their connections are being exposed on a daily basis.


What is interesting about this story is that journalist James Stewart works for the New York Times-one of the most corrupt newspapers.Also Stewart has written a book titled:'Deep State:Trump and The Rule of Law'.And he was interviewed by MSNBC-one of the most corrupt TV channels.

这个故事有趣的地方在于,记者詹姆斯·斯图尔特为最腐败的报纸之一《纽约时报》工作。此外,斯图尔特还写了一本名为《深层状态:特朗普与法治》的书。他还接受了最腐败的电视频道之一 MSNBC 的采访

Spirit always said that MSM would be the last domino to fall.It's an excellent sign that the New York Times and MSNBC are finally telling the truth about the Deep State.

勇气号总是说 MSM 将是最后倒下的多米诺骨牌。这是一个极好的信号,纽约时报和微软全国有线广播公司最终讲述了关于深州的真相

This Logical Thinking tweet features an article from The Hill:'Justice Department to resume executions next week for first time in 15 years.'

这条逻辑思维的推文刊登了《国会山》(The Hill)的一篇文章:"司法部将于下周恢复执行死刑,这是15年来的首次。"


This news will set off a huge wave of panic in the satanic/sex trafficking Deep State.


The subject of capital punishment is very difficult for Light Warriors.We are here to protect and liberate humanity.When it comes to justice being administered in coming months,we must trust the divinely orchestrated Alliance plan.


Dr Fauci has shown his Deep State colors again.Check out this tweet by Rudy Giuliani...



'Dr Anthony'Doomsday'Fauci just said:"It's a false narrative to take comfort in a lower rate of death."Would he be happier with a higher rate?'(Rudy Giuliani)

"世界末日"安东尼·福奇博士刚刚说:"在较低的死亡率中寻求安慰是一种错误的说法。"更高的死亡率会让他更快乐吗?"(鲁迪朱利安尼(Rudy Giuliani))

Actor Kirstie Alley is an outspoken supporter of President Trump and the Alliance.She tweets about Biden/Trump debates...



Any high-profile entertainer who speaks out against the Deep State and/or in support of President Trump is truly heroic.Roseanne Barr and Rick Gervais are two such entertainers-they have not(literally)sold their soul to Satan.Rick Gervais was tweeting recently about'pedos'.

任何一位高调的艺人,如果公开反对"深州"(Deep State)/或支持特朗普总统,都是真正的英雄。罗斯安-巴尔和里克-杰维斯就是这样的两个艺人——他们并没有(字面上)把自己的灵魂出卖给撒旦。里克·杰维斯最近在推特上谈到了"pedos"

Finally,as USA struggles to get schools open,life here in New Zealand has returned to normal.Our children are at school...we can gather anywhere,in any numbers...and no one in my area wears a mask.The only thing we can't do is travel overseas.

We Light Warriors from Down Under feel for our USA friends.Our prayers are with you.


We trust President Trump and the Alliance to bring your country-and the rest of the world-into peace and prosperity.


Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light





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