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Hello Folks,


I doubt that many of you have ever heard of the powerful Democrat Party United States Congressman Albert"Syd"Herlong Jr.(1909-1995)—who was part of the House Ways and Means Committee that introduced a bill during the Kennedy Administration to reduce federal taxes by 10%—and among whose career highlights was his bill to begin construction of the Kennedy Space Center that his longtime friend,President John F.Kennedy,signed into law in 1963.

我怀疑你们中的许多人是否听说过强大的民主党美国国会议员 Albert"Syd"Herlong jr.(1909-1995),他是众议院筹款委员会的成员,在肯尼迪政府时期提出了一项法案,要求将联邦税减少10%,他的职业生涯的亮点是他提出的开始建设肯尼迪航天中心的法案,他的老朋友,总统 John f.Kennedy,在1963年签署成为法律。

President Kennedy,back in the time when the Democrat Party was led by those who were sane,agreed with his friend Congressman Herlong and lowered the top income tax rate in America from 91%to 65%—but who wanted to go much lower,and saw Kennedy saying:"Our tax system still siphons out of the private economy too large a share of personal and business purchasing power and reduces the incentive for risk,investment and effort--thereby aborting our recoveries and stifling our national growth rate."


The pushback against President Kennedy to lower taxes for the American people was enormous,and caused his good friend Congressman Herlong to open an investigation as to why this was so—the findings of which,on 10 January 1963,Congressman Herlong read into the Congressional Record—that remains to this day the most chilling exposure of the vast communist plan to destroy the United States from within—and of whose 45 Communist Goals to achieve this,sees nearly all of them completed today—to include:

对肯尼迪总统降低美国人民税收的反对是巨大的,导致他的好朋友国会议员赫朗(Herlong)开始调查为什么会出现这种情况ーー1963110日,国会议员赫朗(Herlong)对《国会记录》(Congressional record)进行了解读ーー直到今天,这仍然是gongchandang从内部摧毁美国的庞大计划中最令人不寒而栗的暴露ーー在gongchandang实现这一目标的45个目标中,几乎所有目标今天都已完成ーー包

Get control of the schools.Use them as transmission belts for Socialism and current Communist propaganda.Soften the curriculum.Get control of teachers associations.


Infiltrate the press.Get control of book review assignments,editorial writing,policy-making positions.


Gain control of key positions in radio,TV and motion pictures.


Use technical decisions of the courts to weaken basic American institutions,by claiming their activities violate civil rights.


--And when completed--


Discredit the family as an institution.Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce.


Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents.


Continue discrediting American culture by degrading all form of artistic expression.


Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them"censorship"and a violation of free speech and free press.


Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books,magazines,motion pictures,radio and TV.


Present homosexuality,degeneracy and promiscuity as"normal,natural and healthy"


Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the grounds that it violates the principle of"separation of church and state"


Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate,old fashioned,out of step with modern needs.


Discredit the American founding fathers.Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the"common man".


Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history



As I'm sure most of you recall,eleven-months after Congressman Herlong warned America about what the communists in their nation were planning,on 22 November 1963,President Kennedy was assassinated when his head was blown off in what can only be described as a public execution—an assassination that was covered up by CIA Director John McCone—and explains why the lifelong Democrat Party Congressman Herlong switched his affiliation to the Republican Party and allegiance to its leader President Richard Nixon.

我相信你们大多数人还记得,11个月前,国会议员赫朗就gongchandang人在美国的计划向美国发出警告,19631122日,肯尼迪总统被刺杀,当时他的头部被炸掉,只能说是一次公开处决ーー这次暗杀被中央情报局局长约翰·麦科恩(John mccone)所掩盖ーー这也解释了为什么终身的民主党国会议员赫龙(Herlong)改变了对共和党的隶属关系,转而效忠于共和党领袖理查。

Now I actually began thinking about Congressman Herlong this past May when former CIA Director John Brennan began showing up in Boston—a place where he was holding foreign policy meetings while he stayed at an island near this city called Martha's Vineyard—that's most famously known for its being the location of the home of President Kennedy's widowed wife Jackie—is where former President Obama has just purchased a multi-million-dollar sea side mansion,that he obviously doesn't fear will be destroyed by rising sea levels because of climate change—and is also the playground of former President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary.

今年5月,前中央情报局局长约翰布伦南(John Brennan)开始出现在 Bostona,当时他正在那里举行外交政策会议,而此时他正在玛莎葡萄园岛(Martha's vineyard)附近的一个岛上逗留。这个岛最出名的地方是肯尼迪总统寡居的妻子杰姬(jackie)的家所在地。在这里,前总统奥巴马刚刚购买了一座价值数百万美元的海边豪宅,他显然不担心因气候变化导致海平面上升而遭到破坏。

With such a concentration of Democrat Party communist power being assembled on Martha's Vineyard,I wasn't surprised when discovering this past fortnight that former President Obama is"laying low"there—as opposed to former President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary who,this past weekend,threw an exclusive party there for all of their elite friends—and among whose elite guests was the man known as Obama's"Ghost Warrior"—a well known admitted communist who you know as former CIA Director John Brennan—and whom,just a few hours ago,openly warned President Trump that"your protective cocoon is temporary".

在玛莎葡萄园岛聚集了如此集中的民主党共产主义力量,当我在过去两周发现前总统奥巴马正在那里"低调行事"时,我并不感到惊讶——前总统比尔·克林顿(Bill Clinton)和他的妻子希拉里(Hillary)就在刚刚过去的这个周末,在那里为他们所有的精英朋友举办了一场高级派对——而在他们的精英客人中,有一个人被称为奥巴马的"幽灵战士"——一个众所周知的公认的共产主义者,你知道他是前中情局局长约翰·布伦南(John brennan)


You can research all you want Folks,but you'll never find a former CIA Director having ever threatened a sitting American President before like Obama's"Ghost Warrior"just did—but whose threat becomes more than understandable for those of us who noticed that Hillary Clinton had as one of her other elite guests at her Martha's Vineyard gathering Sir Evelyn de Rothschild,of the imperial European banking family.

你可以随心所欲地调查各位,但你永远找不到像奥巴马的《幽灵战士》(Ghost Warrior)那样曾威胁过在任美国总统的前中央情报局(CIA)局长——但对于我们这些注意到希拉里克林顿(Hillary Clinton)在玛莎葡萄园庄园(Martha Vineyard)的聚会上也是其他精英客人之一的人来说,他的威胁变得更加可以理解。伊夫林罗斯柴尔德爵士(Sir Evelyn de Rothschild)来自欧洲帝国银行家族。

Like President Kennedy's close friend Congressman Herlong,I doubt that many of you know about the imperial European banker Sir Evelyn de Rothschild—but can't be said about those of us who live in a"conspiracy world"where,most infamously,the Rothschild banking family is said to have ordered Kennedy's assassination because he tried to shut down their private Federal Reserve banking system controlling the United States—a"conspiracy theory"revolving around an Executive Order signed by Kennedy,but whose convoluted supposings about don't stand up to rigorous factual examination.

就像肯尼迪总统的密友国会议员赫朗(Herlong)一样,我怀疑你们中的许多人是否知道欧洲帝国银行家伊夫林罗斯柴尔德爵士(Sir Evelyn de Rothschild)——但我们这些生活在"阴谋世界"的人却不能这么说。据说,最为臭名昭著的是,罗斯柴尔德银行家族下令暗杀肯尼迪,因为他试图关闭控制美国的美联储(Federal Reserve)私人银行系统——这是一个围绕肯尼迪签署的行政命令的"阴谋论",但关于这个命令的错综复。

What I can tell you about this Kennedy-Executive Order-Rothschild-Federal Reserve"conspiracy theory"though,is that it's a"red herring"trap deliberately intended to mislead and distract anyone from asking relevant and important questions about who the Rothschilds really are,and what they're,in fact,doing—and if fallen into,finds those who are trapped calling the Rothschilds the leaders of a global Jewish conspiracy to take over the world—a beyond absurd notion to believe,as when it comes to such"unseen and hidden"powers influencing our world today,the Jewish peoples are amateurs when compared against the Armenia Diaspora.



So please allow me now Folks,if you'd be so kind,to tell you some real truths and facts about what's really going on—that begins with Sister Ciara's letter to you yesterday"America Gets Mad Dog Warning—But Is Anyone Listening?"—specifically her phrase:"outright betrayal by the United States of a Russian nation".


The"betrayal"by the United States of Russia that Sister Ciara referenced occurred because the Bolshevik communist revolution actually was financed by wealthy financiers in London and New York—with communist leaders Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky being on the closest of terms with these US-British moneyed interests both before and after the revolution—and was a communist revolution in which what is known as the"Rothschild Formula"played a major role in shaping.

西亚拉姐妹提到的俄罗斯美国的"背叛"之所以发生,是因为布尔什维克共产主义革命实际上是由伦敦和纽约富有的金融家资助的ーー共产主义领导人弗拉基米尔·列宁(Vladimir Lenin)和利昂·托洛茨基(Leon Trotsky)在革命之前和之后都与这些美英财富阶层关系最密切ーー而且是一场共产主义革命,所谓的"罗斯柴尔德公式"(Rothschild Formula)在其中发挥了重要作。

One of the greatest lies being told to the American people in their schools and universities is that the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution in Russia was a popular uprising of the downtrodden masses against the hated ruling class of the Tsars—but the facts are that there were two revolutions in Russia that year,not one.


The first,called the February Revolution,resulted in the establishment of a provisional socialist government under the leadership of Aleksandr Kerensky—that was relatively moderate in its policies and attempted to accommodate all revolutionary factions,including the Bolshevik communists who were the smallest minority.

第一次革命被称为"二月革命"(February Revolution),它导致在亚历山大·克伦斯基(Aleksandr kerensky)领导下建立了一个临时社会主义政府。克伦斯基的政策相对温和,并试图容纳所有革命派别,包括布尔什维克共产主义者,他们是最小的少数派。

When the February Revolution occurred,communist leaders Lenin and Trotsky were not even in RussiaLenin was in Switzerland and didn't arrive back in Russia until April—while Trotsky was still in New York writing propaganda and giving speeches.


The second revolution,called the October Revolution,was the one through which the communists came to power--but was,in fact,no revolution at all--it was a coup d'etat.


These communists simply took advantage of the confusion and indecisiveness that existed among the various groups that comprised the new government and caught them by surprise with a lightening strike of force—and with a combination of bribes and propaganda,they recruited several regiments of soldiers and sailors and,in the early morning darkness of 23 October—then methodically took military possession of all government buildings and communication centers.


No one was prepared for such audacity,and resistance was almost non-existent—and by dawn,without the Russian people even knowing what had happened,much less having any voice in that action,their country had been captured by a minority faction and became the world's first so-called"people's republic".



In just a few hours,communists took control of the entire nation of Russia on 23 October 1917


If you don't know who US Army Major Ginger Tate is you should,and be terrified when you do—because,just yesterday,this highly-trained black woman combat war officer violated both her military oath and US federal law when she stood up at a socialist Democrat Party campaign event in full uniform to pledge her loyalty to Obama's former Vice President Joe Biden—a grave violation that threatens the very core of America's military independence and separation from politics—but,in turn,is being celebrated by all of her nation's leftist mainstream media elites.

如果你不知道谁是美国陆军少校金吉尔·塔特(Ginger Tate),那么你应该感到害怕——因为就在昨天,这位训练有素的黑人女战地军官违反了她的军事誓言和美国联邦法律,当时她身着全套制服,在社会主义民主党(socialist Democrat Party)的一次竞选活动中站起来,承诺效忠奥巴马的前副总统乔·拜登(Joe biden)。这种严重违规行为威胁到了美国军事独立和脱离政治的核心,但反过来,她的国家所有的左翼主流媒体精英都在庆祝。

I'll leave it you to guess the numbers of how many other Major Tate's there are after eight-years of Obama-Clinton Regime socialist rule serving with the 1.3 million active duty US military forces and their 800,000 military reserve forces—but I can tell you that only takes a few thousand of them strategically placed to put their communist leaders in power within a few hours in an"American October Revolution"that would begin with President Trump being assassinated,along with all of his supporters in the US Congress,federal government and intelligence services—and in the chaos and turmoil that would then overtake the entire nation—is when these communists will proclaim that they're in full control—all of whom will be praised by a leftist mainstream propaganda media establishment now waiting for this all to begin.


I wish you'd all awaken to the fact that global bankers(be they Rothschild's or whomever,as they're all the same)have long ago determined that their greatest profits come from communist-socialist regimes—best exampled as true from the documents contained in the US Senate investigation into the communist"October Revolution"that took over Russia in a matter of hours—one of which is a secret communiqué to Britishdiplomat Sir Bruce Lockhart from his top aide that says:

我希望你们都意识到这样一个事实:全球银行家(不管是罗斯柴尔德的还是其他人的,因为他们都是一样的)很久以前就断定,他们最大的利润来自共产主义——社会主义政权——最好的例子就是美国参议院对共产主义"十月革命"(October Revolution)进行的调查中所包含的文件,该调查在几个小时内就占领了俄罗斯。其中一份文件是英国外交官布鲁斯·洛克哈

You will hear it said that I am an agent of Wall Street;that I am the servant of William B.Thompson to get Altai Copper for him;that I have already got 500,000 acres of the best timber land in Russia for myself;that I have already copped off the Trans-Siberian Railway;that they have given me a monopoly of the platinum in Russia;that this explains my working for the soviet..

你会听到这样的说法:我是华尔街的代理人;我是 William b.Thompson 的仆人,为他买下了阿尔泰铜矿;我已经为自己买下了50万英亩俄罗斯最好的木材用地;我已经从俄罗斯西伯利亚铁路手中抢走了;他们给了我在俄罗斯的铂金垄断权;这解释了我为苏联工作的原因。.

You will hear that talk.Now,I do not think it is true,Commissioner,but let us assume it is true.


Let us assume that I am here to capture Russia for Wall Street and American business men.


Let us assume that you are a British wolf and I am an American wolf,and that when this war is over we are going to eat each other up for the Russian market;let us do so in perfectly frank,man fashion,but let us assume at the same time that we are fairly intelligent.



Tonight,each of you will retire to your beds content in the knowledge that while you sleep,your police will do their best to keep you safe,while your fire and ambulance forces stand ready to come at a seconds notice if you need them—while we,and the few others like us,stand on the ramparts of the front line and behind the lines of this war to protect your freedom—a freedom I'm begging you not to throw away—and that you can save by aiding those of us still brave enough to tell you the truth.


If you can honestly look at yourself,your spouse,children,family and friends and say that absolutely no evidence exists that the"45 Communist Goals"to destroy the United States that Congressman Herlong warned about in 1963 have nearly all been implemented during these past 56-years—I can only say that what comes next,you'll never be able to say you weren't warned about.


For those of you who know these truths,though,and wish to survive—by all means PLEASE help us so we can keep helping you—and is as simple as you going below and giving us what you can today—and that I'd like to call a PAYMENT FOR TRUTH—the most important weapon you'll need for us all to win!


Thank you for listening and aiding us in our hour of desperate need by going below and giving what you can,and,as always,please feel free to write me at sorchafaal@fastmail.fm with any comments/questions/suggestions,remembering to put ATTN:BRIAN in the subject line.

感谢你们在我们最需要帮助的时刻倾听我们的心声,并尽你们所能给予我们帮助,同时,如果你们有任何意见/问题/建议,请随时给我写信至 sorchaaal@fastmail.fm,记得在主题栏写上 ATTN.BRIAN

All the best folks,









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