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Our work will not be over when The Event takes place! In fact for many their real work will truly begin at that point. Here is a quote from the Bubbles of Heaven update # 40 which describes the time immediately after The Event.

我们的工作将不会结束,当事件发生!事实上,对许多人来说,他们真正的工作将真正从那一刻开始。下面是《天堂的泡泡更新 # 40》中的一段话,描述了事件发生后的时间。

"The fourth phase is called Unstable Film Boiling phase. Bubbles of Heaven have connected on the surface of the planet into a stable network (film) which forms the backbone of the new society, whereas the society itself as a whole is unstable, but processing, integrating and stabilizing. Islands of Light are being fully formed with active Contact."

第四阶段称为不稳定膜沸腾阶段。天堂的泡沫在地球表面连接成一个稳定的网络(电影) ,形成新社会的支柱,而社会本身作为一个整体是不稳定的,但处理、整合和稳定。光之岛正在完全形成,主动接触。"

In these past few weeks through deep introspection I have been guided to bring forth an awareness of how and why we need to continue our battle with darkness. The phase that is referred to above, will be a period of about two years' time, when our vigilance for Heart centred living will require the inclusion of a decidedly clear approach to dealing with darkness in its many forms. It is my hope that these articles will help us to navigate that time period and become the true Warriors of Truth that we know ourselves to be in the depth of our being.




第一部分 序言:https://www.pfcchina.org/lingxing/43895.html

第二部分          :https://www.pfcchina.org/lingxing/43979.html

[瑞典银河真理报]|第256期 参与其中3

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Getting Involved 3


Demonic Behaviour



By Therese Zumi Sumner

作者: Therese Zumi Sumner

When a demon has TOTAL control one can find evidence of some of the following taking place.


* Self-serving behaviour above the rights of others.

* 凌驾于他人权利之上的自私行为。

* Disrespectful of other people's attempts to understand their behaviour.

* 不尊重别人试图理解他们的行为。

* Authoritarian energy.

* 威权主义能源。

* A lack of regard for the moral or legal standards of the local culture.

* 不重视当地文化的道德或法律标准。

* Conning for pleasure or profit, repeated lying or the use of aliases.

* 为取乐或谋取利益、重复说谎或使用别名。

* Impulsive behaviour and failure to plan ahead and see consequences of actions.

* 冲动行为和未能提前计划和预见行动的后果。

* They play a part so they can get what they want.


* There is a shallow range of emotions and a lack of guilt.

* 情感的表达很浅,没有负罪感。

* There is habitual lying.

* 习惯性说谎。

* Whatever the problem it's always someone else's fault.

* 不管是什么问题,总是别人的错。

* They are remorselessly vindictive when thwarted or exposed.

* 当他们受到挫折或暴露时,他们会报复性地无情。

* Genuine religious, moral, or other values play no part in their lives.

* 真正的宗教、道德或其他价值观不会影响他们的生活。

Psychopathic and Sociopathic behaviour is quite simply demonic in nature.


Here is an article on the details of this behaviour which has been documented anonymously by someone in 2003 because they could not find any equivalent synopsis at that time.



Schizophrenic behaviour can be a sign of demonic possession BUT not always. At least 55% of those exhibiting schizophrenic symptoms are suffering from trauma of some kind.

精神分裂症的行为可能是恶魔附身的征兆,但并非总是如此。至少有55% 的精神分裂症患者遭受了某种创伤。

Incarnated Demons or Demonic Possession ~ An Important Distinction

化身的恶魔或恶魔附身---- 重要的区别

The following assumptions are my own beliefs and conclusions after studying this matter. They are also based upon personal experiences in this area.


My Guidance is confirming these assumptions and therefore I am sharing them with you here.


It is my utter belief that demons can and do incarnate as humans.


I am Guided to say, that of all demonic possession 10% of the time we are dealing with incarnated demons.

我被引导说,在所有的恶魔附身中,我们有10% 的时间是在对付化身的恶魔。

Someone who is merely possessed (temporarily for as little as some months and up to possession for decades) by a demon, will NOT display the depth of darkness as described in the above link. In part two #255 I took up the 'inconsistencies' and other type of behavior that might better describe possession. When demonic possession takes place the human host is still present, and the victims have no awareness of this awful usurpation of their body.

一个仅仅被恶魔附身的人(暂时只有几个月,直到几十年) ,不会显示上面链接中描述的黑暗深度。在第二部分 # 255中,我提到了"矛盾"和其他类型的行为,这些行为可能更好地描述了附身行为。当恶魔附身发生的时候,人类宿主仍然存在,而受害者并没有意识到这种可怕的侵占他们身体的行为。

[瑞典银河真理报]|第256期 参与其中3

I have personally met an incarnated demon. In all honesty I was one of many that this demon managed to dupe! Luckily I was not directly involved with this 'person'. This was someone possessing the sociopathic/ psychopathic behavior as described in the above link. This behaviour was well hidden. I have seen how lives have been ruined completely through people having shared their lives unknowingly with this demon. I know of 8 lives thoroughly destroyed by this demon. This devil is still roaming the planet and continuing to destroy new lives because they know how to cover their tracks, steal and hide their victim's money and evade the law in every way possible.


Myths and Untruths about Demonic Possession through Religious Indoctrination


My recent research into this subject has brought to my attention just how much 'bullshit' the various religious institutions make claim to be of truth regarding this subject. Here are some things that are definitely NOT TRUE.


It would seem that official Catholic exorcists make claim that demons do not usually take possession of a person without their permission. They mean that if involuntary possession takes place the person has done something to encourage the demons.


THIS IS NOT THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER... people never ... People NEVER give voluntary permission to submit themselves to demonic possession.

这不是事情的真相... ... 人们从不... ... 人们从不自愿允许自己服从恶魔附身。

The type of demonic possession and subsequent exorcism that is portrayed in Hollywood etc. has very little to do with reality.


A Well Known Person of Authority Lived A Double Life for Decades


This person held the position of Headmaster at the Police University for 8 years and then he was a County Chief Constable for 9 years. He was a well-known driving force in expressing his opinions, regarding problems within the police force connected to sexual inequality, sexual harassment and violence towards women. He was an often requested lecturer in the subject area of equality and feminism.


However, his private life had no reflection of this image. He was arrested and found guilty of violent rape, rape, purchase of sexual services, assault, procuration of sexual services for others, one case of preparation for violent rape of a child and sadistic sexual violence creating physical damage. He subsequently served two-thirds of his punishment of 6 years imprisonment.


My Guides say that this person was not an incarnated demon but someone who was possessed by a demon for many decades.


Demonic Force at Work in High Places


Recently, through the great work of some Swedish lightworkers I have become familiar with a case of a paedophile.


Through following several updates and interviews with various people I have learned a lot about this case.


[瑞典银河真理报]|第256期 参与其中3

The deduction that ANYONE following this narrative will make, is that there are demonic forces at work protecting paedophiles, within the highest levels of the Swedish Court system and even on our Public Service Official SVT TV Channel.

任何追随这种说法的人都会推断,在瑞典法院系统的最高层,甚至在我们的公共服务官方 SVT 电视频道,都有恶魔力量在保护恋童癖者。

The paedophile father has even succeeded in creating a documentary {available on Swedish Public Service TV} in two, hour long parts, to display his innocence and show up his ex-wife and those helping her to be stupid, ridiculous people, living in a fantasy world.

这位恋童癖的父亲甚至成功地制作了一部长达两个小时的纪录片(瑞典公共服务电视台提供) ,来展示他的纯真,展示他的前妻和那些帮助她成为愚蠢可笑的人的人,生活在一个幻想的世界里。

All this despite the fact that several doctors and psychologists have provided evidence of the child's physical damage and bruising on his body and also definite evidence of fear on behalf of the small child.


Without the dedicated work of several fantastic lightworkers this information might never have surfaced. One Lightworker who I will call 'Joseph' is such an inspiration to me and many others. He has earlier (two decades) worked within the Swedish police force and his headmaster during his studies, was no other than the man I told you about previously. 'Joseph' is, among much much more, on a crusade to reveal demonic forces within the judicial and police authorities.


He was one of the 'ridiculous' strange people supporting the mother of this child who was being abused by his father. The amount of money / resources that have been used by the court and police authorities in support of this paedophile are astounding. The mother, because of her ill treatment by social service authorities, after having sought help to remove the child from the father, was on the run, hiding for four months. She felt that she had no other choice to save her child and was prosecuted in her absence. She eventually spent a month in custody when she was found.


An interview between 2 Lightworkers was recorded in the main Stockholm Courthouse after the mother was released from custody after hearings. In this video the two Lightworkers discussed the then happy outcome at that time, and the photographer doing the filming of this interview took an opportunity while filming to show us the surroundings in the corridors and nearby cafe area of the courthouse. Low and behold what do we see? Statue upon statue placed here and there in the surroundings ~ statues of Demons!!

两名光之工作者在斯德哥尔摩主要法院进行了一次面谈,在听证会之后,这位母亲被释放。在这段视频中,两位光之工作者讨论了当时令人高兴的结果,拍摄这次采访的摄影师趁机向我们展示了法院走廊和附近咖啡厅的环境。低头看,我们看到了什么?一个接一个的雕像放置在周围 ~ 恶魔的雕像!

As usual in these cases the video in question has now been taken down.


I am deducting with the help of my Guides that there are several incarnated demons and several people possessed by demons in places of high authority within the Swedish Judicial Court system and within the official Swedish TV mass media.


Some Truth about Demonic Possession


In the New Testament there are several incidents related about people being possessed by demons.


In all of these incidents we learn that demons respond and submit to the authority of Jesus Christ.


To be continued...



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