xekleidoma |2020-07-30: 由昴宿星人释放的情感治疗协议

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Recent alternative media reports give some serious warnings and practical advice regarding what is going on and what can still be expected for the coming months.Whatever turbulence we are experiencing,it is important to keep a calm mindset as much as possible and live life one day at a time while at the same time being prepared for any eventuality.


Cobra has communicated that the Pleiadians have created a protocol for emotional healing,which I am sure many lightworkers and others will appreciate.It can be activated by repeating"Command 771"three times aloud or in your mind.My initial findings with this new protocol are very positive and I would say emotional healing is what is needed most in the world right now.


The Unknown Lightwarrior mentioned that he suspects nanites(the nanoparticles that are spread through chemtrails and other methods)can be used to attack us from within as a last form of retaliation by the Cabal,which could result in death through organ failure.So I would advise people to take 3%hydrogen peroxide or chlorine dioxide(MMS or Miracle Mineral Solution)as that should be able to eliminate nanites as well as harmful viruses,bacteria and poisons from the body.


xekleidoma |2020-07-30: 由昴宿星人释放的情感治疗协议
xekleidoma |2020-07-30: 由昴宿星人释放的情感治疗协议


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