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The 8-8 Stargate is a cosmic portal of Its energy transfer to Earth peaks on August 8th when Sirius rises in the east and is visible on the horizon just before the sun rises.


We will be doing a Global Meditation at the peak moment of this incredible Ascension Portal.I am waiting on confirmation for the specific time so please check back and be sure to mark this date and time on your calendar and share this article far and wide so we can help as many as possible to take the Quantum Leap with us to the 5D Earth Grid and greatly Accelerate Our Own Ascension!!!





August 8,2020


Exact time and instructions to be posted soon…..may be a few days so just check back here by the middle of next week….thank you!



The 8-8 is a day when we can more securely anchor our consciousness onto the Positive Ascension Timeline and Leap off the 3D Matrix Timeline altogether,so we don't want to miss this opportunity!

8-8是一个我们可以更安全地将我们的意识锚定在积极提升时间线上,并跳出3D 矩阵时间线的日子,所以我们不想错过这个机会!

Although our Triple Eclipse meditations averted many worse scenarios,there will be some very volatile astrological alignments starting mid-August which could stir up anger in the collective,so let's participate in this Meditation to continue stabilizing the global situation and ensure the best smoothest outcome over the coming weeks and months!


Even though 8-8 is called"The Lions Gate"and is a time when Earth aligns with Sirius and the fiery Sun(giving a distinct flavor of male energy),it is actually a"Stargate of the Goddess"that streams in divine feminine energy which restores harmony and balance on our planet.


The Goddess is the feminine aspect of Source Creator and her presence was greatly suppressed on Earth many millennia ago,so this portal can help us revive her presence and reconnect with her loving healing energy.


Since we are in the final showdown between Light and Dark here on Earth,goddess energy has never been more needed than it is right now!So we will want to strongly connect with the Goddess/Feminine Divine throughout this entire cosmic window and especially on August 8th to bring stability to the global situation and ensure peace will reign in our domain!!


The veil between the material and spiritual realms are very thin on 8-8 so it will be much easier to connect with the Goddess,Source Creator and angelic beings on that day.


Sirius is in the constellation of Leo.Leo governs the heart and the solar plexus so the 8-8 Stargate gives us an extraordinary opportunity to amplify and maximize our Spiritual Light and Inner Power!


Important Highlights


of the 8-8 Lions Gate Portal


vTune into the Higher Mind,Higher Heart,Higher Wisdom


vOpportunity to harness a limitless supply of Power,Infinity and Immortality


vIt has tremendous Quantum Leap Potential


vWe can use it to Jump Timelines since the 8-8 Lions Gate is a TIME PORTAL

vWe 可以使用它来跳跃时间线,因为8-8狮门是一个时间入口

vIt supercharges our Consciousness


vAllows us to Reconnect with the Feminine Divine and the Mysteries of the Goddess

vAllows 我们重新连接与女性神圣和神秘的女神

vThe Empowerment Gateway-Fully Step Into Your Personal Power


vConnect with the Great Central Sun and Shine With the Light Of A Thousand Suns


vDischarges powerful ascension light codes and is an Accelerated Ascension Portal used by the ancients


Just as our physical sun is considered to be the giver of life,Sirius has long been viewed as our spiritual life-giver as it illuminates the inner planes of existence.


SIRIUS is the brightest star in our night sky.It is twice as large in mass as our sun and 26 times more luminous–quite a magnificent star indeed!


Because it is such a brilliant luminary,Sirius is considered to be a broadcasting station of spiritual wisdom.These light transmissions that are now flooding the Earth are packed full of the codes of Spiritual Mastery,Evolution and Ascension.


These diamond light codes originating from the Great Central Sun can activate our DNA,strengthen our Aura(our personal energy field),prime our Pineal Gland and fuel our Quantum Leaping abilities!!

这些来自大中枢太阳的钻石光密码可以激活我们的 DNA,加强我们的光环(我们的个人能量场),启动我们的松果体,并加强我们的量子跳跃能力!

Sirius is often referred to as the"Dog"star because it is found in the Canis Major constellation which is where we get the word"canine"from.One of the oldest gods of Egypt was Anubis and he is portrayed as having the head of a jackal.


Dog spelled backwards=GOD


Accessing Sirius during the Lions Gate Portal can connect us with the Mind of God,who is in essence a Super-Conscious Being.


When we do this,we ourselves take giant leaps in our own consciousness.We then achieve God-like status as our understanding of the Universe grows exponentially and we can more responsibly participate in the divine co-creative process.


We are all aspects of Source and each of us are unique individualized expressions of Source.We are here to Experience……Express…..and…..Create!


This connection to the God-mind was portrayed in a well-loved 80's movie which prominently featured dogs and contains hidden gems about using the 8-8 Lions Gate Portal to access the Mind of God,which we will get to shortly.


The name Sirius is derived from the Greek word seirioswhich means"glowing"or"scorching."We will learn how this not only applies literally,but also figuratively in terms of our spiritual growth and ascension.It closely resembles the word serious which can mean"weighty,important,profound,""requiring careful consideration or reflection"–terms that would certainly apply to the acquisition of higher knowledge.

"天狼星"这个名字来源于希腊语 seirios,意思是"发光的""灼热的"我们将学习这不仅在字面上适用,而且在我们的灵性成长和提升方面也具有象征意义。它与"严肃"这个词非常相似,"严肃"可以表示"重要、重要、深刻""需要仔细考虑或反思"——这些术语肯定适用于获得更高的知识。

Sirius is a binary star system,consisting of two stars:Sirius A and Sirius B(the first one being the largest with the latter being much smaller and very faint by comparison).

天狼星是一个双星系统,由两颗恒星组成:天狼星 a 和天狼星 b(第一颗是最大的,而天狼星 b 相比之下要小得多,非常微弱)

The Leo constellation has 95 stars.Of those,Regulus is the brightest star in the Sirius constellation and is considered the"Star of Royalty"or the star of the King.Those who have this fixed star prominently positioned in their natal astrology chart often become very wealthy as Regulus is considered the most fortunate of all the stars.


Sirius has long been considered a repository of divine wisdom,so when we travel through the Lions Gate we can not only access that higher knowledge,but more fully embody our divinity as an individualized expression of the Source.


It is believed that some of the survivors of Atlantis settled in Egypt and imparted their advanced knowledge,which would explain their ability to build the Pyramids with such mathematical and astronomical accuracy.


Here you can see clearly that the Great Pyramid in Giza aligned perfectly with Sirius and Orion's Belt:


The ancient Egyptians revered the star Sirius and built their entire civilization around it.To them it was sacred.They associated Sirius with Isis,the mother goddess.She was considered the female aspect of the trinity formed by her,Osiris and their son Horus.Toth(Hermes)who gave humanity the Emerald Tablets was also esoterically associated with Sirius,


The Egyptians based their calendar on the heliacal rising of Sirius just before the Nile River flooded each summer.The rising of the star signaled the beginning of hot arid conditions that prevailed that time of year–thus the familiar phrase"The Dog Days of Summer."


Many other ancient cultures also followed the celestial movements of Sirius including the Babylonians,Sumerians and Greeks.It was definitely an important star throughout history!


A major component of the sacred knowledge that was given to the Atlanteans by the far more evolved Cosmic Central Race,wasconnecting with and embodying the goddess presence which in turn brought peace,harmony and stability to the whole of society.This is why the goddess was so revered in many ancient cultures and why temples were erected in her honor.


It is clear to see that chaos and a gross imbalance of masculine energies has resulted in the near complete absence of the Goddess presence.


It is time for the Goddess to Return… a massive way……and we can welcome her presence within us and anchor her Light throughout the Lions Gate Portal and especially on 8-8!!!She is our Divine Mother who restores balance and peace on Earth and we welcome her with open arms.




In addition to the power of the astrological alignments during the Lions Gate,we also have the added mathematical manifestation power embedded in the numbers 88.


8 is the number of Abundance,Wealth and Personal Success.The two equal circles stacked atop each other signify balance–8 brings balance between the spiritual and material realms.


The infinity symbol is the number 8 lying on its side so the power of infinite potential lies within the 8!


88 is a universal code tied to our grandest dreams.When we express and share our innate gifts we align with the higher divine expression of ourselves and the Universe will support us every step of the way!


The 8 is a very fair number–it will dole back out to you in equal measure what you have sent out to others.If you have made many deposits in the spiritual bank of the higher realms for years,you can expect a very large payout soon(with interest).


Those who honor the light and follow the sacred path of love are about to be greatly rewarded.But the same 8-8 passage will spell disaster for those who operate on the tenets of darkness and oppression,such as those who created and run the Matrix.They will not fare so well during this extra potent Lions Gate.


So let's harness the immense manifestation power of this Stargate by quantum leaping through the 8-8 Portal,as within the#8 lie ALL POSSIBILITIES……To Infinity!!!


On this day,we can confidently take a total leap of faith,bounce off of this starlit trampoline and land among the stars of our New Reality,the grandest reality we can envision!



And now…….it's time to reveal some Sirius Codes hidden within an iconic 80's movie!This is going to be truly'eye-opening'!!


Hidden within the wildly popular 1985 film"Back to the Future"starring Michael J.Fox and Christopher Lloyd,is a galactic storyline that will simply blow…..your……mind!

1985年的广受欢迎的电影《回到未来》中,由 Michael j.Fox 和克里斯托弗·劳埃德主演,隐藏着一个银河系的故事情节。你的...思想!

Here's a quick recap of the plot as most movie goers know it:


Marty McFly is a teenager attending high school in Hill Valley,California.He likes to hang out at the eccentric Doc Emmett Brown's science lab to see what new ideas he's tinkering with.One night Doc asks Marty to meet him at the Twin Pines Mall parking lot to film a new experiment he plans to conduct.

Marty McFly 是一个在加利福尼亚山谷上高中的少年。他喜欢在古怪的埃米特·布朗博士的科学实验室里闲逛,看看自己有什么新想法。一天晚上,博士约马蒂在双松林商场停车场见面,拍摄他计划进行的一项新实验。

Marty is surprised to see Doc with a Delorean which he describes as a"time machine."Doc explains the car must reach a speed of 88 mph in order to travel through time and shows him the stolen Plutonium that powers the car and the flux capacitor that makes it all work.He then demonstrates its time travel capabilities by sending his dog"Einstein"one minute into the future.


Marty is shocked when the Delorean vanishes and all that are left are fiery vehicle tracks.Doc then sends Marty back to the year 1955 where he gets stuck and then must find his way back to 1985.He must help his parents meet and fall in love to ensure his future existence.He also has to find and contact Doc Brown who has yet to invent the flux capacitor and his time machine.


That is the official movie version of the story……


But I think you'd rather hear the"unofficial"version that contains all the hidden gems of higher knowledge,wouldn't you?


Strap on your galactic seat belt,because we're going for a Sirius ride back to the past……so we can discover the secret to getting to the glorious FUTURE that awaits us!


Reveal#1–Numerical Clues


There are several depictions of the number 88(which is the date when the Lions Gate energy peaks).


In the opening of the film,we see all the clocks set to the time 7:53.



–this number reduces to 88 using a single reduction formula.


One of the clocks is set to 8:08 with an"x"taped on the face,indicating the gateway is broken and doesn't work.


In the scene where Marty is riding a skateboard and hitches onto the back of a jeep,two highway signs appearing side-by-side on the street corner show the number 8 on one sign and the second sign shows 395 which reduces to the number 8.


The Delorean is repeatedly shown reaching a speed of 88 mph.


When Marty first gets into the Delorean,the date shows as October 26,1985."Octo"means 8 and 26 reduces to 8,so again we see 8-8 depicted!


Reveal#2–The entire Back to the Future film was about a Magical Cosmic Date!!!The 8-8 Lions Gate!


Repeated emphasis is put on the Delorean reaching a speed of 88 mph,when the real magic that allows time travel is the Lions Portal activation which occurs on 8-8 or August 8th each year!This is the day when Ascension Codes stream into Earth that one can use to travel in time AND to travel to the higher realms(mentally or'physically')!


In the scene where Marty is riding his skateboard and turns into the neighborhood where he lives,we see two Gates which a lion sitting atop each one and the name of the community is"Lyon Estates."How wild is that?Marty is shown entering THE LIONS GATE PORTAL!


So 8-8 is the date you can literally Time Travel…..but how and with what mechanism?


Reveal#3-The Third Eye


You certainly don't need a Delorean to time travel on the 8-8.So what do you need?


It's already built into your body vehicle!This next scene will give you a powerful clue……


In the scene where the woman comes running up to Marty and his girlfriend shouting"Save the Clock Tower"if you look carefully,behind her is a storefront with the name of"The Third Eye"in large letters and an actual'all seeing eye'image in place of the word'eye.'Makes you wonder how we missed that for 35 long years……?!


The way you can Time Travel and take a Quantum Leap through the Sirian Stargate on 8-8 is by ACTIVATING your Third Eye or your Pineal Gland!It is actually a Stargate in and of itself and can be used to travel through other stargate such as The Lions Gate!!


Reveal#4–The 8-8 Lions Gate is a Time Portal


Hidden within the obscurity of Doc's name is the revelation that the 8-8 Lions Gate is actually a Time Travel Portal.Are you ready?


Emmett Lathrop Brown






Reveal#5–Connect Your Mind to the Dog(GOD)constellation……to receive all the answers…..including how to time travel!


Back in 1955 when Marty visits the younger"Doc"we see a small dog whose mind is hooked up to a contraption that Doc believes will allow him to read Marty's thoughts.The hidden message is to"connect your mind to the dog/God constellation of Sirius to gain knowledge and superhuman abilities!"


Also,Doc's dog named Einstein(after a man who was a genius)travels back in time in the Delorean,indicating that we can achieve genius status when we tap into the Higher Universal Mind on the 8-8 Portal Date by entering the Lions Gate and connecting directly with the Sirius(dog=god)Star!

此外,博士的狗命名为爱因斯坦(以一个天才的名字命名)回到时间的 Delorean,表明我们可以达到天才的地位,当我们进入更高的宇宙意识在8-8日期的入口,进入狮门和直接连接天狼星(=)

Reveal#5–Mother Mary,The Feminine Divine


We now know that Sirius is the Star of the Sacred Feminine and that the Lions Gate is a powerful Goddess Portal.Well this too was revealed in the movie!Twice……


Once on a license plate that says"For Mary"and again as graffiti scribbled on the Lyons Estates entry gate.


The Mary being referenced in the film is Mother Mary who represents the Feminine Divine throughout all cultures.In the original Aramaic text,her name is Maryam or Mariam.She is also known as Our Lady or the Queen of Heaven.

电影中提到的圣母玛利亚是代表所有文化中女性神圣的玛利亚。在原始的亚拉姆语文本中,她的名字是Maryam or Mariam。她也被称为我们的圣母或天堂的皇后。

She is the Divine Mother who nurtures and protects all life.To be touched by Mother Mary is to feel the depths of tenderness,unconditional love,safety and emotional healing.She helps you connect with all that is good and pure and innocent.


By allowing Mother Mary into our hearts,we restore balance to our inner world which then creates balance in our outer world.The film was acknowledging how important her presence is and how we can use the 8-8 Stargate to facilitate her return!


Reveal#6–Sirius Makes a Verbal Appearance


In the scene where Doc is holding the remote control and is about to test the Delorean he says to Marty"If my calculations are correct,when this baby hits 88 mph you're going to see some Sirius sh---!"

在博士拿着遥控器准备测试 Delorean 的场景中,他对马蒂说:"如果我的计算是正确的,当这个宝贝达到每小时88英里的时候,你就会看到天狼星--!"

Reveal#7–You can achieve Christ-level Consciousness by traveling through the Lions Gate


In the scene where Marty finally makes it back to 1985,we see a homeless man sleeping on a bench who is awakened by the blinding light created by the re-entry of the Delorean to that moment in time.The camera pans behind the man to a sign that says"Assembly of Christ."



Now I can't take credit for all these mind bending revelations–only for discovering this relatively unknown video after much research.That credit goes to this gentleman,whose video I will link to here,as it's even more powerful to see this in moving pictures.


Each time I watch this video I feel a thrill build up inside me that I can't quite describe…..I think it's the remembrance of being able to traverse the stars using my own inner power!


I will conclude with some recommended activities for this week and on the portal date itself.


1)Raise your vibration daily!Listen to uplifting music and do whatever makes you really happy.


2)Do Sandra Walter's Christ Light Activation meditation daily from now thru August 8


3)Disconnect from social media and the matrix narrative–simply observe it from a distance if you must(as if you are viewing a fictional movie)but give it NO energy whatsoever


4)Disconnect from your own past–Let It All Go


5)Act and Feel Like the Powerful Creator that you ARE–You are creating your experience moment-to-moment!


6)Focus more intently than you ever have on YOUR dreams,wishes and desires


7)Meditate,meditate,meditate(daily and even more than once per day)–go into stillness as often as possible and from that place send out your highest intentions for yourself and the planet


8)Tune into the Higher Cosmic Mind and LISTEN IN SILENCE……so that you may receive powerful downloads from the higher realms


9)Spend time outside daily(even just sitting on your porch or patio or in your yard can be very healing)


Work on activating your pineal gland during your meditations and reclaiming your Time Travel Powers--Build Up the Belief that you ARE taking a Quantum Leap thru the 8-8 Lions Gate to the higher 5 th Dimensional World and leaving the old 3D Matrix world behind

在冥想中激活你的松果腺,回收你的时间旅行能力——建立信念,相信你正在通过8-8狮门进入更高的5维世界,离开旧的3D 矩阵世界

This is an 11 minute Himalayan Singing Bowl 3rd Eye Clearing:


Tibetan singing bowl audio you can listen to which resonates to the 3rd Eye Chakra:


Crystal Bowl Meditation which is also very soothing:


On the actual Portal Date of August 8th–


a)Go outside just before sunrise and see Sirius rising on the horizon


b)Connect with the Sun that morning to fully receive the Sacred Fire Ascension Codes!


c)At the exact moment the sun rises you will see the Violet Ray for a moment(which resonates with the 3rd Eye Chakra)


d)If you live near the ocean or a body of water watch the sunrise from that vantage point and if you can stand with your feet in the water-even more powerful as the sacred waters will carry your intention to the ends of the Earth!


e)Focus intently on how you wish Abundance and Prosperity to manifest in your life and for all mankind–health,wealth,freedom


f)Work with crystals,work with essential oils,cleanse your space by burning sage,chant and do mantras–Engage in Sacred Ceremony




<<<Don't forget to forward this article far and wide so we can help as many others as possible to take the Leap!>>>


I will see you on the other side of the 8-8 Portal…..where our wondrous destiny awaits!!!



With Great Anticipation,


~The Sacred Architect 5D~



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