本杰明|20190805 世界政府谈判中的权力中心

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本杰明|20190805 世界政府谈判中的权力中心


Notice to readers:This report and the next report will be pre-written,as I take my annual sabbatical.We will only report breaking news if some game-changing event takes place.The next report with weekly breaking news will appear on August 19th.Your understanding is appreciated.


This autumn will be a time of serious horse trading that may finally result in the announcement of a world accord designed to replace the system built after World War II.The U.S.military-industrial complex,Asian secret societies,the Chinese Communist party,the British Commonwealth,the Vatican,the Russian Orthodox Church,the Muslims,and other groups are all in basic agreement that this planet cannot continue business as usual.They are also starting to agree on a structure for a loose but unified planetary federation.


The main problem,of course,remains the controllers of the old system,who are not planning to go quietly into the night.A Swiss analysis discovered a core group of about 700 people who sat on the boards of the Fortune 500 and other mega-corporations.


We refer to this group as the Khazarian mafia.The Khazarians still control most mega-corporations,including the big oil companies,Internet giants like Google,Facebook,Amazon,and Apple,and famously,the fake news corporate media.Their biggest source of power,of course,is their ownership of the central banks,which was what they used to seize control of the corporations.

我们称这个组织为 可萨 黑手党。可萨人仍然控制着大多数大型企业,包括大型石油公司、谷歌(Google)Facebook、亚马逊(Amazon)和苹果(Apple)等互联网巨头,以及著名的假新闻媒体。当然,他们最大的权力来源是他们对中央银行的所有权,这是他们用来控制公司的东西。

This group has used murder,bribery,and lies to infiltrate the top level of world power,especially in the West.They have also strategically married their daughters to powerful people.The daughters would then indoctrinate the next generation of power brokers.For example,we are now finding out from the Russians,NSA,and other sources that German Chancellor Angela Merkel,former UK Prime Minister Theresa May,and other leaders are daughters of Adolph Hitler.We now find out former U.S.President Barack Obama's mother was also a Hitler daughter.It turns out the movie"The Boys from Brazil"was based on true fact,except that it was girls,not boys.


We have also found out the Clintons are actually members of the Rockefeller family.In an update to what we reported previously,we have learned that Bill Clinton's mother was a Rockefeller(rather than his father),while Hillary Clinton is the daughter of David Rockefeller.Then,of course,Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is a grandson of David Rockefeller.

我们还发现克林顿夫妇实际上是洛克斐勒家族的成员。在我们之前报道的最新消息中,我们了解到比尔·克林顿的母亲是洛克菲勒(而不是他的父亲),而希拉里克林顿是大卫·洛克菲勒的女儿。当然,Facebook 的首席执行官马克·扎克伯格也是大卫·洛克菲勒的孙子。

The Khazarians change their last names and life stories in order to hide their intergenerational trail of control.For example,we have traced the Bush family name to Scherff,Pierce,and finally to the Italian black nobility Pecce family.

可萨人改变了他们的姓氏和生活经历,以掩盖他们代际间的控制痕迹。例如,我们已经追溯到布什家族的名字 Scherff,皮尔斯,最后到意大利黑人贵族佩奇家族。

Another thing to note about the Khazarian mafia's power structure is that they actually have a person playing the role of God in their monotheistic system.So the masses are made to believe in an abstract God when in reality there is a human god playing that role.Of course,their god is known to them as Lucifer,Ba'al,Satan,Molech,etc.


If you study Jewish history you will find that many Jews have a similar system,as do Muslims and Christians.This is where the concept of the noosphere,or brain atmosphere,comes into play.There is a collective thinking process going on,and certain people at certain times become key nodes where final decisions are made in the group consciousness.The person in a social group who consciously,or unconsciously,is the final arbiter is"God."


So who plays the role of"God"in the Jewish,Christian,and Muslim religions?First,in the case of the Shia Muslims,their most powerful leader is the Agha Khan,a descendant of Mohammed and head of the Ismaili clan,also known to us in history as the Assassins.Their secret society is known as the Blue or Green Dragon.They have great power over the 200 million or so Shia Muslims,and retain great influence in places like India,where they were subcontracted by the British in order to help them keep that country under control.


This person also is the controller of Iran.They get their power by infiltrating people into the inner circles of leading publicly-visible power brokers and letting them know they are vulnerable if they do not obey.They are still not on board with the idea of a unified planet,and that's one reason why there is a still a lot of Iran-centered tension.Hopefully they will be brought around during negotiations this autumn.


The Sunni Muslims are currently not under any form of central control like the Shiites.The closest to central control would be the leading Imams,especially in Egypt,but the system is definitely not centralized these days.The Saudi Royal Family,who are Khazarian Satanists and not actually Muslim,have tried with their petrodollars to control Sunni Islam,but basically only have whores and mercenaries under their pay.Fortunately,they have now fallen under the control of the U.S.military white hats who report to the Christian hierarchy(see below).


The Jews,for their part,are roughly divided into two camps—the secular and the religious.The secular Jews are usually atheist,agnostic,or only vaguely religious.If they had a god,it would be Mammon,the god of money,so I suppose the families that own the fountain of money—the Federal Reserve Board—would be their gods.For many years,that role was played by David Rockefeller,who sat at the head of the Bilderberg group,the Council on Foreign Relations,and the Trilateral Commission.He was the final boss of the petrodollar system and his death has created a huge vacuum.


Much of the chaos and infighting in the U.S.political system can be traced to a fight to fill the vacuum he left behind.His bagman,Henry Kissinger,tried and failed to replace it.Rockefeller's heirs,led by his daughter Hillary Clinton(Rockefeller),have been staging a bitter rear-guard fight ever since she lost the U.S."election"(battle over electronic vote-stealing)to U.S.President Donald Trump.

美国政治体系中的许多混乱和内讧都可以追溯到一场填补他留下的真空的斗争。他的拉皮条的亨利·基辛格试图取而代之,但失败了。洛克菲勒的继承人,由他的女儿希拉里·克林顿(Hillary Clinton,洛克菲勒家族成员)领导,自从她输给美国总统唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)赢得美国"选举"(争夺电子投票)以来,一直在进行一场激烈的后卫战。

The Donald Trump presidency was the result of an alliance of convenience between several groups who were united only by opposition to continued Rockefeller rule.


One was the Rothschild family,who resented the Rockefellers displacing them in the U.S.and Japan during the 20th century.That is why there are so many former Rothschild employees in the Trump cabinet."Rothschild"should be taken as shorthand for a group of aristocratic European families who claim to be maternally descended from the biblical King David.They can be seen as the leaders of the religious Jews,whose beliefs are divided roughly into Torah(Old Testament)and Talmud(Babylonian testament)factions.


The other group behind Trump presidency is the U.S.military-industrial complex,which is dominated by the Gnostic Illuminati,a group that opposes bloodline rule and favors meritocracy.They believe the universe is so full of misery and suffering that whoever created it was evil,and they wish to overthrow it and take control themselves.


So the people behind the Trump presidency were,as the Asian saying goes,"Same bed,different dreams."The Rothschild faction is the one pushing Trump into his outlandishly pro-Israel stance.They also try to provoke him into starting Armageddon by prodding him to attack Iran,North Korea,Syria,Russia,or wherever.They sincerely believe doing so will bring the Messiah.


The Gnostic Illuminati think of this as superstitious nonsense.They want to set up a meritocratic world government.They also wish to end bloodline rule.This is the group that has been pushing for the arrests of pedophiles and turncoats like Jeffrey Epstein,John McCain,and George Bush Sr.They also want to restore the Republic of the United States of America that was surreptitiously replaced by the bloodline-controlled United States of America Corporation in 1871.


The P2 Freemason lodge are the people behind the Catholic side of Christianity.Their long-term plan has been to a Roman-style,highly centralized world government,or New World Order.They were behind George Bush Sr.but have now switched their allegiance and form an uneasy alliance with the Gnostic Illuminati.They are very influential in the military-industrial complex through their control of knightly orders like the Templars,the Knights of Malta,the Teutonic Knights,the Hospitallers,etc.

共济会 P2分会是基督教天主教背后的人。他们的长期计划是建立一个罗马式的、高度中央集权的世界政府,或称新世界秩序。他们支持老乔治布什,但现在转变了他们的忠诚,并与诺斯替光明会形成了一个不稳定的联盟。他们通过控制骑士团,如圣殿骑士团、马耳他骑士团、条顿骑士团骑士团、医院骑士团等,在中东地区非常有影响力。

The Protestant half of Christianity is looser but in large part reports to the Queen of England via Scots Rite Freemasonry and the British Commonwealth.They are also now loosely aligned with the Gnostic Illuminati and P2 in their desire for a meritocratic world government,with the proviso that it includes constitutional monarchy where it now exists.


These forces are all united for now in overthrowing the Satan,Lucifer,Ba'al,Molech etc.worshiping faction.They have more or less succeeded now in taking control of the three pillars of Western power—finance,religion,and the military.These are symbolized by the Egyptian obelisks in London(finance),Rome(religion),and Washington D.C.(the military).However,they will have to reach a final agreement,hopefully in the form of a loose world federation that includes traditional monarchies like those of England and Japan.


Now we bring China and the Asian secret societies into this picture.Before World War II,the Asians were more or less united under the Black Dragon Society.This group believed the Nazis were going to win World War II and then carry out their plan to wipe out non-European races.They were the group behind the greater East Asian co-prosperity sphere.Though the Japanese and Black Dragons were superficially allied with the Nazis during World War II,they were secretly preparing for what they saw as an inevitable East/West,North/South showdown.


Now,the Black Dragon society is a shadow of its former self.In its place is an alliance of the Red,Blue,Green,and White Dragon Societies.They believe we are all born of the same creation and share the same planet.They also believe in a loose world federation but want to ensure that anybody,and not just Europeans,can rise to the top positions.They believe Asia,which has 65%of the world's population and the largest share of world GDP,deserves its turn to rule the planet.

现在,黑龙会只是原来的一个影子。取而代之的是红、蓝、绿、白龙会的联盟。他们相信我们都来自同一个造物,共享同一个星球。他们也相信一个松散的世界联盟,但是他们希望确保任何人,而不仅仅是欧洲人,都能升到最高职位。他们认为,占世界人口65%、占世界 GDP 最大份额的亚洲,应该轮到它来统治这个星球。

They also say they were promised as much when they agreed to provide the Federal Reserve Board with a mandate that ran from 1912 to 2012.The people behind the FRB have reneged on this promise,the Asian secret societies say.


The tentative deal reached between the White Dragon Society and its Asian allies calls for a European to be the first leader of the world federation,followed by an Asian.After this,the top job would go to the best person,regardless of race or ethnicity.


The new federation would start off with a massive multi-trillion-dollar campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction.This would be followed by huge celebrations,including a jubilee and possibly even a new calendar.Then a new age can begin in earnest.


Of course the devil is in the details,and until these are worked out,no public announcement can be expected.We will report on these negotiations in detail when they resume this autumn.



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