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织女星的伊沃|GFL与德拉科和泽塔Sharon:Ivo,I think my spaghetti sauce is going to have to wait another day to be cooked.This is way too interesting.Yes,I have"Around the Galaxy"to post up tonight on two sites,but you dropped a bomb on us in our video,"Vulnerability and Exploitation"when you spoke about the GFL's plans for the galaxy.


You said,"As long as they(other extraterrestrial races)are positive and there are no marauding bands of exploitative negative factions of their kind in the galaxy.We have treaties with Draconians and they are very explicit.Any infraction of these treaties and we will annihilate them entirely.We do not like to commit an act of this sort,but we must if they continue to threaten our existence and the existence of God."


Because that's what's going on here on earth,in case you didn't know.They have minimized the power of the human earthling to either be their slaves and then to use our souls as batteries to fuel their projects,and now they want to supplant themselves as the God of this universe by either attacking or destroying our God.How they plan to do this,who knows,but because there are portals to Heaven on this planet,they have direct connection to the higher dimensions.


They are so arrogant as to think they can usurp the likes of the angels,masters,the creator race,the Elohim and God.Wow!

他们如此傲慢,以至于认为他们可以篡夺天使、主人、创造者种族、Elohim 和上帝的权利。哇!

So what I surmise from what you told us,Ivo,is that until more recently,the GFL was on the defensive against the Draconian,Archon and Zeta forces,among possibly other evil denizens of this universe,but now you are undertaking a more pro-active offensive posture with them,is that correct?


Ivo:It is,my love.


Sharon:Can you give us some history as well as inform us about the plans you have in place?


Ivo:I can.Earth was considered to be a big win by these negative forces.Because earthlings were the titans of the human species,they were as gods,they had all the best of our DNA…..When earth was dropped to a third dimensional frequency to become Terra,and it was overtaken by these negative forces thousands of years ago,their arrogance knew no bounds.They believed they had"won the galaxy"for themselves,that there was no opposition to stop them from becoming the gods they believed themselves to be.

伊沃:我可以。地球被这些负面力量认为是一个巨大的胜利。因为地球人是人类物种中的巨人,他们就像神一样,他们拥有我们最好的 DNA.....。当地球下降到第三维度的频率,成为 Terra,它在数千年前被这些负面力量所取代,他们的傲慢无边无际。他们相信他们已经为自己"赢得了银河系",没有任何反对阻止他们成为他们相信自己是的神。

Millions of years ago,the Reptilian wars began when this menace moved into our galaxy from other parts of the universe.Attempts were made by the Lyrans to befriend this race,however misunderstandings led to the war which you see continuing on planet Earth today.These wars are millions of years in the making.


The positive and negative polarities of our races have fought for eons to create discord in the galaxy.We have worked hard to restore lost frequency,lost Light and lost balance within our worlds and within systems of worlds that were perfected.They lost this perfection due to this invading menace.Our galaxy has suffered on account of their presence here.


We have an ultimatum for them:Be peaceful or meet your demise.That is our final word.


Sharon:I think I know what the next project for Ashtar Sheran is going to be,correct?


Ivo:Yes,he is already part of this consortium of human/humanoid species that is putting its collective foot down with those who wreak havoc in the galaxy.


My love,you were re-reading your conversation with Erril,a tall white living on earth who sought to gain entry into the Galactic Federation for his race.He was miffed with you for not being able to adjudicate a truce with Ashtar Sheran.You made no such effort and he was annoyed that he was in fact found out and removed from the planet,along with many other of his species.They were rejected from the Galactic Federation on account of the fact that theirs is a negative race with propensity for much warring.They are a warring race.Such a race will never be allowed to join the Galactic Federation because the Federation is a force for peace in the galaxy,not war.


Further to your conversation with Erril,he was advised and put under warning to stop his illicit activities against other races and stop igniting wars,otherwise be removed from the galaxy.


Sharon:No wonder he's mad at me.LOL


Ivo:Ashtar personally informed him that he is now under probation and should he or others within his race seek to war against any other faction in this galaxy,he and the other faction will both be removed from their homes and released into other areas of the universe.He will not be allowed back here.


We are prepared to take action against any race that will not be removed in a peaceful manner.


There are dignitaries who are overseeing these marauder groups,instructing them on the process of remaining peaceful and retaining balance within themselves and their communities,and acting as adjudicators to retain peace.My love,when you were Tiannia,this was your job as well.You were part of this process of peace retainment for the Milky Way.


Sharon:Ah.I thought so.


Ivo:You have a very good track record in doing this work,and for that reason,Ashtar asked you to go to earth.He only seeks to increase your understanding of the mindset of the negative marauders of this galaxy,and you will be part of the process of adjudication with the Draconian people in future,both negative and positive.


Sharon:Great.I'll have to do up my resume and start looking for a new job!LOL


Ivo:You are good at this,my love.And now you have had first hand experience in thinking as they think,believing what they believe.


Sharon:To some extent.


Ivo:Nevertheless,this is good experience for you to have to continue your success rate as an adjudicator in the galaxy.


The fact that the earthling was merged with the reptilian mind through its physicality and the entire world overtaken by negative species does nothing to thwart their arrogance and feeling that we of the GFL are no threat to them.We planned to prove otherwise and we have already.


Sharon:Kind of sounds ironic,doesn't it?Having war to create peace.


Ivo:My love,you do not remember the shock in the galaxy when these beasts arrived.What they have done to disturb the balance is only mildly portrayed in your current situation on earth.It is a fraction of the destruction they have caused throughout the galaxy.You understand that they plan to use your planet as a base to rule the entire universe from,and they had to be stopped.Their arrogance,their imbalanced,pathological minds know no limits.


They have created destruction in many constellations within the galaxy,and there are many still reeling lifetimes later from the pathology of this menace.


Now we have had enough.In the name of humanity,we will end this scourge of the galaxy.We have consulted with many in other universes who have dealt with them as well.Arguably,they have not had the experience of the Milky Way,not to any degree the extent of it because at the time these negative races were still young and had not acquired the arrogance and frankly,the techniques nor the manpower they have today.They are at their peak now,and they are being destroyed as we speak.


If they wish to live among us in peace,that is fine.But conduct any act of war,and these acts are explicitly outlined in our treaties,and they will experience consequences.


We now know what they are capable of.We now know the entirety of their plans.And we are taking appropriate action to save lives within our galaxy.


Sharon:Hmm.A battle of over a million years.Yes,you would be a bit tired of them.


Ivo:It is not our way to hate or to war with any race.Humans are beings of peace.However,when the threat that is posed by these beings is that vast,then action must be taken.We only wish to live in peace.In peace we can thrive.That is a requirement for being a human.


They will not allow us peace.So we will not allow them access to this galaxy any longer.


Sharon:Okay,thanks,Ivo.Maybe some of the lightworkers who follow me,maybe you can understand your life's purpose from what Ivo has said here.Maybe you're part of the peace process as well and you've come to learn firsthand what the draconian mentality is like.


It seems this galaxy is going to experience a lot of positive change soon.Warring will stop,as it will on earth.That's the goal of the GFL.To stop all wars and acts of domination by negative races.


Folks,this might seem a bit extreme for the GFL to be doing this.This looks like genocide,to be honest.What the GFL plan to do is what they're doing here–all who won't comply are arrested,tried and perhaps sent to the central sun.Humans/humanoids aren't the ones who started this,it's because of the nature of the negative aliens that has necessitated taking such draconian,if you will,measures.This doesn't mean the annihilation of a species,necessarily,but removal of their negative factions.As long as they keep the peace,they're allowed to remain here,but we know through personal experience,the nature of their negativity is never peaceful.The GFL's hand is forced.After war caused by the same parties for a million years,wouldn't you take measures like this as well?

朋友们,这可能看GFL这样做有点极端的。说实话,这看起来像是种族灭绝。GFL 计划做的就是他们正在做的事情——所有不服从的人都会被逮捕,审判,或许还会被送到中央太阳。人类/类人生物并不是这一切的始作俑者,这是因为负面的外星人的本性使得有必要采取如此严厉的措施,如果你愿意这么说的话。这并不一定意味着一个物种的灭绝,而是消除了它们的负面影响。只要他们保持平静,他们就可以留在这里,但是我们从个人经历中知道,他们消极的本质从来都不是平静的。GFL被迫采取行动。一百万年来同一政党引发的战争,你们不也采取这样的措施吗?

Don't kid yourselves,folks.GFL members are very loving,but they can value life so much they will fight to keep it alive.They can be tough.

别自欺欺人了,伙计们。GFL 的成员是非常有爱心的,但是他们可以珍惜生命,他们会为了生存而战斗。他们可能很难对付。

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