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双生灵魂扬升报告|3:3基督封印激活,春分大揭露和新地球时间线Dearest brothers and sisters,


Greetings of the highest.We come forward now with much news to share with you Divine,beautiful Evolving humanity.


We have much to share with you as ever and please know it is our greatest desire for it to be known far and wide that the year 2020 will be the year of planetary Disclosure.


There is so much that has been kept in secret,there are so many Technologies from our off-planet brothers and sisters that are already available on the Earth that have been kept hidden,and only allowed to be accessed by the extremely privileged elite,however,this is all changing and the white hats are now in full control.


There are currently many occurrences happening behind the scenes pertaining to the arrest of extremely high-level celebrities and politicians who have sought to abuse humanity perpetually.Around the time of the March equinox,it will be made public that these arrests are now happening in earnest.


When humanity witnesses who the people are who are going to be arrested,and indeed the heinous crimes they have committed,this will create huge shock waves in the collective,particularly to those who are still spiritually asleep.These people that we are referring to are predominantly made up of politicians and Hollywood celebrities,This is why we advise those of you who are reading these words to familiarise yourself with the over 100000 sealed indictments which are on the verge of getting unsealed.


The more ground crew that are prepared for what is about to come the better.There are many brothers and sisters who we'll go into extremely deep shock once they realise the extent of the atrocities that have been enforced upon humanity by the arconic reptilian agenda,however,we wish to inform you that this timeline is now complete,and a perfect analogy to accurately depict what is currently occurring is the tower archetype in the tarot.


The Old elite powers that were are akin to the rapidly diminishing Tower,what we are currently seeing is a futile momentum from them to restructure their completely destroyed building,which is foolHardy and time-wasting in the extreme.


It may be noted by some of you that historically,in this sacred channelled writing we have not spoken in depth about the collapsing archonic timelines,we have focused much more on empowering the new Earth 5D timeline,however,our divine channel is being strongly guided by her galactic team to share these messages in order to give a heads up to the 144000 ground crew that the proverbial faeces has now hit the fan,.and we have now truly arrived at show time.


It is still absolutely essential that the ground crew stay ever vigilant with where they Focus their attention and intentions and it is so important that everybody reading these words trust implicitly in the higher plan as it is currently unfolding.


The Earth now is now under control by the Whitehats,who are comprised of extremely high-level fractions of the military particularly the Navy,as well as some extremely high-level politicians,and off-planet Pleiadian Souls whose only agenda is to see humanity liberated and empowered and free to Ascend into 5th density.


These truly are the most exciting times for any of us could live in,and we truly are the ones that we have all been waiting for and all been praying for.We are the fulfilment of our ancestors deepest dreaming and indeed we are the fruits of the seeds that were planted at the time of Atlantis and Lemuria.


It would serve you well dearest one to remember who you are-that you are a divine child of God,you hold the blueprint and the DNA of the creator of the universe and as their offspring,you have been endowed with the auspicious powers and blessings of our eternal creator.

最亲爱的人,请记住你是谁——你是上帝的神圣之子,你掌握着宇宙创造者的蓝图和 DNA,作为他们的后代,你被赋予了我们永恒的创造者的吉祥力量和祝福。

All of you who are reading these words are the leaders and the way-showers of the new paradigm,and it would serve you and all of your brothers and sisters to remember the importance of self-love.That it is your job to be vigilant and protective of the energy that you allow into your sacred space,and knowing that it is absolutely appropriate for you to say no to any energy that is not kind or loving.


Boundaries are a superpower in 5th-dimensional consciousness and please take this as a sign from the universe that it is time now to level up and never ever again allow anyone to abuse you,disrespect you,be unkind to you or unloving to you on any level.it is your job to be guardian over your own inner child and to ensure that they are safe.we pray brothers and sisters you hear this important message.


The energy is now or building up towards the 3.3 Christ seal activation portal date.On this date,we are being strongly guided to work with the Potent numerological energies of 3.3.which is a master number.The 3.3 codon is correlated to the energetics of the Divine Trinity which refers to the Holy Mother,the Holy Father and the divine Christ/Sophia child.


On this particular portal date of the 3rd of March,we are being guided to fully activate the Christ seal that is stored in the claustrum in the human brain.


33 is representative of the 33 vertebrae that lead from the base of the spine to the top of the spine.The Ascension of one's consciousness is intricately connected to the number 33 and the raising of one's own kundalini energy from the base of the spine,throughout all of the chakras and energy systems so that it may reach the pineal gland and the claustrum,where this sacred Christ oil is stored,awaiting the souls predestined triggers,that will activate the full release of this sacred oil.


This is extremely high-level spiritual work to be involved with,and please know that all of those who come forward to be part of this transmission will receive a profound level of assistance with regards to fully stabilizing in their full Christ consciousness avatar self frequencies.In this highly auspicious transmission,we are being guided to work on a personal and collective level we will be working with our Pleiadian elder brothers and sisters who will be assisting us to saturate the personal and collective classroom with a new dispensation of Christ oil for this particular time in on our evolutionary trajectory there are no words that can adequately express how auspicious it is to receive an invitation to take part in the ceremony of this calibre and we understand implicitly that this invitation will only appeal to those who hold an extremely high vibration and are willing and able to go to the next level.


In this transmission we are also being invited to receive a Pleiadian facelift protocol,in order to support the ground Crews DNA that is mutating at an unprecedented rate towards it's fully activated 12 Strand DNA potential.

在这个传输过程中,我们也被邀请接受昴宿星整容协议,以支持地面人员 DNA 正在以前所未有的速度朝着12 DNA 潜能完全激活的方向发生变异。

The Pleiadian facelift will specifically support us all personally and collectively to stabilize the age reversal codes in our DNA which is a fundamental requirement for the collective Ascension into 5th density.

昴宿星整容将特别支持我们所有人个人和集体稳定我们 DNA 中的年龄反转代码,这是集体提升进入第五密度的基本要求。

We in the transmission groups have achieved unimaginable results from coming together in this particular vibration,with these particular intentions,and Please know,we will achieve miraculous results this time…..it really is imperative that as many beloveds come forward to take part in this important transmission as possible..


We have arrived at the 11th-hour dearest ones……


The time of the great transition is upon us.


Remember to breathe deeply and know implicitly that all is well


In love and light


Jenji and the white wolf tribe.

 Jenji 和白狼部落。




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