X22报道|第2752集: 收缩已经开始,战争不再沉默

2022年4月16日18:50:54最新动态X22报道|第2752集: 收缩已经开始,战争不再沉默已关闭评论6022字数 1211阅读4分2秒阅读模式


X22报道|第2752集: 收缩已经开始,战争不再沉默

Ep. 2752a – The Contraction Has Begun, [JB]/[CB] Lost The Narrative, Tick Tock

Ep. 2752a-收缩已经开始,[ JB ]/[ CB ]失去叙述,滴答

Ep. 2752b – Stage Set, The War Is No Longer Silent, It’s Time, Pain


X22 报告发表于2022年4月15日


The economy has started to contract, the people are going to feel the pain and [JB] / [CB] have lost the narrative, the people know who is responsible for the economy collapse. Tick Tock.

经济已经开始收缩,人们将感受到痛苦,[ JB ]/[ CB ]已经失去了叙述的意义,人们知道谁应该为经济崩溃负责。滴答。


The [DS] is fighting for their lives, the [DS] will not give up Twitter easily, they have enacted the poison pill and will not let the shareholders vote. They are now in violation of their fiduciary responsibility, let the lawsuits begin. The [DS] knows if they lose the bull horn of Twitter they will not be able to keep the narrative, they are feeling pain right now, the stage is set, the war is no longer silent. EM says he has a plan B, will this be implemented. 



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