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本杰明报道|2023/04/03  新世界秩序结束了征服地球的500年计划

On March 30th, the Vatican renounced the Doctrine of Discovery. It was a once in 500-year news event that went almost completely unreported in either the corporate or alternative media.



This doctrine -first put forth by Popes in 1452- allowed Christians to murder, enslave and steal the land of non-Christians around the world. It led to over 500 years of relentless wars of conquest and pillage by the West against the rest of the world. That is why Spanish conquistadors would pull out a bible, ask Aztecs and Incas to obey its teachings and then start slaughtering them when they refused. It is what Americans used to justify the genocide of first nations. More recently, it was used by George Bush (Pecce) Jr. to justify a massive invasion of the Middle East.

教皇在1452年首次提出这一教义,允许基督徒在世界各地谋杀、奴役和窃取非基督徒的土地。它导致了500多年来西方对世界其他地区的无情征服和掠夺战争。这就是为什么西班牙征服者会拿出一本圣经,要求阿兹特克人和印加人遵守它的教义,然后当他们拒绝时就开始屠杀他们。这就是美国人用来为第一民族的种族灭绝辩护的东西。最近,它被小乔治 · 布什(Pecce Jr.)用来为大规模入侵中东辩护。

Now, the Roman Empire is saying “We are sorry we tried to subjugate the entire planet to the obedience of a Caesar.” Pope Francis says: “Never again can the Christian community allow itself to be infected by the idea that one culture is superior to others, or that it is legitimate to employ ways of coercing others.”

现在,罗马帝国说: “我们很抱歉,我们试图征服整个星球服从凯撒。”教皇弗朗西斯说: “基督教团体再也不能允许自己被一种文化优越于其他文化的观念所感染,或者使用强迫他人的方式是合法的。”

There is also talk again of replacing Francis with an African Pope. This may be the real reason talks have again emerged about him resigning “for health reasons.” Vatican watchers note:


The health episode involving Pope Francis appears increasingly indecipherable. The given versions are not only different. They are also in contradiction with each other.



In any case, during the same week the Vatican was making its moves, the head of the Committee of 300 sent a message to Asian secret societies, asking to negotiate a polycentric new arrangement for the planet. Asian secret societies replied as follows:


We seek to realize world peace. We have been deceived may times by the beautiful words of the West but, we are looking forward to the creation of a world new world federation. (世界の平和実現は我々も求めています。何度も欧米に美しい言葉で騙されてきたが、新たな世界連邦を期待しています)。


These moves by the two main Western power centers -the Vatican and the British Commonwealth- are being made because the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the BRICS now control about 80% of the world’s population and GDP. Even France, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Germany, Netherlands, Slovakia, Poland, and the UK are already breaking with the Khazarian Mafia and trading with Russia.

梵蒂冈和英联邦这两个西方主要权力中心之所以采取这些举措,是因为上海合作组织和金砖国家现在控制着世界80% 的人口和国内生产总值。甚至连法国、意大利、西班牙、匈牙利、德国、荷兰、斯洛伐克、波兰和英国都已经与哈扎尔黑手党决裂,开始与俄罗斯进行贸易往来。

This means the KM’s “rules-based world order” is now limited to a few puppet leaders like the fake Joe Biden who are about to go to jail.

这意味着KM的“基于规则的世界秩序”现在仅限于少数几个傀儡领导人,比如即将入狱的假乔 · 拜登(Joe Biden)。

There is also an outright revolution brewing in the United. States. France, Israel, Germany and the few other KM holdouts.

在美国、法国、以色列、德国和其他少数几个反对 KM 的国家,也正在酝酿一场彻底的革命。

Another big factor in the West’s suing for peace is military defeat. CIA sources say “Once Putin finishes off Ukraine NATO will collapse. We already know this. It is crumbling now.”


MI6 agrees saying: “The crux of the matter is money laundering using the arms trade in some kind of fake war to siphon off to pay for bankruptcy. As far as we are concerned the war in Ukraine is over and all that is left is the mop-up.” 

军情六处同意这样的说法: “问题的关键在于,洗钱利用武器贸易进行某种虚假的战争,从中抽取资金来支付破产的费用。就我们而言,乌克兰战争已经结束,剩下的就是收拾残局了。” 

Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev adds “the collapse of the European Union is not far off.” https://tass.com/politics/1595047

俄罗斯联邦安全委员会秘书帕特鲁舍夫补充说: “欧盟的解体不远了。”

Russia has now taken over the presidency of the UN Security Council and says it will enforce “international law and procedure rules, developed over decades are actually in effect in the UN, instead of the ‘rule-based order,’ which the collective West seeks to replace international law with.”



They are also telling the world “Attempts to use religious, ethnical, or social factors to explain dramatically deteriorating security after the arrival of Western military forces are a manipulation that colonial powers have been using for decades.”


All this is part of a newly announced Russian foreign policy strategy to “eliminate vestiges of the dominance of the United States and other unfriendly countries in world politics.”



This diplomatic offensive started because of the Russian victory in the Ukraine war. As Tass notes Russia’s flag has been hoisted over Artyomovsk (called Bakhmut in Ukraine) city hall, Yevgeny Prigozhin, the founder of the Wagner private military company, said on Monday.

这次外交攻势的开始是因为俄罗斯在乌克兰战争中的胜利。瓦格纳私营军事公司的创始人叶夫根尼 · 普里戈津(Yevgeny Prigozhin)周一表示,正如塔斯社指出的那样,俄罗斯国旗已经悬挂在阿尔季莫夫斯克(Artyomovsk,乌克兰称为巴赫穆特)市政厅上空。


Every day 6,000 to 10,000 Russian people are enlisting in what they now think of as a holy war to liberate Europe from Satanic control.


By contrast, the Ukrainian tanks are using mosques as cover while other Ukrainian thugs seize churches. 


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Militarily, there is nothing to stop Russia from sweeping into Western Europe at this point. That is because the US and UK armed forces are not going to fight Russia to save the KM fascist EU and their puppet governments.


However, all the Russians need to do now is wait for the revolution to sweep Europe. This is definitely starting in France where a second revolution is well underway.


The prominent Journalist Thierry Meyssan (the first to report 911 was an inside job) speaks for most French people when he writes:

著名记者蒂埃里•梅桑(Thierry Meyssan)(第一个报道911事件的人是内部人员)代表大多数法国人写道:

Everyone notices that nothing is going right: the level of education has very dangerously collapsed, the police can no longer maintain order, the justice system does not have the means to do anything before two years, the army is unable to respond to high-intensity warfare. The problems are so numerous that one does not know where to start. public services should not be patched up, but redesigned according to new realities: The French, who in 1789 took the initiative to overthrow the Old Regime and create a modern society, hope to take another initiative to create a new world.

每个人都注意到一切都不对劲: 教育水平已经非常危险地崩溃了,警察不能再维持秩序,司法系统在两年之前没有办法做任何事情,军队无法应对高强度的战争。问题如此之多,以至于人们不知道从哪里开始。公共服务不应该被修补,而应该根据新的现实重新设计: 法国人,在1789年主动推翻旧政权,创造了一个现代社会,希望能够采取另一个主动,创造一个新的世界。

The protests all over France are now far from peaceful. More than 1,000 law enforcement officers and firefighters have been injured in demonstrations and riots across France, Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin told local media on Sunday.

法国各地的抗议活动现在远非和平。法国内政部长杰拉尔德•达尔马宁(Gerald Darmanin)周日对当地媒体表示,在法国各地的示威和骚乱中,超过1000名执法人员和消防队员受伤。


In another expression of revolution, an allegedly “Anonymous” French police officer offers some strategic tips for overthrowing the government:


1. Block the outskirts of every major city using truck drivers.

1. 利用卡车司机封锁各大城市的郊区。

2. Let in only farmers with their tractors, which may be useful against heavy vehicles of the police.

2. 只允许农民携带拖拉机进入,这些拖拉机可能对警察的重型车辆有用。

3. Use rubbish trucks to block any police station and surrounding streets.

3. 利用垃圾车封锁任何警察局和周围街道。

Other protesters have acted by shutting down companies like the Total Energy Company.


French and German prosecutors did their part by raiding five Rothschild-controlled banks on Tuesday as part of an investigation into suspected cases of massive tax fraud and money laundering, prosecutors said.



Presumably, the raids are connected to claims by French billionaire Philippe Argillier he has four databases that will expose 38 individuals who run the “shadow government”. Bill Gates is one of those 38 individuals.

据推测,这些突袭行动与法国亿万富翁菲利普•阿吉利耶(Philippe Argillier)的说法有关。阿吉利耶声称,他拥有4个数据库,将曝光38名掌管“影子政府”的个人。比尔 · 盖茨就是这38个人之一。

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This is no longer about pensions being stolen either, French Protesters want the guillotine for Rothschild puppet President Emmanuelle Macron.

这也不再是关于养老金被盗的问题,法国抗议者希望罗斯柴尔德傀儡总统埃马纽埃尔•马克龙(Emmanuelle Macron)被送上断头台。

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本杰明报道|2023/04/03  新世界秩序结束了征服地球的500年计划


No wonder Macron is trying to flee to China this week along with EU commission president Ursula von der Leyen.

难怪马克龙本周试图与欧盟委员会(european commission)主席乌尔苏拉·冯德莱恩一起逃往中国。

Maybe would be Israeli God King Benyamin Netanyahu will also go to China and ask for political asylum. Netanyahu is fooling nobody by trying to say there is no connection between his ongoing corruption trial and his government’s far-reaching legal reforms,



As Israel’s Channel 13 TV reports, refusal to serve in the Israeli army is expanding and for the first time, it is joined by “Shayetet 13” soldiers (more or less like Navy Seals) who have announced that they will not continue serving in the reserve if judicial reforms are implemented.

据以色列第13频道电视台报道,拒绝在以色列军队服役的情况正在扩大,并且首次有“ Shayetet 13”士兵(或多或少有点像海豹突击队)加入,他们宣布,如果司法改革得以实施,他们将不再继续在预备役服役。

The KM headquarters in Switzerland headed by Klaus Schwab Rothschild etc. is also under attack. Polish intelligence reports:

由克劳斯 · 施瓦布 · 罗斯柴尔德等人领导的瑞士KM总部也遭到袭击。波兰情报报告:

CIA documents show that Schwab’s Escher-Wyss company was run by the U.S. Department of Energy and the Department of State. This would suggest that Klaus Schwab was a triple agent working simultaneously for the CIA, MI6, United Nations British American Pilgrims Society, the Nazis (now Germany) and Switzerland. His Escher-Wyss company used slave labor (Russians, Gypsies, Hungarians, Romanians, Poles) and prisoners of war.

中情局的文件显示施瓦布的埃舍尔-怀斯公司由美国能源部和国务院管理。这意味着克劳斯 · 施瓦布是一个三重间谍,同时为中央情报局、军情六处、联合国英美朝圣者协会、纳粹(现在的德国)和瑞士工作。他的埃舍尔-怀斯公司使用奴隶劳工(俄罗斯人、吉普赛人、匈牙利人、罗马尼亚人、波兰人)和战俘。

Also, NSA reports that in Switzerland UBS is now refusing to pay on bonds and seized all Saudi Arabia and other OPEC nation assets after taking over Credit Suisse.


The merger has caused a public outcry and is opposed by three-quarters of Swiss citizens. Now Swiss prosecutors are joining their French and German counterparts in going after the Rothschild puppet masters behind all this.



In any case, the various powerful people who had their money stolen by the Swiss bankers are not going to accept what has been done. “Watch as OPEC cuts off the West and Biden orders US oil wells shut down and more refineries to be blown up,” the NSA source predicts.

无论如何,那些被瑞士银行家偷走钱财的有权有势的人是不会接受瑞士政府的所作所为的。美国国家安全局消息人士预测: “看着欧佩克切断西方国家的石油供应,拜登下令关闭美国的油井,炸毁更多的炼油厂。”。

In the US meanwhile, four of the wealthiest men there –including Google co-founder Sergey Brin- have been hit with subpoenas into JP Morgan’s ties to pedophile financier Jeffrey Epstein

与此同时,在美国,包括谷歌(Google)联合创始人谢尔盖•布林(Sergey Brin)在内的四名最富有的男性,已被传唤调查摩根大通(JP Morgan)与恋童癖金融家杰弗里•爱泼斯坦(Jeffrey Epstein)的关系


That is just part of the massive legal storm brewing there.


As is being widely reported Donald Trump has become the first-ever former president to face criminal charges. Look at the Photo at the top of the article linked below.

正如广泛报道的那样,唐纳德•特朗普(Donald Trump)成为首位面临刑事指控的前总统。请看下面链接的文章顶部的照片。


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本杰明报道|2023/04/03  新世界秩序结束了征服地球的500年计划

“This is not the real Trump. He is too thin. This is a double look alike. So it seems there are 3 Trumps. The video done by the Kyle Cheney of Politico has the heavy-set white eyes Trump in it. Very interesting,” a CIA source comments. 

“这不是真正的特朗普。他太瘦了。这是一个双重外貌相似。看来有三个王牌。《政客》的凯尔 · 切尼制作的视频中有特朗普厚重的白眼睛。非常有趣,”一位中央情报局消息人士评论道。 

The attack on “Trump” is backfiring big time on the Demonrats as 83% of Americans think Trump’s indictment is politically motivated. Now Governor Ron DeSantis has thrown down the military gauntlet by saying Florida ‘will not assist in an extradition request’ for Trump.

83% 的美国人认为特朗普的起诉是出于政治动机,因此对“特朗普”的攻击对民主党来说适得其反。现在,佛罗里达州州长德桑蒂斯向特朗普发出军事挑战,称佛罗里达州不会协助特朗普的引渡请求。

本杰明报道|2023/04/03  新世界秩序结束了征服地球的500年计划本杰明报道|2023/04/03  新世界秩序结束了征服地球的500年计划

“This was the white hat alliance plan. It is a brilliant 5D chess move. This opens the door to go after avatar Obama, Avatar Bush, and the whole lot of KM minions,” the CIA source says. 

“这是白帽子联盟的计划。这是一个聪明的5D 象棋步骤。这打开了追捕奥巴马、布什以及所有KM手下的大门,”中情局消息人士说。 


This means that even if actors are used to play “President Biden” etc., they can still be brought down.


Are you also wondering why Reuters has to write “US President Joe Biden’s Administration” and not just “President Biden”? Ohhhh, right, because the fake masked Biden isn’t president.



Well, look at how the fake, masked Biden can’t even answer his legal service candidates’ basic questions from Senator John Kennedy – including a candidate who was unable to explain Article V of the Constitution. It’s really pathetic how stupid these judges really are. See for yourself in the video below.

好吧,看看假冒的戴着面具的拜登如何甚至不能回答他的法律服务候选人从参议员约翰 · 肯尼迪那里得到的基本问题——包括一个不能解释宪法第五条的候选人。这些评委真是蠢得可怜。请看下面的视频。

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It’s all a stage full of actors. The photo below, showing the body double writing with the other Biden’s other hand, is just the most recent confirmation of this.


本杰明报道|2023/04/03  新世界秩序结束了征服地球的500年计划

“Biden” isn’t even the highest paid actor. Officially, Tom Cruise was the highest paid actor of 2022. He earned $100 million. In fact, Volodymyr Zelensky was the highest-paid actor. He got $18 billion.

拜登甚至不是片酬最高的演员。据官方统计,汤姆 · 克鲁斯是2022年片酬最高的演员。他赚了一亿美元。事实上 Volodymyr Zelensky 是片酬最高的演员。他得到了180亿美元。

本杰明报道|2023/04/03  新世界秩序结束了征服地球的500年计划

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We won’t even bother to address the recent staged mass shootings because they have used this trick so many times that people are unresponsive.


As a Mossad source notes, “The crazier this shit gets, the closer we are to the finish line.”


In any case, such antics are like rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic because the entire financial system is going under.


“I’m telling you that a collapse is coming that will change everything,” says TV commentator Glenn Beck, joining many others.

电视评论员格伦•贝克(Glenn Beck)和其他许多人一样表示: “我告诉你,一场崩溃正在到来,它将改变一切。”。

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Most US banks are technically on the brink of bankruptcy, and hundreds are already completely insolvent,” says recognized and widely respected economist Nouriel Roubini. “We are not out of the banking crisis yet. It could even be just the beginning,” a Mossad source added.


The crisis has started to expose massive financial crime. So we now learn that the Silicon Valley Bank bailout was designed to bail out 10 Chinese billionaires who had $13.3 billion in the bank.


本杰明报道|2023/04/03  新世界秩序结束了征服地球的500年计划

“This disclosure is a major blow to the KM-controlled Federal Reserve,” a CIA source said.


Now, documents show that the US government sold 9,800 bitcoins on March 14. This caused Bitcoin to plummet by over 9% in minutes. They reportedly plan to sell another 41,500 Bitcoin in four batches over the course of the year.

现在,文件显示,美国政府在3月14日售出了9800枚比特币。这导致比特币在几分钟内暴跌超过9% 。据报道,他们计划在一年内分四批出售另外41,500个比特币。

本杰明报道|2023/04/03  新世界秩序结束了征服地球的500年计划

It is fairly certain that these bitcoins were obtained through manipulation of the cryptocurrency markets over the years.


These machinations lead to citizens rebelling against the banks. In the last week of March, major banks lost $129 billion in deposits, the biggest weekly outflow ever. In contrast, the small banks even recorded an inflow. The overall 5% pulldown in US domestic commercial bank deposits is the largest in history.

这些阴谋导致市民反抗银行。在3月份的最后一周,主要银行的存款损失了1,290亿美元,创下了有史以来最大的周流出额。相比之下,小银行甚至录得资金流入。美国国内商业银行存款总额5% 的下降幅度是历史上最大的。


These comments on the Zerohedge article on the bank run reflect popular sentiment:


“So that’s $130 billion that the banks can’t get their hands on via the ‘bail-in.'”


“Out of the banks and into credit unions/gold/crypto/usable goods”.


People are also protesting attempts to force biometric payments in the form of cash for purchases.


本杰明报道|2023/04/03  新世界秩序结束了征服地球的500年计划

Many people go even further by resorting to outright theft. Almost every day there are reports of large corporations – Target, Walmart, Walgreens, etc. – leaving a major city because of increased crime and theft. Portland native Dustin Michael Miller told Fox News, “Our town is out of control. It’s unrecognizable. I’ve lived here my whole life, and in the last five years it’s just gotten worse.” He could have talked about most major US cities and not just Portland.

许多人甚至更进一步,诉诸于赤裸裸的盗窃。几乎每天都有关于大公司的报道——塔吉特、沃尔玛、沃尔格林等等。因为犯罪和盗窃的增加,离开了一个大城市。波特兰本地人达斯汀 · 迈克尔 · 米勒告诉福克斯新闻,“我们的小镇已经失控了。都认不出来了。我在这里住了一辈子,过去五年里,情况变得更糟了。”他本可以谈论美国大多数主要城市,而不仅仅是波特兰。


This will only end when the financial system is taken back by the people. As Polish intelligence sources note, “Money isn’t everything. The tree of life on a pre-war Polish banknote…is an indication of life, rebirth and longevity.”


本杰明报道|2023/04/03  新世界秩序结束了征服地球的500年计划

KM is attempting to retaliate with increasingly extreme outbursts of fear porn, like the following leaked to Polish intelligence.

KM 试图用恐惧色情越来越极端的爆发来进行报复,比如下面泄露给波兰情报机构的内容。

mRNA technology has already been injected into 100 million animals and hardly anyone knows about it. “This mRNA technology is funded by the Mark Zuckerberg and his wife’s foundation. They’ve been doing this across the country for a year and a half.” Gavi (Bill Gates) is busy injecting mRNA into vegetables like tomatoes, avocados and lettuce. They want to kill everyone.

MRNA 技术已经被注射到1亿只动物体内,而且几乎没有人知道这项技术。“这项 mRNA 技术是由马克 · 扎克伯格和他妻子的基金会资助的。他们已经在全国各地这样做了一年半了。”加维(比尔·盖茨)正忙于将 mRNA 注入西红柿、鳄梨和生菜等蔬菜中。他们想杀光所有人。

As the KM tries to use gene editing technology to kill or enslave us, it looks like the Chinese are about to start creating superhumans. For example, the following report shows that the Chinese figured out how to use genes from virtually indestructible microorganisms called tardigrades to create super-soldiers.



Finally, as another sign that we are truly entering uncharted territory as a species, here are the latest UFO sightings:

最后,作为一个物种真正进入未知领域的另一个标志,以下是最新的 UFO 目击事件:

1.UFO over Iran


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2.The 2 suns expose Arizona, USA


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3.Cigar shaped UFO in Mexico


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4. Plasma Energy Orb in Canada


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5.A series of UFO drones in New Jersey, USA 2023

美国新泽西州的一排UFO无人机 2023年

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