X22报告|第2756集: 爱国者正在控制经济叙事,所有资产的部署,我们拥有一切

2022年4月21日16:22:57揭露宇宙X22报告|第2756集: 爱国者正在控制经济叙事,所有资产的部署,我们拥有一切已关闭评论3241字数 1462阅读4分52秒阅读模式


X22报告|第2756集: 爱国者正在控制经济叙事,所有资产的部署,我们拥有一切

Ep. 2756a – The Patriots Are Now Controlling The Economic Narrative, Down She Goes

Ep. 2756a –爱国者们正在控制经济叙事,她下台了

Ep. 2756b – [HRC] Panics, All Assets Deployed, How Is Evidence Legally Introduced, We Have It All

Ep. 2756b –[HRC] 恐慌,所有资产的部署,证据是如何合法引入的,我们拥有一切

X22 报告发表于2022年4月20日


The green new deal is hitting a dead end, everything the [DS] and the bankers have tried is not working, just like their carbon removal facility that just froze because of the cold. The patriots are directing the [CB] down the path of destruction, down she goes.

绿色新协议走进了死胡同,[ DS ]和银行家们所尝试的一切都不起作用,就像他们的碳排放设施因为寒冷而冻结一样。爱国者们正在引导[CB]走向毁灭的道路,她走下去了。


The [DS]/[HRC] is panicking, she has now deployed all assets, she fell right into the trap and the lies are being exposed. JA is being brought back to the US, do the patriots have the source, how do you introduce evidence legally. The war in Ukraine is failing for the [DS] and the fake news is panicking that Trump and the people have the upper hand and its not going away. The keep talking about how democracy will be destroyed, translation they are talking about their system that they put in place, that is what will be destroyed. 



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