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The Race to reduce people’s purchasing power


Equating trust money with debt money is fraud


Never believe government figures


Elites are desperate to stay in power



The Race to reduce the purchasing power of the people


In today’s world, credit or debt-money is printed out of thin air in absurd amounts, and so much is borrowed from it, that it can never be fully repaid to creditors. It took the US “216 years to 纸币的致命弱点|最后的警钟accumulate $8.5 trillion of debt, and then another eight years to double that amount.” Governments can do nothing to fix this crisis because they have deliberately created it themselves.


Paper money works great for the rich, who can hedge their exposure to the currency and whose access to fixed-income credit enables huge asset purchases. But it is terrible for the middle class.


This whole slimy structure is a fraudulent illusion. Fake money. Fake news. Fake GDP. Fake stimulus. Fake growth. Fake opinions. And fake statistics. But all that fake money does, is distort, mislead and deceive. As always, fake money can make some people the ‘insiders’ richer, by making the ‘outsiders’ poorer.

这整个黏糊糊的结构是一个欺骗性的错觉。假钱。假新闻。假 GDP。假刺激。假增长。假意见。还有假数据。但是所有的假钱都是歪曲,误导和欺骗。和往常一样,通过让“局外人”变得更穷,假钱可以让一些“局内人”变得更富有。

Ninety per cent of every country’s financial assets are owned by 10 per cent of the people. Want to make them richer? Just give more fake money to Wall Street. And the overall effect causes chaos, confusion and envy.

每个国家90% 的金融资产由10% 的人民拥有。想让他们更富有吗?给华尔街更多的假钱。整体效果导致混乱、困惑和嫉妒。

This is why one of the techniques of modern warfare is to counterfeit the enemy’s currency, with the aim of destroying its economy. While it has made some people richer, there is no known case in history where “stimulus” has made the majority of people richer.


Most people rely on the economy for income and not the stock market. An economy is a complex web of give and take. Benefit the savers and you punish the borrowers. Benefit the exporters and you restrict the importers. Benefit the rich and you kick the poor. When you try to stimulate the entire economy, by throwing money out of helicopters, all it does is raise prices and cause misery and chaos for everyone.


纸币的致命弱点|最后的警钟Once started living on “printing press” money, the cabal became dependent on it. Therefore, it needs to continuously print more and more to stay afloat. There is no example in history where printing money has made an economy better; none. Nor has it ever made people a penny richer. Instead, it always leads to poverty, chaos, inflation, social unrest and corruption.


The media propagate money printing as a “stimulus measure”. But there is not a single record in the long, sad history of state-run economies that actually reports improvement through printing money.


“Distort” or “Pervert” would be a better word, as it suggests unnatural and disgusting tendencies. There are many things that can stimulate. But economies are neither hollow nor dependent. They are complex webs, intricately balanced and connected. Each string has two ends and many connections. Pull on one end, and the whole web falls apart.


Encourage savers or borrowers by raising or lowering interest rates. But you can’t do both at the same time. Because if you incentivise savers, you don’t incentivise borrowers. If you stimulate the borrowers, you don’t stimulate the savers. So far, no one has ever figured out how to stimulate both at the same time.


Economists say, people don’t need to worry because money supply and consumer inflation are under control. They are wrong. The numbers are suspect, and the economists are missing the point. They can, depending on the assumptions made, find almost any inflation number they want.


纸币的致命弱点|最后的警钟And what about the money supply? The nature of money has changed. Since 1971, the importance of money supply has declined. Gold and silver were eliminated in 1968, when the requirement, that the Federal Reserve hold gold reserves to cover issued Federal Reserve notes, or paper money, ended. Gold was permanently eliminated in 1971, when President Nixon ended direct convertibility. And, “credit respectively debt money” replaced it.


In an old-fashioned sense, people don’t have much “money” these days. They have little savings. And what they do save is not real money – it is a short-term debt instrument issued by their central bank subject to inflation, value reduction.


When people buy a house, a car or even a three-course meal, they don’t use cash. Instead, they use credit. What matters to them is not how much money they have, but how much credit they have available, and whether they have the cash flow to keep up with their rising debt burdens. Their purchasing power depends on the ongoing supply of credit.


To cut a long story short; Central Bank money can disrupt, but not improve. And the more one pretends to stimulate the economy with printed money, the bigger the mess it makes. Disruption, reduces efficiency, real investment and wealth, slows growth, causes people to make mistakes, and actually makes them feel cheated. More disruption, eventually blows itself up during Debt Settlement Day. The world is a false illusion. It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep everything together.


Equating trust money with debt money is fraud


Most people do not know what money really is, and what it is not. It is accepted as a given, but actually it shouldn’t be. One of the main mistakes is, money is seen as if it equals debt, which of course cannot. Debt can never be used as money. However, the entire global monetary system is based on debt-money, which is a contradiction in itself!


The financial system is surely heading for catastrophic inevitable failure. There will be no way out because debt cannot be used as money.


Only, by the money, created by ordinary people who trust each other, provides


trust money, by legally equating this money with the money created by central banks, which is debt money, debt money gains the trust of trust money.


纸币的致命弱点|最后的警钟This results in inflation, which in itself is outright theft. The increase in money supply goes far beyond social trust. The conflict between the two types of money – trust versus debt money – is clear: because a euro can only be spent once – basically for private transactions between citizens, but the same euro is promised again to pay off the national debt, through constructions in which governments are involved, but without the consent and knowledge of citizens. Reread this paragraph until you fully understand the fraud,

这导致了通货膨胀,这本身就是彻底的盗窃。货币供应量的增加远远超出了社会信任的范畴。这两种货币——信托货币和债务货币——之间的冲突是显而易见的: 因为一欧元只能使用一次——基本上是用于公民之间的私人交易,但同样的欧元被再次承诺用于偿还国家债务,通过政府参与的建设,但没有得到公民的同意和知情。重读这一段,直到你完全理解这个骗局,

To keep it analytically simple, the creator of the money must be repaid – in this case, the Central Bank – and with the same money created out of nothing.


Between the Central Bank and the abused citizens, a smokescreen has been erected; viz. by the government’s demand, that its citizens pay their taxes in the Central Bank’s currency.


This demand precisely defines the essence of the fraud, committed through the debt money.


In fact, this is “abuse of trust” against the people, or clearly defined fraud. Everyone knows that debt must always be repaid, so the people continue to collectively pay off a debt they never committed to. This is deliberately and blatantly the scam of its own government along with the Central Bank money system!!!

事实上,这是对“滥用信任”的人,或明确界定欺诈。每个人都知道,债务总是必须偿还的,所以人民继续集体偿还他们从未承诺过的债务。这是故意和明目张胆的自己政府与中央银行货币体系的骗局! ! !

Analysis of the sell-out of a nation by its elite learns more about launched wars against drugs, poverty, terrorism, virus, and last but not least, against honest money. These wars benefited the MIC – Military Industrial Complex – and shifted power, status and about $30 trillion, to the elite over the past 30 years.


Never believe government figures


For more than over half a century, asset values, living standards and GDP growth have not been based on real production figures or real incomes. Credit has grown beyond the production needed to support it. Since about the early 1980s, debt has grown by more than $35 trillion more than the corresponding GDP. Sooner or later, something has to happen; debt cannot grow faster than economic growth forever.

半个多世纪以来,资产价值、生活水平和 GDP 增长都不是基于实际生产数据或实际收入。信贷的增长已经超出了支撑它的生产所需。自20世纪80年代初以来,债务增长超过了相应 GDP 的35万亿美元。迟早会发生一些事情,债务增长不可能永远快于经济增长。

But when the big break comes, confidence in this debt model of money, promises, theories and way of doing business will all disappear. People will not be able to pinpoint the culprit exactly. Instead, they will just feel cheated, and many will feel they have to start cheating too. Loans, business commitments, paperwork of all kinds – all become unreliable and fraudulent. Contracts, bills, receipts are often just made up.


纸币的致命弱点|最后的警钟The Federal Reserve central bank has launched five major attacks. There were three waves of interest rate cuts – 1989-1992, 2000-2003 and 2007-2008 – along with a barrage of $3.6 trillion of heavy shelling after the 2008-2009 crisis and another $3 trillion to fight the COVID catastrophe. Almost every penny of this went to the richest, oldest 10% of the country, leaving 90% of the population behind. This COVID Shutdown was an attempt to protect the elite at the expense of the working class. It forced much of the economy to the internet, leaving millions of face-to-face, hand-to-mouth workers behind.

美联储已经发动了五次重大攻击。1989-1992年、2000-2003年和2007-2008年三次降息,2008-2009年金融危机之后又进行了3.6万亿美元的猛烈炮击,另外还有3万亿美元用于抗击冠状病毒疾病灾难。几乎每一分钱都流向了这个国家最富有、最老的10% 人口,留下了90% 的人口。这次冠状病毒疾病关闭是为了保护精英阶层,牺牲工人阶级的利益。它迫使经济的很大一部分转向互联网,把数百万面对面、勉强糊口的工人甩在了后面。

The biggest “group of laggards” is still ahead? According to Boston University professor Lawrence Kotlikoff, retirees have been promised $210 trillion in pension and medical benefits, which are impossible to pay? The Central Banks are already spending two dollars for every dollar governments collect in taxes, while millions of laggards are beginning to lose faith in the “social contract”. How long can greedy elites keep this up?

最大的“落后群体”还在前面?根据波士顿大学教授劳伦斯 · 科特利科夫(Lawrence Kotlikoff)的说法,退休人员已经获得了210万亿美元的养老金和医疗福利,而这些是不可能支付的?各国央行已经开始为政府征收的每一美元税收支出2美元,而数百万落后者正开始对“社会契约”失去信心。贪婪的精英们还能坚持多久?

Elites are desperate to stay in power


World elites have built their power status and wealth, over decades. They have profited from wars against drugs, poverty, terrorism, a virus and especially against honest money, only to have the rest of society pay the price. As industries and jobs have been decimated due to lockdowns and restrictions by the coronavirus, even more people have been left behind, some for good. Desperately clinging to what they have, it forces them to do whatever it takes to keep corruption going.


When the US dollar was withdrawn from gold as a reserve currency in 1971, the central banks were able to continually debit (burden) their currency, while wages in that same currency stopped keeping pace with inflation, i.e. the loss of purchasing power.

当1971年美元从黄金储备货币中撤出时,中央银行能够继续借记他们的货币(负担) ,而同一货币的工资停止跟上通货膨胀的步伐,即购买力的丧失。

纸币的致命弱点|最后的警钟Any reasonable study of paper money systems versus gold-backed monetary systems immediately shows the superiority of gold. So why does almost every modern government choose paper? The answer is, because paper money allows the rich and powerful to protect their interests in the economy; manipulate interest rates, prices, money supply and credit to their own advantage, and in this process keep the population as slaves.

对纸币体系与黄金支持的货币体系进行任何合理的研究,都会立即显示出黄金的优越性。那么,为什么几乎每个现代政府都选择纸张呢?答案是,因为纸币允许富人和有权势的人保护他们在经济中的利益; 操纵利率、价格、货币供应和信贷以达到他们自己的利益,并在这个过程中使人民成为奴隶。

纸币的致命弱点|最后的警钟The current monetary system condemns every average citizen to impoverishment and guarantees that the rich and powerful get richer. This widening gap fuels the problems facing the world today.


Remember: when the mob wakes up, Satan and her structure will be broken once and for all, and the world be freed forever from its 500,000 years of oppression!

记住: 当暴民苏醒,撒旦和她的结构将被彻底打破,世界将永远从50万年的压迫中解放出来!

Something wonderful is about to happen to you


The final decision for the removal of the oppressors from planet Earth will be made by Father/Mother God. It will be soon, but no fixed time has been mentioned. Trust the PLAN, we have already won, but the mob must face their despots themselves to believe who they are!


Frequencies will be raised, to reactivate dormant DNA strands.

频率将被提高,以重新激活休眠的 DNA 链。

Our alien brothers and sisters will land on planet Earth with their spaceships to celebrate with us this once-in-a-lifetime occasion.



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