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Ep 2456a [CB] Makes It's Move, [CB] Digital Currency Coming, Do You See What's Happening

Ep 2456a-[ CB ]让它动起来,[ CB ]数字货币来了,你看到发生了什么吗

Ep 2456b How Do You Legally Inject,Make Public Evidence,It Can't Be Explained,People Must See It

Ep 2456b-如何合法注入,公开证据,无法解释,人们必须看到它

X22 Report

Published April 19, 2021

The [CB]s are no longer hiding in the shadows, they have no cover story so they must make their move. They have announced that they are now moving towards their new system, central bank digital currencies. This is why they dislike crypto and gold. People can see their plan now.



The [DS] plan is unraveling, the push to take over the country is falling apart, the only thing it has done was wake a lot of people up. The patriots are now building their offensive, evidence will be introduced into the public realm, optics are very important. The [DS] cannot be explained, the people must experience it, they must see it first hand. Watch antifa, watch Arizona, watch NY and CA, sonic booms incoming.





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