迈克 昆西的高我信息|20200515 持续的提升

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迈克 昆西的高我信息|20200515 持续的提升


You are beginning to recover from the Coronavirus and most countries are experiencing an upward turn that will allow an easing up of the restrictions you have been experiencing.It has been a costly experience in many ways,not least of all the knock-on effect of so many businesses suffering near closure.


You have come face to face with the flaws that the business model reveals,and how it has been controlling the lives of so many people.Already they have realised how the world economy has largely been run and manipulated by the banks,revealing that your monetary system has been deliberately subjected to ups and downs to their benefit.


Without a doubt you will have a lot of soul searching to do,if you are to start anew with the assurance that paper money will disappear.The gold standard will return and be the measure of a new economy that is run with real money that has real value.


You will have ample time to make the necessary changes that will ensure that there is no return to the old defunct way of running your countries.Already there are moves taking place to ensure that there cannot be a return to the old ways that cannot take you forward any longer.


With the continuing uplifting of the vibrations and a gradual increase in your level of consciousness,you will have less and less to do with the negativity associated with the old Age.You are on the upward curve and moving into a new level that is gradually becoming free from negativity.


Ignore those who refuse to uplift themselves as they are creating their own pathway to the future.Bless them and move on as they have nothing useful to offer you,as their pathway is not yours.You are treading one that is of the Light and in the not too distant future will lead you to Ascension.


Do not concern yourself about the fate of those who persist in carrying out negative actions,as they too are following a carefully-arranged life plan that will give them the experiences they need to overcome their weaknesses.At such an important time in your evolution you should stay focused on your own goal.


Be assured that every soul has an equal opportunity to ascend,but clearly many of them are still caught up in the fight for individual supremacy.They have little or no concept of the Oneness of Humanity or Eternal Life.However,there will come a time when they awaken to the Light and become aware of their God selves.


You have a multitude of beings from all over the Universe who have come to Earth not just to witness Ascension,but to be ready to welcome you into the Galactic Society.Some are from the Pleiades and other areas in space to"claim their own"and help them to adjust to the new life ahead of them.The dimensional shift leaves your old world behind,so that you can take your place on a beautiful new Earth,free from any form of interference from the dark Ones.


However,there is still a long way to go before the higher vibrations are achieved but you are heading in the right direction,and help is on hand to ensure your success.Never falter as you are assured of Ascension providing you maintain your present vibrations and raise them up as the opportunities arise.


You have come such a long way to arrive at this point in your evolution,so make sure you do not drop back.With so many of you having cleared your karma the rest of your journey should be plain sailing.Yet there are distractions all around you,so care must be taken to firmly keep your goal in sight at all times.


The end times are opportunities for you to help others also travelling the path who may not be as advanced as yourselves.A kindly word or a helping hand can be most acceptable as your experience enables you to speak with authority.It is perfectly normal for those who have advanced in evolution to help others,and in the bigger scheme those who have set the path are responsible for ensuring that those who follow in their footsteps are guided to achieve success.


Understand that you are all One and the sooner you can accept it,the sooner you will advance and be able to treat others with the respect that you seek for yourself.This also applies where other life forms are concerned,because all have souls that continually change as they experience the different life forms.


Life is all about gaining experience and you go where you can best learn from it and expand your consciousness.Your Universe is full of different levels of vibration and it is only in the lower ones that you can experience matter and solid physical forms.Whatever you can imagine already exists somewhere in your Universe


In the not too distant future many of you will rise up into the higher vibrations and look back and realise that you spent many lives in the lower ones.Through it you gained a greater level of consciousness and learned to control your emotions.


It was necessary to overcome what can only be described as the lower emotions.These no longer exist in an evolved soul who has complete control over their feelings,and can remain at one where they are constantly able to remain unaffected by what goes on around them.It takes time to achieve that level of control,and eventually it will become second nature.


Words can hardly express what a wonderful future awaits you,one so different to your present existence that there is no comparison.It will be well deserved as you have plumbed the depths and experienced many horrors,wars and depravity,yet you have come through it and kept your dignity and composure to set a shining example of Light and Love.You are to be acknowledged as a shining example of one who has found their God Self.


I leave you with love and blessings and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion.This message comes through my Higher Self,my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.


IN love and Light.


Mike Quinsey.


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