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FM144 SITUATION UPDATE(30.11.2019)

FM144 形势更新(20191130日)

In the days leading up to the global Silver TriggerMeditation,some Starseeds received images of the silver coins they weresupposed to buy on that day.These images were transmitted during dreams by theLight Forces.


This Event was energetically something very special,as many participants couldalready feel during the purchase of the coins.


The Dark Ones,on the other hand,were completely furious.For them a red line was crossed on that day.For them it was an absolute no-gothat the Light Forces dared to tackle the financial system.


Therefore they ritualized to the extreme the following night,everything onlyto counteract the energies built up on that day.Some Starseeds might have beenable to feel this as well,because the sublime energies dropped towardsevening.


Nevertheless,the meditation was definitely a positive light operation totrigger the beginning of the end of the slavery financial system and to sow theseed of abundance for mankind.


The Archons,in turn,have been running amok since then.Once again,theystarted a massive wave of attacks in cooperation with the Chimera.


This is what is happening right now:


One and a half months ago the Pleiadians announced that this was the End Timeand they were absolutely right.


Heavy attacks of Chimera,Archons and Black Magicians on Starseeds stationed onthe surface are currently taking place.


Especially the Light Women are under heavy fire(because they are as importantfor Liberation of Earth as the Queen in a Game of Chess;if the Queen falls,winning becomes much more difficult).


This is how they attack:


Starseeds get energetically poisoned by the Chimera/Black Magicians,or areabducted and tortured by them on the Soul Level.


Objects,such as energetic daggers,are also rammed into the ethereal body,sothat after a short time extremely severe physical pain can occur and the affectedperson must be taken to hospital.There they cannot help,because it's anethereal attack,the physical body translates it immediately and it is difficult/nearlyimpossible to heal something like this with just physical methods.


Friends/Partners get infiltrated by demons to trigger disputes.


Finances are extremely attacked,so that the money seems to flow off in alldirections.


Plasma Spiders appear and project suicidal thoughts into the heads ofStarseeds.Many of them are experiencing the Downfall of Atlantis again,but atthe same time they get contacted by the Pleiadians,who tell them that"soon"the time has come.


Meanwhile,that's what you can do against the attacks:


If you know healers or clairvoyants near you(whom you can trust),contact themas soon as possible to stop the energetic attacks and close the wounds,otherwise no recovery can occur.If they remove the energetic weapons as wellas toxins,the pain should ease after a short period of time.


So,for people who know that they are Starseeds,it is now extremely importantthat they have one or two good healers who can be contacted immediately.Itwould be advisable to find such people right now because the doctors in thehospital will not be able to help.


It does not necessarily have to be people who work as healers or seers,it canalso be Starseeds in your community,of whom you know that they have suchabilities,or they are currently developing them very fast,but in everydaylife they maybe do something completely different in their profession.


Especially the hearts of incarnated Goddesses are attacked,and further tragiclosses of"Queens"on the surface,as in the case of Isis Astara,would bedevastating in this phase of Liberation.


If you don't have anyone at all,you can ask the Light Forces on the etherealrealms for help,for example Archangel Michael,Archangel Raphael,but alsopositive Light Magicians,who are now increasingly taking care of the situationon Earth.


It would be ideal if Starseeds could team up and protect,clean and heal each other.Joint meditations are also very welcome,bothphysically and energetically.Hold together,protect each other!This isespecially a call to all positive healers,magicians and seers,only they cansee and remove such energetic attacks.


With healings,the pain may initially get worse,but goodhealers are able to solve it and one can see that it works when the pain easesafter some time.


Again,it is important to know that there is still a war raging between theChimera and the Pleiadians.The Dark Ones are using Black Magicians,who knowthe Starseeds incarnated on the surface,for these attacks.


Therefore,it is important to protect yourself as a team,as it is verydifficult to free yourself alone during an attack.It is even helpful to chant"Victory for the Light"inwardly in order to somehow stand up duringthese hard times.


The Pleiadians have announced that it is also important forthe Starseeds to pass on their knowledge to the rest of mankind so that as manypeople as possible awaken until the Solar Flash arrives.


The Black Magicians are using chaos magic(on finances,on technology)and aresending negative beings into the homes of Starseeds to infiltrate(quarrel withpartner,family)or injure the energy body.


That's exactly how they did it in Atlantis.


Therefore,it is important to be alert and aware,and if necessary,to notifysomeone who can help you erase black magic from your houses/apartments.If youdon't have anyone,be sure to call the Light Forces.


Your current houses and apartments also serve as your energetic shelters.ManyStarseeds may have noticed that the energies"outside"are currentlyvery threatening and therefore they are increasingly withdrawing into their own4 walls,which is currently also recommended by the Light Forces.


If finances get attacked,ethereal work has to be done too.It's best to ask theLight Forces to purify the ethereal levels of prosperity and create new lushgolden planes and protect them permanently.You can also ask the GoddessAbundancia to pour out her"Cornucopia"non-stop over you and yourwealth plane.This process is important and should be done on a daily basis.The Black Magicians attack on the ethereal realms and so you have to undo thecreated chaos exactly there too.


If you are more interested in magic,I recommend the booksof Franz Bardon,in whose avatar once a positive Grand Master/High Magician ofthe LFs was incarnated and who fought against the Black Magicians and negativeoccult lodges here on the surface:


When Plasma Spiders attack,one usually gets extreme anxiety and panic,butalso strong suicidal thoughts,body aches,itching,sometimes allergies,whichdo not seem to go away anymore.


The Chimera look like red-eyed robotic spider creatures,like in the Matrix movie.In some not so serious low budget trash movies,they(as well as the Dark Fleet)are actually exposed too,to some degree more orless:


They have bases in orbit as well as in physically existing underground militarybases with spider creatures incarnated in human avatars,where they permanentlyobserve and irradiate mankind via countless screens.


They can trigger various body aches in individual Starseedsin order to keep them in constant agony.However,these facilities aregradually removed by the Light Forces.


The Chimera have also installed a kind of energetic barbed wire around most AtlanteanStarseeds,some of which extends over several kilometres and has the purpose ofkeeping them down and in chaos.These installations must also be removed.It'sthe End Times and Starseeds must free themselves.


Protection,teamwork and knowledge are required;all this is the preparationfor the pick-up.Many Starseeds have already left the planet form a higherspiritual point of view and that is also the reason why the Dark Ones are goingmad now.


We have to be strong;we're going through the Atlantis Time again.On top ofthat,we have the days around Black Friday,which the Dark Ones always use tosuck energy and to ritualize.This is the reason why some Starseeds may feeleven more tired these days too.


Another symptom of Starseeds is that they don't want to be here any longer andcan't cope with life any more...these are all signs for the departure,theascent.


There is still no date for the Event given out by the LightForces,and I'm also not sure if any will ever be released,but I have beenconfirmed that about 2 weeks ago an energetic Flash of Light seems to havestruck Earth,and that this could have been the Solar Flash which has alreadytaken place at the higher,now it's all about the lower planesfollowingthis is now inevitable,it will happen!


All the current chaos in the world that will continue to increase(politics,finance,riots,false flags,weather chaos)is a visible sign of imminent upheaval.


It'll be like opening a coffin,lifting a stone,while the vermin panics.Forthe first time after far too long the True Sun will shine again on the planet.Don't give up;we are extremely close to actually experiencing the finalBreakthrough of the Light!




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