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米迦勒|欢迎现在发生的一切Greetings Divine Ones,


Everything arises from the Infinite Oneness. All Life has One Source. Creation is drawing all Life into higher expression and reunions in consciousness.


We remind you that this is happening to you, to your world, too. Not because you don’t know this, or have forgotten, but to give you strength and help you to focus and live in ways that support you now, and support you in embodying higher light.


All Life on Earth is moving into new expression and as it does, you too, are being drawn in this energy momentum, into new and highest expression. The solar activity has been high lately and this, along with the Eclipse Portal is also helping to usher you into a new way of being, and knowing yourself and All Life.


The inner changes you feel, may initially be disorienting. Things may feel stuck, or “on hold,” and yet they are, in truth, simply evolving and when change is underway, this change needs to be integrated and anchor in. New energy templates, codes within you being activated both by the incoming energy and by your new states of being, that bring online new capacities, are all altering your Life-form and how you experience yourself as consciousness. Welcome this, consciously. This will help you. It will give you a sense of understanding and inner peace. That which is obsolete, which no longer is aligned with you and who you are becoming, is also in a change-process; one in which energy reorganizes and returns to infinite formless energy as potential.

你感觉到的内在变化,可能一开始会让你迷失方向。事情可能会让人感觉停滞不前,或者说“停滞不前”,然而事实上,它们只是在不断发展,当变化正在进行时,这种变化需要被整合并固定下来。新的能量模板,你内在的代码被激活,不管是被进入的能量还是被你的新的存在状态,它们带来了新的能量,都在改变你的生命形式,以及你作为意识体验自己的方式。有意识地欢迎这一点。这对你有帮助。它会给你一种理解和内心平静的感觉。那些已经过时的,不再与你和你正在成为的人保持一致的,也在一个改变的过程中; 在这个过程中,能量重组并回归到无限的无形能量中,成为潜能。

You are being lifted into higher expression, as you intend this, as you open to this, as you surrender to Divine Order and higher will and as you allow yourself to be guided from within.


Right now, there is no need for you to do anything in particular, for this energy is affecting everyone and every thing. In the same way you experience sunlight each day, as a given, know this is a given too: life is evolving into higher expression in your world and in your species, as it can, and continually. Life as you know it is evolving. This is happening to everyone and every thing.

现在,你没有必要做任何特别的事情,因为这种能量正在影响每一个人和每一件事。以同样的方式,你每天体验阳光,作为一个给定,知道这也是一个给定: 生活正在进化成更高的表达在你的世界和你的物种,因为它可以,并且不断。你所知道的生命正在进化。这发生在每一个人和每一件事上。

The collective consciousness is moving into more and more awareness of how interconnected Life is. People are not sure how to proceed with this understanding for initially it often makes many feel more vulnerable. As they begin to realize that those who suffer and struggle are connected to them, they worry about their own lives. What might happen to them. So much of the separation that has been fundamental in your world has expressed as ignoring or looking away from suffering or difficulty because it made people feel safer to not be as aware that difficult and painful experiences were happening to others and could happen to them.


Many people have tried to control their lives to prevent these less desirable experience. Or held the believe that if they are in alignment nothing bad will happen. And so, too sometimes people who aim to deliberately create their lives, have looked away from that which did not feel good to them, when they saw it. Thinking it put them at risk.


Life Itself is shattering these avenues of living because the awareness of Oneness is arising strongly and clearly within ALL. For those who have denied this, and refusing to embrace this, the sense of vulnerability is growing and the sense of needing to take charge, take control and ensure their well being, regardless at times, of others, is also growing. You can see this tension playing out in your world. Some have realized within, the Truth of Oneness and in embracing it, found solidarity, joy, more ease and a sense of belonging. Others sense the momentum of a global consciousness that is opening and elevating and feel afraid because they are not used to living this way. To taking their guidance from within, from knowing. But instead live their lives through using force to achieve the states of being they desire.


In essence this shift in your world is a shift to being inner-oriented and aware of the Unified Wholeness.


The misunderstandings about this arising clarity, are no longer being energized as the foundational belief in separation as a though-form has been dissolved. Like all changes in this free-will zone, human beings can choose to live in the past and perpetuate the belief in separation and the need to protect yourself, view life as limited and feel your own well being is diminished as others have more.


Yet this beliefs is less and less easy to sustain. The world is rising up into new forms of expression and part of that is the incoming, higher light and energy is revealing so much — the immense discord and so much conflict is no longer so well hidden. So much use of force — deceit, lust for power and the desire to control at the expense of others. These ways of living have always been part of your world, but they are less hidden now, for more light and clarity is present and this is continually expanding.


Realize that this clarity and the illumination of suffering, and difficulty are part of the light expanding in your world. Patterns of separation are becoming increasingly visible. This can feel very troubling. Do what you can to see what is being revealed, and know that all of this is actually fueling the evolution of your world and your consciousness.


Do what you can to see the larger movements in play here.


You can see that in so many ways, the spectrum of human expression is more visible than before to more of you.


We tell you clearly, Beloved Ones: the Divine Oneness will no longer be denied. Humanity has chosen, collectively, at a soul level to ascend into it’s next higher expression — beyond separation and into an awareness of Divine Oneness.

我们清楚地告诉你们,亲爱的人们: 神圣的合一不再被否认。人类集体地选择,在一个灵魂层面上提升进入它的下一个更高的表达ーー超越分离,进入神圣合一的觉知。

It is not longer working to try and repress people. Information is being shared more readily and more and more people are aware of what goes on with others who live differently or live in different parts of the world. The ability to ignore the human family, ignore the planetary impact of choices, is diminishing.


Even though seeing more of what is rooted in fear, separation, lack and limitation may feel difficult, see this greater awareness and visibility in your world, as progress.


Now we wish to talk a bit about how you might live in this time…

现在我们想谈谈你们在这个时代将如何生活... ..。

Remember that your own peace lies within. You can assist yourself and the collective at this time, by being peace and being calm and centered. This is not about denying what is going on, or what needs action, or attention. Rather this is about taking care of your mental health, your nervous system, your wellbeing and also, about you being an available conduit for higher light.


Consciousness in your world expands through the integration in form, of higher light. Higher light, higher frequency energy comes into your realm and you experience this as energy input to your human energy system. The planet is also receiving higher light. The precession of the Equinoxes and the Solstices and the Eclipse Cycles are all evolutionary in nature; they support and drive the evolution in your world.

你们世界中的意识通过更高光的形式的整合而扩展。更高的光,更高频率的能量进入你的领域,你体验这作为你人类能量系统的能量输入。这颗行星也在接收更高的光。岁差、二至点和日食周期都是进化的自然现象; 它们支持并推动着你们世界的进化。

Your openness to the incoming higher light and willingness to cultivate a state of centered calm, benefits you and All That Is.


As you dare to focus on doing what you can to honor your well-being. As you pay attention to your needs to rest, hydrate, nourish your body, relax, move, get outside, balance the levels of stress you experience, take breaks and feed yourself with beauty, joy, loving relationships and very importantly, spend some time each day aware of and in nature, you begin to BE in a way that Life Itself can take root and express through you, as you, in new ways.


Your mind and your thoughts are powerful filters for your experience. Opening them up, being willing to see things anew, being willing to recognize the innate divinity even in the most difficult of experiences, or insights and new information, is healing. Your presence can be healing, by simply acknowledging that at the deepest level of experience, Life Is One. God Is All. Divinity is innate and present in everything. Even when it’s denied. Even when it’s ignored. Even when one choose to act at odds with the inner currents of clarity and guidance.


Even in the worst expressions in your world, the energy and the people involved, are emanating from the Infinite Oneness; All Life is One and All Life is Divine.

即使在你们世界中最糟糕的表达中,所涉及的能量和人们,都从无限的一体中发散出来; 所有的生命都是一体的,所有的生命都是神圣的。

In your world, one can ignore this and deny this, but it takes energy and the energy that takes is increasing. People who wish to control their experience, who live in fear and seek power, band together because it is less challenging than to suppress the inner awareness of what is calling them into love, remembering and Truth.


Each person is being impulsed from within by all that they are.


Trust Life to awaken itself and do what you can to be as you are — a way shower, a truth bearer, a presence of love and wholeness in an awakening world.


We encourage you to withdraw as you need, and take care of yourself each day, opening to the inner planes and feeling your expanding energy and the love and support that are here for you. Revisit your inner connections throughout the day as you need, as you like, as you’re inspired, to continue to be open and available to the incoming templates and stream of higher light.


Gather with others who share your devotion to Truth, to Love, to the Oneness that is All.


Call upon your Angelic, Extraterrestrial and other Families of Light. Acknowledge and connect with the natural world and the particular aspects of Creation which you have natural affinity to and with. Life is ALIVE and knows you. You know what aspects of Life speak to you and give you deep joy and inner peace. Make connecting in these ways a priority, regularly. Be generous with yourself, and let yourself be lifted up by all that makes you heart soar.


Ask for and open to the vast support that is here for you. Choose to deliberately notice, and look for ways you are being supported, held, the path is opened up before, lit up, made graceful and full of possibilities for expanding expression and joy. Express thankfulness for everything — for everything is moving All of Life forward.


You are here now because you chose to be. Trust yourself and All Life.


Have faith and know, All is ONE.


We are with you in solidarity and love!


I AM Archangel Michael with the Council of Radiant Light.


**Channel: Ailia Mira

* * 频道: Ailia Mira



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