X22报道|第3165集: 人民相信特朗普能够修复经济,这将是最大的政治胜利

2023年9月18日18:11:50最新动态X22报道|第3165集: 人民相信特朗普能够修复经济,这将是最大的政治胜利已关闭评论67字数 1422阅读4分44秒阅读模式

全世界的人们都感受到了经济上的痛苦。[ DS ]陷入困境,人们每天都在醒来。特朗普和爱国者们将把人们带到他们能看到一切的地方。这是夺回国家的唯一方法。

X22报道|第3165集: 人民相信特朗普能够修复经济,这将是最大的政治胜利

Ep. 3165a – Fed Now In The Crosshairs, People Trust Trump To Fix The Economy, Right On Schedule


Ep. 3165b – This Will Be The Biggest Political Victory, & Better Than Doing It The Traditional Way


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The people are feeling the economic pain around the world. Fuel prices are moving higher, inflation is getting worse and the people are now seeing who is responsible for all of this. The Fed is now in the crosshairs and the people trust Trump to fix the economy.


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The [DS] is in trouble, the people are waking up everyday. Trump and the patriots are going to bring the people to place where they can see it all. It is the only way to take back the country. This is not about another 4 year election, this is about exposing and removing the [DS] from this country. Trump says this election will be the biggest political victory by far, and it will be better than doing it the traditional way. 

[ DS ]陷入困境,人们每天都在醒来。特朗普和爱国者们将把人们带到他们能看到一切的地方。这是夺回国家的唯一方法。这不是关于另一个4年的选举,这是关于从这个国家揭露和消除[DS]。特朗普说,这次选举将是迄今为止最大的政治胜利,它将比传统的方式更好。


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