2023年8月25日: 战争在全球肆虐|星际飞船地球

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 August 25, 2023
星际飞船地球: 大图2023年8月25日

It’s impossible to miss—however there are those who fail to attribute the cause of the devastating fires raging across the planet to the proper source. All we can do is pray that no more innocent people are killed. No doubt the wildlife populations are suffering and there’s nothing we can do about that. We live on a war-torn planet in crisis.



This post seems to be mainly about the fires because it’s the biggest story other than the arrest of President Trump and you all know that is part of ‘The Plan’. Hunter Biden’s lawyers have quit… quite the drama.

这篇文章似乎主要是关于火灾的,因为这是除了逮捕特朗普总统之外最大的新闻,你们都知道这是“计划”的一部分。亨特 · 拜登的律师辞职了,真是戏剧性的一幕。

Link to Telegram.


Oh shit哦,该死‼️
His inmate number!他的囚号!
11.3 -5- 8+9=17

Is there any doubt? Any way you look at it, Trump was the chosen one, and he’s doing it. Link to Telegram.


CIC Trump height is 6’ 3” and weighed in at 215 lbs.

CIC Trump 身高6英尺3英寸,体重215磅。

6+3+2+1+5 = 17

He’s baaaack… Trump is posting on Twitter/X.

他回来了... Trump 在 Twitter/X 上发帖。

https://t.co/MlIKklPSJT pic.twitter.com/Mcbf2xozsY

RSBN has the coverage of Trump’s arrest but it keeps buffering while it downloads comments so will have to watch later. Link to video.

RSBN 报道了特朗普被捕的新闻,但在下载评论时一直处于缓冲状态,所以以后还得继续关注。链接到视频。

Do you actually believe that a political party who has no problem arresting their top political opponent and his lawyers would have any problem cheating in an election?

Did you think that mug shot was by chance? LOL. It’s all theatre.

你以为那张嫌犯照片是偶然吗? 哈哈,都是戏剧。



2023年8月25日: 战争在全球肆虐|星际飞船地球

There are very interesting details surfacing about the fires, however and people need to wake up.


What would we have done had the Alliance warned us this disturbing nightmare would ensue? In a way, they did. We just didn’t expect it on this scale. The attacks have been ongoing for a few years now and the tempo is increasing.


I would caution folks, however, not to buy into all the video of fire fighters or helicopters with flame throwers starting fires as the source in all cases. Perhaps some did, but others are executing a backburn to remove the fuel so the approaching fires have nothing left and peter out before they get to structures and threaten livestock, people, and wildlife.






  1. controlled fire, lit in the path of a wildfire, in order to deprive it of combustible material.
  2. 在野火路径上点燃的可控火焰,目的是使其失去可燃物质。

We need to remain calm and rational. It doesn’t hurt to also have that bugout bag ready in case we have to evacuate, along with a full tank of gas. There’s no telling what challenges await in this war because the powers that were are ruthless and loss of Human life [depopulation] has been their goal all along. It does, however, appear that the locations targeted are prime real estate they want us Humans to leave as the Khazarian Mafia executes Agenda 21/2030.


The thing is, if you travel at all in Canada and the USA, Mexico, etc., you can see that overpopulation is a myth. There is so much open land it’s staggering. The controllers, however, want key areas for themselves and to stuff Humanity into packing crates in designated areas of their choosing [stack & pack] to free up the land for themselves.

问题是,如果你在加拿大、美国、墨西哥等地旅行,你会发现人口过剩是一个神话。这里有这么多开阔的土地,令人震惊。然而,控制者希望关键区域属于他们自己,并将人类装入他们选择的指定区域的包装箱中[堆叠和包装] ,以便为他们自己解放这片土地。

I remind everyone that when surrender of the cabal was encouraged years ago, their response was that they would never surrender and if they went down they would take as many of us with them as they could, so…

我提醒大家,当多年前鼓励阴谋集团投降时,他们的反应是,他们永远不会投降,如果他们投降,他们会尽可能多地带上我们,所以... ..。

It seems the Nazi tactics in British Columbia, Canada are in plain view.


What city in the US will they do next??? 👀#Lahaina #fire #Maui #MauiFire #hawaiifire #Hawaii #DEW #directenergyweapons #laser #climatechange #wildfire #DirectEnergyWeapon #fire #canada #usa #turkey #washington #BritishColumbia pic.twitter.com/wfAV4HjOHR

Greece has been attacked before by fires, they are at it again, and this week Turkey has been added to the ever-widening target.


What the psychopaths apparently fail to recognize is that Humanity is never going to back down again. This is the last standoff; the gunfight at the O.K. Corral. It ends here and we will be victorious. In the mean time we can send Light to those who have suffered in this catastrophic genocide attempt. Regardless of what they unleash, they won’t be cowing us into submission this time. We have many armies fighting the satanic monsters in this realm and beyond.

精神变态者显然没有意识到的是人类永远不会再次退缩。这是最后的对峙 OK牧场枪战。到此为止,我们会取得胜利。与此同时,我们可以把光送给那些在这场灾难性的种族灭绝企图中遭受苦难的人们。不管他们释放出什么,这次他们不会逼我们屈服了。我们有很多军队在和这个国度内外的恶魔作战。

2023年8月25日: 战争在全球肆虐|星际飞船地球

There are now stories about arresting arsonists in Maui—sound familiar? By admitting arson by the minions, they avoid the discussion and revelation of the directed energy weapons [DEWs]. As I stated previously, they aren’t addressing it at this time, but eventually will have to do so. Interesting that “blue” comes up in this article. More on that later.


Marines Arrest 67 Maui Perpetrators


Michael Jaco did an outstanding video 12 days ago which included the testimony of a doctor in Maui. This may convince folks that it is not the kind of rubble that results from a “wildfire”. Impossible—and this gets a little grisly, folks, but people have to wake up. This is one of Michael’s best, in my opinion, and a must-watch with plenty of corroborating data and video clips along with his expert Navy SEAL experience. 53 min.

迈克尔 · 雅克12天前拍摄了一段精彩的视频其中包括毛伊岛一名医生的证词。这可能会让人们相信,这不是“野火”造成的那种瓦砾。不可能,这有点可怕,伙计们,但人们必须清醒过来。在我看来,这是迈克尔最好的作品之一,也是一部必看的作品,其中包含了大量确凿的数据和视频剪辑,以及他在海豹突击队的专业经验。53分钟。

More proof Maui was hit with DEW from a Dr. that was there and describes massive manipulation


Michael said he has seen burned bodies and they do not resemble the condition of the victims in Lahaina where DNA tests are required to make identification. Calling this a “natural disaster” is typical of these murdering bastards. The above is a top-notch analysis of the Maui situation which may well unfold in many more places before this war is over.

迈克尔说,他看到过被烧毁的尸体,这些尸体的情况与拉海纳的受害者不同,在那里需要进行 DNA 检测来确认身份。把这叫做“自然灾害”是这些杀人狂的典型特征。以上是对毛伊岛局势的一流分析,在这场战争结束之前,毛伊岛的局势很可能会在更多地方展开。

Incidentally, not long after we passed Moore, Oklahoma, there was a train derailment there. Michael Jaco mentioned that DEWs were possibly indicated in the many derailments, as well.

顺便说一句,在我们经过俄克拉荷马州的摩尔不久之后,那里发生了一起火车出轨事故。迈克尔 · 雅克提到,在许多出轨事故中也可能显示了 DEW。

Another anomaly from Maui was isolated in a video from @GeoffCygnus on Twitter. We pray for his safety and that of his family considering the boots-on-the-ground coverage he is sharing. Note the blue lounge chair in the image below. 7 min.

来自毛伊岛的另一个异常现象在 Twitter 上的@GeoffCygnus 的一个视频中被隔离。我们为他和他的家人的安全祈祷,考虑到他正在分享的实地报道。注意下图中的蓝色躺椅。7分钟。

Things that did not burn during the Lahaina fire, and my current situation here in West Maui#mediafreezone #lockdown #nofilming #tsunamialarm #Notillegal #1stamendment #powersthatbe #WestMauifires #policestate #Mauifires #Hawaii #Maui #WestMauiExperiment #frontstreet... pic.twitter.com/R4s24Ll1ZT

It seems the colour blue is key in this kind of attack. Good to know. I guess the recycling bins will be safe.


Apparently the frequency—yes, colours have a frequency, which is why I love purple—are cancelling out the energy or frequency of the weapons used. If you doubt this claim, watch the videos shared and see what didn’t burn. Blue umbrellas. Blue T-shirts. What else have you seen?

显然,频率ーー是的,颜色有一个频率,这就是我喜欢紫色的原因ーー正在抵消所使用武器的能量或频率。如果你怀疑这个说法,看看分享的视频,看看什么没有烧毁。蓝色雨伞。蓝色 T 恤。你还看到了什么?

Unbelievable. Everything that's BLUE survived the Maui DEW attack, including T-SHIRTS. pic.twitter.com/E1Ox78e8CX

We have plenty of examples of foreshadowing, from the Simpsons and South Park cartoons, to advertising slogans like, “Do the Dew”, and when I see Loblaws grocery stores their old slogan pops into my head: “Mainly because of the meat.” What meat would that be? I don’t want to know.

我们有很多预兆的例子,从《辛普森一家》(Simpson)和《南方公园》(South Park)的卡通片,到广告标语“来点露水”(Do the Dew) ,当我看到罗布劳斯杂货店(Loblaw)时,他们的老标语就会浮现在我的脑海里: “主要是因为肉。”什么肉?我不想知道。

Maui Fire - "This makes it completely obvious how these fires started. If a blue t shirt can survive this 1200 degree blaze then we know the cause." 👀#Lahaina #fire #Maui #MauiFire #hawaiifire #Hawaii pic.twitter.com/Lqm79JP7Or

As it's becoming more apparent Hawaii was attacked...with the exception of anything 'Blue'...MSM and Politicians cheer about the $700 for each Hawaiian Famiy...while giving $12B to Ukraine...which could be $500,000 for every person in Maui...that had everything burned to the ground. pic.twitter.com/kSJwD3Hh3n

We know the monsters love blue.


2023年8月25日: 战争在全球肆虐|星际飞船地球

This next one is interesting as we know Oprah has been dealt with; either made a deal to help the White Hats or executed. It would have been her choice. She is not running around free and about to enjoy life in Hawai’i. Her assets would have been seized long ago.


Here's a better look at the BLUE ROOF on Oprah's Lahaina, Maui mansion. #DEW pic.twitter.com/6dIt2gTtTQ

Capt. Kyle channel posted this on Telegram.


The untold story of the color blue❤️: Everything is a frequency – Everything is a vibration. Many people noticed blue umbrellas, blue houses, and blue cars were untouched by the fires in Hawaii.

蓝色的未诉之事: 一切都是一个频率-一切都是一种振动。许多人注意到蓝色的雨伞、蓝色的房子和蓝色的汽车没有受到夏威夷大火的影响。

🤔When you dig into the color blue – you can see if a blue a laser was used the color blue reflects it due to the vibrational pattern.


Tik tok: https://www.tiktok.com/@activateyourpinealgland

Partnership With:
Cultivate Elevate

合作伙伴: 培养 t.me/elevatethymind

Skeptical? It appears to be true. AND, hair is our antennae, in case you didn’t know that. Are guys with long beards and hair the “sensitive new-age guys”???

怀疑?看来是真的。还有,头发是我们的触角,如果你不知道的话。留着长胡子和头发的男人是“敏感的新时代男人”吗? ? ?

Lazers don't burn blue? Is that why the rich in Maui paint their roofs blue?#MauiFires #Laser #DEWs #DirectedEnergyWeapons #Blue pic.twitter.com/xZBIemqjVB

The storms are everywhere and there is plenty of footage of a spectacular lightening strike in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.


A closer look at the lightning at Mecca 🕋 ⚡️ pic.twitter.com/wLlx1E9dMh

To assist in keeping our perspective, we share the critical thinking and evidence of manipulation. The media has used video footage up to 20 years old to invoke fear in people over the Hurricane Hitlary nonsense. Telegram users can watch this short video for the examples.


Getting away from the 3D battlefield, this was sitting on one of my tabs… for what it’s worth. In some ways, we have been ready for awhile, it seems, but there have been delays. I don’t even know what this means; “upside down”. That “Event Flash” will be a turning point, for sure.

远离3D 战场,这是坐在我的一个标签... 为它的价值。在某些方面,我们似乎已经准备了一段时间,但有延迟。我甚至不知道“上下颠倒”是什么意思。毫无疑问,“事件闪光”将是一个转折点。

YellowRoseforTexas5 days ago
We have now rotated completely & are upside down. The Event can occur at anytime.
2023年8月25日: 战争在全球肆虐|星际飞船地球

I believe there are many military operations ongoing and I don’t think everything is what it seems. I also believe there was no better way to do this. It is tragic to watch the carnage unfold but it could always be worse. We could all be dead by now and forced to reincarnate in the loop to return to this hell. Because we’re still here, we have to stand by while the normies wake up. I am thankful I have been learning the score for about fifteen years. It would be a lot to assimilate in just a couple.


The “weather” situation is curious here in Paradise Valley. Despite what the media claims, the temperatures really haven’t been extraordinary and I’ve not seen any records broken in my neck of the woods, yet they say the “heat dome” has been devastating to the Phoenix metroplex.


Our temperatures they quote in the media, including in Canada, say it’s been 119F but that stat is from Sky Harbor airport with hundreds of hot jet engines screaming around the tarmac all day. It hasn’t been that high in other parts of the valley as far as I know. I saw the mercury hit 115 or 116 in our yard one day, no higher, and it’s not sustained. It goes back down and cycles from cooler to 113 and back down again every week. No biggie.


It has been normal summer temperatures compared to the ones I’ve experienced over the past twenty years, BUT, the difference is that vegetation is suffering like I’ve never seen and I don’t know why. There seems to be something else in play that is killing trees and shrubs. They are rapidly turning brown, withering, and dying despite watering and it happened very quickly in July.


This long spike, the beginning of a new branch] on our palm dropped today. Branches should be gracefully arching from the crown of the tree, not pointing to the ground and nearly touching it. It is at least partially green, but WTH? The tree was gorgeous and healthy in June. Something dramatic happened.

今天我们手掌上的这根长长的尖刺,开始了一个新的分枝。树枝应该优雅地从树冠拱起,而不是指向地面,几乎接触地面。它至少部分是绿色的,但 WTH?这棵树在六月份很漂亮,很健康。一些戏剧性的事情发生了。

2023年8月25日: 战争在全球肆虐|星际飞船地球

The neighbour’s tree outside my window turned half brown in July and now it is completely brown and she’s been watering it. “They” must be doing something to convince the normies “the planet is boiling”. I’m sorry but I’m out in it every day, morning and late afternoon/evening and it’s just not true. I love it. However, I’d like to know why our vegetation is suddenly dying.


2023年8月25日: 战争在全球肆虐|星际飞船地球

If that isn’t enough, local social media reveals that many people are losing their saguaro cacti, or arms are suddenly falling off. They appear to be rotten inside. A massive one broke off half way up its trunk and smashed into pieces all over the sidewalk and road around the corner from us about three weeks ago. The “bacteria” aspect in the linked article below interests me.

如果这还不够,当地的社交媒体还显示,很多人的仙人掌都不见了,或者手臂突然脱落。它们的内部似乎已经腐烂。大约三周前,一棵巨大的仙人掌从树干上折断了一半,砸得人行道和马路上到处都是碎片。我对下面链接文章中的 "细菌 "很感兴趣。

2023年8月25日: 战争在全球肆虐|星际飞船地球

Iconic ‘Strong-Arm’ saguaro collapses in Arizona desert



For SG Anon fans, he has File 58 and 59 at his Rumble channel. I can’t comment, as I haven’t listened yet.

对于 SG 匿名球迷,他有文件58和59在他的隆隆频道。我不能评论,因为我还没有听。

And tonight is the night for the US/Aussie round table.


Good Evening and Welcome to CaptKyle Patriots Voice Chat/ Podcast with Captain Kyle, Kelly and our Special Guests LTC Riccardo Bosi and Dave Guru from Australia

晚上好,欢迎来到凯尔船长爱国者语音聊天/播客与凯尔船长,凯利和我们的特别来宾 LTC 里卡多波西和大卫大师来自澳大利亚

8/25/23 @ 7pm CST USA8/25/23@7 pm CST USA
8/26/23 @ 10am AEDT Australia 8/26/23@10 am AEDT 澳大利亚

When the chat starts you’ll see the “join” button up top right side, click to join.▶️

当聊天开始时,你会看到右上角的“ join”按钮,点击加入。

Please post your QUESTIONS only in the comments for our Q&A segment.


Thanks all for participating,感谢大家的参与,
Kelly 凯莉❤️

Chat held on聊天继续👇
CaptKyle Patriots Telegram Page 凯尔爱国者队长电报主页
https://t.me/CaptKylePatriots Https://t.me/captkylepatriots

Other Places to listen to tonight’s chat incase you have difficulties here are:


CaptKyle Patriots Facebook Page

凯尔爱国者队长 Facebook 页面: https:// www.Facebook.com/capt-kyle-Patriots-112426071739797/

CaptKyle Patriots Twitter Page

凯尔爱国者队长推特 Twitter.com/captkylepatriot?t=ty_a_g_sb5k79irm5ehjlq&s=09

It’s suddenly Friday again! Thank you for the warm welcome home. It’s good to be back in the saddle again with my vats of tea although I’m feeling woefully inadequate to cover current events because I’m certainly not current after two weeks away. It will take me the weekend to get to the fringe of current. I did need that break, however, and it was wonderful to connect with friends and family after so long and to see more of America, adding eight states to my repertoire so I’ve been to most of them.


The afternoon is over and so is this post. See you next time.  ~ BP


2023年8月25日: 战争在全球肆虐|星际飞船地球


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