X22报告|第2886集: 经济变革正在发生,没有什么可以阻止,真相是自然的力量

2022年9月29日11:40:14最新动态X22报告|第2886集: 经济变革正在发生,没有什么可以阻止,真相是自然的力量已关闭评论196字数 1432阅读4分46秒阅读模式
X22报告|第2886集: 经济变革正在发生,没有什么可以阻止,真相是自然的力量

Ep. 2886a – BoE Sends The Message, Currencies Are Imploding, Economic Change Is On The Way

英国央行发出了这样的信息: 货币正在内爆,经济变革即将到来

Ep. 2886b – Trump Confirmed, Nothing Can Stop This, Nothing, Believe!, Truth Is A Force Of Nature

特朗普确认,没有什么能阻止这一切,没有什么,相信! 真相是自然的力量



The world economy is imploding, the people feel and see it. The [CB] cannot hide what people are experiencing. As the [CB] pushes its agenda the inflation will not go away. The market has no robbed the people of 9 trillion worth of wealth and now the BoE needs to debase their currency. The currency war have begun.

世界经济正在崩溃,人们感觉到了,也看到了。[ CB ]无法隐藏人们正在经历的事情。随着[CB]推进其议程,通胀将不会消失。市场并没有剥夺人们9万亿美元的财富,现在英国央行需要降低他们的货币汇率。汇率战争已经开始。


The [DS] walked right into the trap the patriots set. Trump has all the leverage, he is continually re-truthing anon posts. The fake news is trying to explain why this is happening. Trump confirms that nothing can stop what is coming, believe it. The truth is a force of nature and the propaganda will not be able to stand up to the truth. Trump is now moving to save the world from war, it will be peace through strength. Right on schedule.



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